Vintage look nails


Here is one of my favourite looks – another minimum effort maximum result type dealy. It looks kind of vintage which is cute.

I started off with a solid two coats of colour. The colours I used are by MIKI they don’t have names. They’re really cheap, you can get them at Cosmetics plus in lower hutt (if you’re from Wellington) and it’s something like two for $6.00 or similar. I used the yellow and the light pink alternating nails.

To make the little flowers take a toothpick or dotting tool (bobby pin works just fie thank you!) and make medium sized dots with the colour you want your flowers to be.. Then use a striper to make the petal outlines. All I did was try and outline half of theft and the did a curved line going through the dot. Finish off with two thin lines of green for petals using a toothpick and you’re all done!

Again, I got my inspiration from YouTube guru Cute Polish check out the video



Bubblegum pink leopard print nails


No I didn’t do my nails again but this is a look that i had a few weeks ago. It started off as just a plain hot pink mani. I was bored at work and I have one bottle of nail polish at my desk – a scented Revlon polish in bubblegum. It smells really good but can be a bit overwhelming. The scent lasts about a day but this also depends on how many times you wash your hands as well? The polish itself is really good. Nice and smooth, doesn’t streak and lasts a long time without chipping.

Later that day at home one of my work mates got bored and decided to paint little leopard prints on my nails with a black striper polish. The glitter on the inside is also a striper in gold glitter. Leopard
Print is easy to do – just paint some half circles and fill in the middle with a contrasting colour.

FYI my photos aren’t very good quality because I have to use my iPad camera. It’s good enough for me so I hope it’s good enough for you!


Tuxedo nails


My watermelon mani was getting heaps of comments but I wanted to tone it down to get ready for the weekend and just be a bit more serious, so I decided on a tuxedo look manicure.

I started off by painting my nails with a base coat and then painting my nails two coats of white. I used Sally Hansen “white on”. After this dried I painted two slanted lines starting at either end of my cuticle going down to a point at the tip of my nail with a black striper and filled in the outsides. Using a plain black polish (BYS “black satin”) and a toothpick I made three dots for the buttons and on top a flat X for the bow, filling in the sides.

It looks harder than it actually is! Super cute as well. I ended up going over the outside black with a glitter polish (OPI “gettin miss piggy with it”) which is quite hard to see in the picture.

Original inspiration for this look is from this YouTube video. Cute polish is one of my favourite YouTube gurus – her videos are the first ones that I watched when I started doing nail art.



Watermelon nails


My mani started to chip at work today 😦 too much typing away on that keyboard! When I got home from work I decided to choose a cute fun design since the weather is starting warm up.

I went with a simple watermelon design – this is really soooo easy! I have so many pink polishes I try to be nice to them all and let them all have their time in the sun. Well, on my nails. It only took me like 10 minutes. Firstly I started off by painting my nails two coats of Berry Blast by Orly then created a French tip with a green – Green With Envy by Orly. I then used a white striper below the green to separate it and finished off with three rounded stripes below the white – about half way down the nail. As always finish off with your fave top coat – I’m still loving good to go by Essie.

So, so, so cute!



Very random nails! Lots of designs.


Now, this is a look I came up with when I was extremely bored and I had more than one type of nail on my mind. I was just playing around with different designs but decided to keep this mani on for a few days last week. This is going to be a bulk post since there are so many designs on this one mani that you can definitely use for a whole mani instead.

Polishes used are “designer.. De better!” By OPI (from their Muppets collection), “bianca” by sinful colors, a red striper by Jordana and a black striper as well.

For the thumb, I just did the same tiger stripe method as my previous post keeping it simple with the black stripes contrasting against the silver. The next nail is.. Actually an accident! I tried to do the tiger stripes again but my hand slipped so I ended up turning it into a plaid-like pattern. From far away it looks OKAY.

For the middle finger I went with a twist on a French manicure by making it more pointed in the middle as opposed to going for a curve. I took the brush and placed it on the side of the nail about a third of the way down since my nails were quite short and then painted in a straight line going up so that the painted area looks like a half moon.. Repeat on the other side and then I lined the bottom of the pink with a red striper to give it some contrast.

Wooohoooo next is leopard print! Leopard print is pretty easy as long as you take your time deciding on placement of the spots. Take a striper and gently draw half circles randomly on your nail. Some of the half circles can have another half circle on the other side so that it almost makes a whole circle but it doesn’t quite get there. Once the striper dries. Take another colour (also looks good with solid colour as the background and glitter for the inside of the spots) and fill the inside of the half circles. Finish off with some small spots around the print in the same colour as the striper.

Aaand the pinky finger! I went with a little pair of red lips on this nails. Start off by drawing a curved line on the nail and drawing a straight line to join the tops so that it is like a crescent, above this draw two smaller crescents that join together in the middle to create the cuspids bow, slightly curve the line that joins the bottom of this so that there is a small gap and fill in the top part.

Here is a YouTube video showing you how to do the lips, this is the one that I taught myself off originally.


Dark ombré nails

Hello again,

For this look I did a simple three colour ombré. I find the trick when doing this sponge method is using colours that have a very high pigment. That doesn’t always mean expensive polishes are the best. Most likely you want to use a cream finish polish but trial and error is to be expected!

First start off with base coat. I use the Sally Hansen hard as nails hardener which is more of a treatment for nails that can also be used as a base coat. It’s pretty cheap – about 11 dollars from Farmers.

For this look I used three polishes. The black is just a cheap BYS polish in Black Satin, the purple is Flying Dragon by China Glaze and the blue is also by China Glaze in Shower Together. I got both of them off Trade Me which is where I get most of my nail polishes. I really can’t bear to pay $25 for one bottle of polish! Also, I find that BYS polishes are pretty good. From experience darker colours are really good and have high pigment but the lighter colours tend to streak.

What I love about this ombré effect is the amount of effort it looks like it takes. It doesn’t take a lot of effort BUT does take some patience and quick hands at the same time. What you need to do is get a cosmetic sponge (I got mine from the two dollar shop) and soak it in water for about 15 seconds, then squeeze the sponge so that it is just a little damp. This prevents the sponge drying up and breaking off into little fibres attached to your polish. Yuck! Then, stripe the polish on the sponge making sure it is nice and thick. I recommend keeping the bottle tops unscrewed while doung this mani. All you need to do now is sponge it right on the nail then wait for it to dry a bit and repeat. Depending on the desired effect and polishes used it may take 3 or 4 coats to get just right.

And as always finish with top coat.

This mani always gets me compliments. Not sure why people are always looking at my hands. Hmm..

This YouTube video was my inspiration.. 🙂


Easy tiger stripe nails


My first nail art post is a very easy one and actually the one I am wearing at the moment. I always paint my nails on Sunday night to get ready for the work week.

To start off I use a base coat. At the moment I am using the sally Hansen hard as nails base coat. I always paint two coats of base coat just because my nails are really brittle and I feel like they need them. I don’t get much calcium because I am lactose intolerant 😦

I then painted my nails two coats of a solid colour – in this case I used “animalistic” by OPI. It was part of their Muppets collection that came out earlier this year.

For the stripes I used a striper polish which has a reeeeeally thin brush. The one I use in particular was the Jordana branded one, which is just a cheapie from a 1,2,3 dollar shop. You want to dip the tip of the brush into the polish so that there is a little bead of polish at the end and then quickly swipe it across your nail so that it tapers as opposed to being a solid straight line.

My inspiration for this look was this YouTube video.

Aaand of course you must finish with top coat. My fave at the moment is good to go by Essie which is a fast drying top coat.. Which is good because I’m actually impatient with my nails!


Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog!

All about nail art and the random stuff I paint on my nails. I was getting a bit tired of posting them to my Facebook all the time and not being able to include details about the techniques, inspirations, or the products used since people were always asking me whether I do them myself or use stencils etcetera.

Hopefully this will come in useful and be interesting to read. Mostly I think I just want a record of how many times I do my nails.

My interest in nail art starting when I began working full time. Since I work day shifts and my partner works evening shifts most of the time, I have a lot of spare time in the evenings for myself. Now I have over 60 bottles of nail polish and spend a lot of time looking at YouTube videos for tutorials and inspiration.

I have a backlog of posts so there will be heaps going up shortly!