To KWEEN or not to KWEEN? 

Hi lovelies! 

Just one lippie in this post for you today. Coming up will be four MAC lipsticks so I thought it might be best to keep this one light.. 

If you follow Colour Pop on social media or are signed up to their emails, you would have seen that at the end of last year they had heaps of sales and deals to get everyone to spend truck loads of money. I was a sucker and and got four of these metallic lipsticks for free – after spending like fifty bucks first… I see now that I was tricked. 

I wore KWEEN a little while ago, it was my #18 lipstick for the project, and I got a few comments (positive) about it through the morning. I’m still not entirely sure about the whole metallic look but then again I wasn’t sure about lipstick until about 3-4 years ago and then after that I wasn’t sure about matte so tastes and preferences can change! 

What do you think of metallic lips? 

Love and glitter 



My first bite of bite beauty 

Hello pretty peeps! 

Right now I’m blogging on the go from Adelaide in South Australia. I’m on holiday (yes, again.. I pretty much only spend my money on holidays it seems) and along the way I’ve obviously picked up a few new beauty things. 

As y’all may know, the biggest shopping event occurred last week on the day after thanksgiving, Black Friday. For whatever reason, shops all over the world take part and I was lucky enough to be near a Sephora for 20% off everything. 

Yep. Everything. The line to get in the shop was massive. The line to pay was even longer. Two hours and close to $300 Aussie dollars later – I was done. Most of what I purchased was gifts (I have some friends who are getting lucky this Christmas) but I did indulge in a Bite Beauty lipstick after hearing amazing things about the formula.

I actually got an all over stick, which I’m guessing can also be used as a blush or otherwise, but my choice actually came down to what was left on the shelf and what matched my colouring. 

I picked up Almond (normal retail price is $38 Aussie bucks I think) which is a beautiful browny pink colour and it wears really well. I had two cocktails and a fairly messy dinner and it just sat nicely and wore really well. It doesn’t have a matte finish, which is a bit of a strange thing for me because I’ve been so obsessed with mattes but I’m loving it anyway. 

Have you tried any Bite products? 

Love and glitter 

Kalliana  💖

My attempt to inject colour into my eye make up!


You might remember very recently I posted about a ColourPop haul? Well, I have swatches of one of the shadows to share with you today. 

I was assessing my eyeshadow situation recently and like many others – I found myself buying and rebuying the same boring nude or bronze colours. I can’t tell you how many nude palettes I have or how many combos of shadows I use that are in that colour family. While they are a fail safe, I felt like I needed to branch out and get more colour into my shadow wardrobe! 

With this in mind, my criteria for this ColourPop order was to rebuy my perfect nude base shadow so naturally I HAD to offset this with something that was more colourful. Enter Luckfully by ColourPop. In the pot it’s a pretty bright navy blue with sparkles as its a pearlised finish. ColourPop shadows generally like synthetic brushes or your finger best for a real good pick up of colour and pigment. I find when I swatch this on my hand it takes about two swipes for full opacity.

When I wore Luckfully on my eyes and blended it, I did lose a lot of the sparkle. To the point where it did become much of a satin matte finish. Remember, that ColourPop shadows are very wet in texture so product pick up can be difficult because of this. Also I found (probably because of my skin tone) I lose a lot of that great navy blue tone on the eye. Noted for next time I’m buying some shadows with the intention of being bright on the eye!

Like all other colour pop shadows this does wear very well and doesn’t have a tendency to crease as much as other more traditional formulated shadows over time. 

Which ColourPop shadows are your fave? 

Love and glitter 

Hot Chocolate – yes please! 

Hello lovelies 

I’ve struggled for a while to find my perfect nude or everyday lipstick. I know that darker skinned ladies will share my struggle too! The trouble is that a lippie that is “nude” on me looks like a vampy or just very dark lippie on my light skinned friends. So when I saw this one by MAC I had to get it straight away. 

I was lucky enough to be in America when the Tribe Vibe collection was released and it just so happened that I stumbled into the launch party at the MAC pro store in San Fransisco on my last day in America. I legit only went in to get a paint pot and walked out with a couple of things from this collection (as well as some other goodies that seem to have jumped into my cart..) 

Hot Chocolate was one of the only lipsticks that called to me from this collection and I have no regrets in getting it. It has got a satin finish so it does last a bit longer than a cremesheen but not as resilient to food and drink as a matte. On me it looks like the perfect brown nude, nowhere near the your lips but better nude that is often affiliated with the term nude lipstick. It’s described as a dirty plum and on lighter ladies you can really see the pinker undertones. I get more of a mauve feeling for my skin tone.

Please excuse my lack of eye make up in the photo – I’ve been getting really bad hayfever so trying to avoid eye make up whenever I can because it will just get wiped off when I sneeze and have watery eyes, boo! 

Did you get anything from the Vibe Tribe collection? 
Love and glitter,


Colour Pop Eyeshadows

Hi kids! 

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something make up related! To be honest, not a lot has been going on and as always (and every blogger – beauty or other can probably agree) there’s a back log of content to write up. I’ve had a buy-heavy last few months and keeping track of which post is next can be daunting but I’m slowly hammering through them. Plus with it being NZ indie polish month, content has been swatch nail polish heavy!

Today I have some shadows from Colour Pop to share with you. If you follow any beauty blogger/vlogger people on YouTube then you’ll probably be familiar with this brand. First of all I love that the word colour is spelt the right way. Yes, casually just throwing shade to anyone who spells that differently! I refrained myself to three shadows (Hanky Panky, Bandit and 3) in my order from Colour Pop and I loosely based one of the shades on the Melt Cosmetics dark matter eye shadow stack (Bandit) because I’m coveting that so badly right now! 

I’ve been using these for a good two months at least now and I have to say.. Wow. I didn’t think that they would make it into my regular rotation mostly because I was used to living off a little NYX palette purely out of convenience – the struggle that comes with living out of a gym bag, you really can’t cart everything you want around with you most days. These are so good that I have to make room for them. Let’s start with application. They’re a little “wet” as in not at all chalky, so buttery, super blend able and very easy to work with. They actually say on their site that due to the formula they don’t recommend depotting these babies at all. In the hands of a newbie – maybe ease up on the product pick up. A lot seems to go a long way, even on my darker skin tone. Okay so wear time? I was of the opinion that you always (well at least I always did) needed eye shadow primer to help the shadow stay on all day and prevent or at least limit creasing. Okay, I legit wear these shadows with no primer and when I come home from work it still looks perfect. Very little or no creasing at all, it’s pretty amazing. I definitely recommend these to everyone. 

I can’t wait to order more Colour Pop eye shadows, these have me excited about eye make up! Yay! 
Love and glitter! 



ELF mini haul – Spotlight on 6 shadow palette 

Hey kids! 

A little while ago I grabbed a few ELF (Eyes Lips Face) things off iHerb because I had to get my sister an Eco Tools kabuki brush for her birthday – yeah I HAD to get it off iHerb.. Ahem.. A few things may have snuck into my cart for myself.. Whoops! It’s okay because ELF is so affordable anyway. The chips that made their way into my order.. That’s another story. Seriously, maple bacon kettle chips. YES.

I picked up two lipsticks, an eyeliner set, face powder, liquid highlighter and an eyeshadow palette. I wasn’t in a huge rush to get my order so I just picked standard shipping which came to about $11 USD. From memory, tracked express shipping was going to be almost double that (which isn’t too bad considering how cheap the products are). They guesstimated that it would take up to 15 working days for my order to arrive, so I was pleasantly surprised when it just over a week later. Yay for speedy shipping! 

So I’ll just start off by reviewing the shadow palette in this post and leave the other things for later because I haven’t fully swatched everything yet. I got the six shadow palette in Natural, funnily enough it comes with pretty neutral colours and are all in a shimmer finish. The lighter colours are a more dispersed shimmer i.e. they almost look like glitter but that could just be compared to my dark skin tone. They’re not chalky and are quite buttery when I swatched with my finger which makes them easy to blend – almost too easy. I was hoping that the lightest shade could be a brow bone highlight but it’s too glittery so it’s going to have be confined to an inner corner shadow for now until I can figure out another use for it. 

Which ELF products are your favourite? 

Love and glitter!

MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Hey kids

So here it is, my first non nail polish related post to kick off my new format, there are still are few things to fix but I’m getting there slowly. I am still yet to change the name of my Facebook page, there was a hoop to jump and there was something about requesting documentation of the name change and I just put it in the “too hard” basket for now. If anyone knows the trick to changing the name for a Facebook page, please let me know! 
I’ve just got a swatch of one of my favourite lipsticks to share with you today. You provably guessed from the blog post title that it’s a MAC one called Flat Out Fabulous. 
My cousin very nicely picked this up for me when she last went overseas, thank you duty free! New Zealand is a terrible place to be a make up addict because everything is so expensive! A MAC lipstick retails for $40 at least here! I’m yet to try using youshop but soon.. Soon.. Hello birthday blowout. 
Flat Out Fabulous is a bright plum slash pink in a matte finish. It applies typically like a matte lippy would, read: there is some dragging on the lips as expected but the colour payoff is fantastic. On my fairer skinned friends it comes off as a more Fuschia toned colour but on me it’s very traditionally hot pink – which I like. It’s extremely wearable (but that’s coming from the girl who would wear black lipstick to the office) and withstands eating and drinking quite well, I would find that I don’t need to reapply until I have my afternoon smoko break. I also find that you don’t get as much of the lipstick on the chin with this as you would with say MAC Diva (which is my all time favourite MAC lipstick).
Love and glitter! 

Black and white matte glitter goodness

Oh, hi there!

I’ve got another pretty swatch for your viewing today! This is a polish that I got in a destash not too long ago. I’m currently on a bit of a no-buy-ban (saving to go to on holiday to Europe next year) so it’s a very good excuse to go and use my untrieds! So one of the first ones up is this polish by Nubar called Rock Candy Crush which is a black and white tiny glitter combo. Each colour of the glitter is the same size and shape, traditional small hex glitter, the white being a little smaller than the black.

I started off with two coats of Essie Lights as my undies. Can I just say that I love the newer Essie brushes! How much easier would life be if all polish had that type of brush! The colour is amazing too, I got this for my birthday last year and the bottle is about a quarter empty now – which is a lot for a polish addict! There are very few polishes you call upon on a regular basis!

I layered one coat of Nubar Rock Candy Crush over Lights and it turned out like a match made in heaven really! I was a bit worried that the Nubar glitter might be too densely packed to look good layered but it’s not, it just looks that way in the bottle. The white glitter goes a little bit translucent so if you’re looking for that real solid black and white matte glitter combo then this might not be for you. I topped it off with a layer of top coat and voila! Yay black, pink and white combo!



Midsummer Petals Swatch


Wow I am such a crap blogger! I honestly love blogging and sharing my nail art with the World Wide Web but I just can’t seem to get any consistency with my frequency of posts at the moment. No good! Must be better! Hopefully in the future I will be collaborating with some other New Zealand based nail and beauty bloggers so that will motivate me to get my A into G! Yes!

Onwards and upwards, a while ago Femme Fatale had a sale and I picked up a few polishes. This one I had my eye on for a while because it somehow reminds me of Hardware by Emily De Molly which I really, really wanted (but was sold out) so it semi squashes a lemming.. It’s just not good.. But! It’s so pretty! I didn’t really know what to layer it over though so I looked up other swatches and decided on a darker colour. Any recommendations would be welcome! I’m thinking a dark burgundy might look really nice under it too?



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TopShop Moondance Swatch


About a month ago I went up to Auckland to see the show Wicked (which by the way was friggin awesome) and while I was up there I went to Top Shop. They sell these Top Shop polishes down here in Wellington at Karen Walker as well but you know when you’re on holiday and you just buy things that you might normally not buy, just because? Yeah this is one of those situations..

I got two polishes which were $15.00 each and this one is called Moondance which is a silver/blue holo. It is so pretty! I was tossing up whether I should get this or not at the time as I don’t really have many holos, I just don’t picture myself wearing them a lot – too big a fan of cremes.. Hehe.

This took three coats and lasted pretty well. The shine and holo change is so much more dramatic in real life but the photos show it pretty well! It can be a bit streaky and tricky (as I hear a lot of holos in general are..) but three coats seemed to even it out well.