Peacock Pie – Rainbow Fish

Yay nail polish post! My first love, nail polish. Sigh. I have an indie made right in my own backyard for you today! Peacock Pie is made by the lovely Serra who I met in a group online called Nail Polish Addicts NZ (PANZ). Serra is one of a handful of addicts that I’ve also met in real life and she’s a wonderful, colourful, creative, joyful person! 
Serra was nice enough to send me some pretties a while back and this is one that I just never got around to trying. When you have so many polishes like I do it’s hard to keep track of them all. Organisation isn’t my strong suit and when it comes to my polish I can get overwhelmed with deciding how to sort them all.
I layered this polish, aptly named Rainbow Fish, over a Picture Polish base in Aqua. Not that the Rainbow Fish polish doesn’t have the opacity to stack up on its own, I just have a mini bottle so I don’t wanna crank through it so quickly! 
Looooook. So pretty! You can find Peacock Pie products to buy for your pretty self right here, blog here and follow her on Facebook here.
Love and glitter!

ELF mini haul – Spotlight on 6 shadow palette 

Hey kids! 

A little while ago I grabbed a few ELF (Eyes Lips Face) things off iHerb because I had to get my sister an Eco Tools kabuki brush for her birthday – yeah I HAD to get it off iHerb.. Ahem.. A few things may have snuck into my cart for myself.. Whoops! It’s okay because ELF is so affordable anyway. The chips that made their way into my order.. That’s another story. Seriously, maple bacon kettle chips. YES.

I picked up two lipsticks, an eyeliner set, face powder, liquid highlighter and an eyeshadow palette. I wasn’t in a huge rush to get my order so I just picked standard shipping which came to about $11 USD. From memory, tracked express shipping was going to be almost double that (which isn’t too bad considering how cheap the products are). They guesstimated that it would take up to 15 working days for my order to arrive, so I was pleasantly surprised when it just over a week later. Yay for speedy shipping! 

So I’ll just start off by reviewing the shadow palette in this post and leave the other things for later because I haven’t fully swatched everything yet. I got the six shadow palette in Natural, funnily enough it comes with pretty neutral colours and are all in a shimmer finish. The lighter colours are a more dispersed shimmer i.e. they almost look like glitter but that could just be compared to my dark skin tone. They’re not chalky and are quite buttery when I swatched with my finger which makes them easy to blend – almost too easy. I was hoping that the lightest shade could be a brow bone highlight but it’s too glittery so it’s going to have be confined to an inner corner shadow for now until I can figure out another use for it. 

Which ELF products are your favourite? 

Love and glitter!

MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Hey kids

So here it is, my first non nail polish related post to kick off my new format, there are still are few things to fix but I’m getting there slowly. I am still yet to change the name of my Facebook page, there was a hoop to jump and there was something about requesting documentation of the name change and I just put it in the “too hard” basket for now. If anyone knows the trick to changing the name for a Facebook page, please let me know! 
I’ve just got a swatch of one of my favourite lipsticks to share with you today. You provably guessed from the blog post title that it’s a MAC one called Flat Out Fabulous. 
My cousin very nicely picked this up for me when she last went overseas, thank you duty free! New Zealand is a terrible place to be a make up addict because everything is so expensive! A MAC lipstick retails for $40 at least here! I’m yet to try using youshop but soon.. Soon.. Hello birthday blowout. 
Flat Out Fabulous is a bright plum slash pink in a matte finish. It applies typically like a matte lippy would, read: there is some dragging on the lips as expected but the colour payoff is fantastic. On my fairer skinned friends it comes off as a more Fuschia toned colour but on me it’s very traditionally hot pink – which I like. It’s extremely wearable (but that’s coming from the girl who would wear black lipstick to the office) and withstands eating and drinking quite well, I would find that I don’t need to reapply until I have my afternoon smoko break. I also find that you don’t get as much of the lipstick on the chin with this as you would with say MAC Diva (which is my all time favourite MAC lipstick).
Love and glitter!