TopShop Moondance Swatch


About a month ago I went up to Auckland to see the show Wicked (which by the way was friggin awesome) and while I was up there I went to Top Shop. They sell these Top Shop polishes down here in Wellington at Karen Walker as well but you know when you’re on holiday and you just buy things that you might normally not buy, just because? Yeah this is one of those situations..

I got two polishes which were $15.00 each and this one is called Moondance which is a silver/blue holo. It is so pretty! I was tossing up whether I should get this or not at the time as I don’t really have many holos, I just don’t picture myself wearing them a lot – too big a fan of cremes.. Hehe.

This took three coats and lasted pretty well. The shine and holo change is so much more dramatic in real life but the photos show it pretty well! It can be a bit streaky and tricky (as I hear a lot of holos in general are..) but three coats seemed to even it out well.



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