365 Days of Color swatches


Oooohhhh wee I love nail mail! Recently 365 Days of Color had a 20% off promo and they’re one of my favourite indie brands. The shipping is so reasonable in cost ($4.50 USD) and the minis are really good value for money.

I have swatches of two of the polishes I got in my most recent order, June Gloom and Itty Bitty Bikini to share with you today.

First up, June Gloom. I layered two coats of this over Lady Muck by Butter London. It’s a very pretty grey based polish with neon glitters. I loved the swatches on the site and I LOVE IT in person too. It’s sooooooo awesome. I am really glad I got it and definitely will wear it and maybe even repurchase when it runs out.



Next up, Itty Bitty Bikini. I layered this over Ciate Mojito. It’s a very bright neon green with black tiny speckled glitter and large bar glitters. I’m not the biggest fan of this polish and it’s probably one that I would break out maybe at Halloween or if I was doing a nail polish/art challenge and it called for green. I’m not the biggest green fan and I think I expected it to be a bit more mint chocolate chip-ish.



If you would like to check out the 365 days of color store here is the link. As always these were purchased with my own money and my thoughts are my own.


Cath Kidston Style Manicure


Well I’ve been really into my floral vintage style nail art designs lately. Cath Kidston style nails are literally everywhere you look. They’re freaking gorgeous and look so intricate and pretty. I love them!

I started off with a light blue base colour (Cinderella by Sinful Colors) and did random circles of white over top and used a dotting tool to create a scalloped edge. Once this dried I painted a rose inside each of the scalloped circles.

Next time I might try doing more than one flower in each and add leaves as I think it looks a little bit odd but I’m still happy with the overall effect. Also, I think it would look better as a skittle style nail where all the nails are different designs just to give some contrast and make it even more fun and cute



Vintage Rose Manicure


This is one of the manicures that I love to do. I really just think that it looks so great and it’s actually really easy. I still have (what I would consider) nubbins for nails and this design looks pretty good on short nails.

I started off with a base colour Cinderella by Sinful Colors. A lot of the people I know online in polish addict land love this polish.. Me, not so much. At least, not on its own. It’s a little too pale for me but for this manicure it fits the bill.

I decided on pink flowers and decided to outline the petals with a darker pink rather than using the swirling type technique. I don’t really have a preference over which method looks better.



My Go-To Manicure


I feel like I am getting so behind on blogging or at the very least I’m getting slack with it! I’ve been quite lazy with my manicures lately and have done barely any nail art.. I shall rectify this shortly!

Any who, before I got cut down to nubbins (ugh, cleaning.. My nemesis..) I decided to use one of my all time favourite polishes, teenage dream by opi and layered it over you’re such a Budapest. This is a go-to manicure combo for me. I absolutely love teenage dream over top of a light purple.



Kesha Crazy Kids Manicure


A wee while ago I watched a YouTube tutorial by HelloMaphie for nails inspired by the music video for the Kesha song Crazy Kids. I myself have never heard or seen the video but I liked the nail look when I saw it.

I followed the tutorial video pretty much to the letter (linked above) except for the pearls on the embellished nail, I didn’t have the patience to lay it out into a heart shape so I just placed random rhinestones all over the nail then put caviar beads over the rest of the nail.



Swatch: Pretty & Polishes Rainy Day Lady


It’s been too long! I apologise, I got a really bad cold and couldn’t bear to paint my nails for a few days there because my head was just so clogged up. Tasty!

Just a quick swatch-a-roo for you today! Another untried that has been sitting there for a wee while by indie brand Pretty & Polished called Rainy Day Lady which is a crazy colourful glitter topper! I layered two coats over a unnamed polish by Skin Food. I really love indie polishes for crazy and unique glitter combos.