China Glaze Ombré Set: Neon Sunset

Heeeeey nail peeps!

Right now I am blogging to you from the very hot and sunny Gold Coast in Australia! I’m on holiday/ vacation (whatever you like to call it – I’m not at work or at home!) on a girls trip with two friends and having a really amazing time. It’s so hot and sunny, which is a crazy contrast from home even though it’s only about 4 hours away. Anyway, more on that another time.. On to the post!

A wee while back I ordered some pretties from beauty joint when they were having a promo (I want to say it was 40% off?) and I got a China Glaze ombré set in Neon Sunset. It comes with three colours (Hang Ten Toes, Flying Dragon, Purple Panic) and a flakie topper (luxe and lush). Also, they include a pack of sponges which are very handy and they’re actually really good. They don’t fall apart like make up sponges do and they’re already small so no cutting needed.

I used a layer of white polish underneath my manicure so that the colours could really pop! I wasn’t much of a fan of the look with the flakie on top.. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!





Christmas Easy Santa Suit Nails

Happy holiday season!

Yes I might be a little bit early but, socially, it is acceptable to start celebrating in late November since everyone has lots of social events and all that on during the festive season!

This manicure has a feature nail that I did last year and I needed a really quick Christmas manicure for my annual dinner party with my friends-that-pretty-much-are-my-family. I started off with a Zoya Sooki as a base colour and then used a green glitter (OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air) over the top on all but my ring finger. I did a white thick stripe down the middle of my ring finger and a thin black stripe across for the belt. I then used a gold polish and a small nail art brush to make the belt buckle.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Link me your nail art for the festive season!



Glitter Ombré Bridal Nails


It’s been a long time 😦 too long! I’ve been super busy with just life in general that every time I go to write a blog post.. I fall asleep since I usually blog right before I go to sleep.

Over the weekend, a pair of my very close friends got married and I was lucky enough paint the brides nails 😀 I was really chuffed that she asked me to do it since it’s her special day and all that! The fact that she thought of me and that she would trust me with that is pretty awesome!

I practiced the look she wanted on myself before the big day and here is the one she fell in love with:


I used a plain white polish for the base colour and then created a gradient with various purple glitters, at present I don’t have the polishes that I used on hand but I will at some point (they’re in the car..) so I will have a post in the future with the names of the polishes I used and a picture of the manicure on the bride. The accent nail didn’t make the final cut, it was done just to show what the gradient would look like on a purple base.

Enjoy your week to come! And a hearty congrats to the happy couple (and anyone else who got married on the weekend just been) 🙂

Everything is coming up Milhouse!


This polish is the first polish I’ve ever purchased purely for the name. I am a pretty big Simpsons fan and my goldfish is named Milhouse so I had to buy it!!

I got this polish called Everything is Coming up Milhouse by Happy Hands from the Femme Fatale website which specialises in indie brands and is Australian based. I honestly didn’t even look at how much it cost, I just needed it because of the name! I layered two coats of it over one coat of Covergirl Out of The Blue and it looks really great! I just love how nerdy it looks.. Just like Milly!! You can just picture the whimpy voice and big glasses! “My mom says I’m cool” It’s a medium blue jelly base with yellow, orange, red, blue and purple glitters. Bonus: the larger glitters don’t require much fishing and not a lot of sinkage on this one.

“I can’t go to juvie! They use guys like me as currency!” – MILHOUSE VAN HOUTEN, The Simpsons

Love, love, love iiiiiiit!

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