Foundation search continues..

Hi lovelies! 

The search continues on! I’ve been trying a lot of different foundations recently, mostly because when I went on holiday to America in May I was on such a big no-buy beforehand that I had run out of a lot of stuff and really just wanted to get my hands on as many things as possible. 

When I was in New Orleans I went into MAC and asked about a foundation that could compare to Estée Lauder Double Wear but not feel as cakey on the skin. I was recommended the pro long wear foundation and got colour matched in NC45. 

I find that the colour match is a little better than Estée Lauder for me (I wear Toasty Toffee) in the sense that it’s a touch cooler in tone. It feels nice to put on, not too thick but wears slightly oily on me throughout the day – I would say that I have more of a tendency to reapply powder with this than I do with Colour Stay, Nude Magnique or Double Wear. 

Would I buy this again? Yes, but only if I was getting it from the states. Otherwise I would just go for Double Wear. I don’t find the formula is different enough to justify the smaller volume (25 ml vs 30 ml) for the price. 

Any other recommendations for foundation for oily skin I need to try? 

Love and glitter 



Nude Magnique – The mission for the perfect foundation. 

Hello fellow lovers of pretty things 

This perfect foundation mission. Gosh it’s a long mission! Just when I found it (hello double wear – yes it’s actually very good) I started to get oily and it began to feel very heavy on my skin. I realised that it’s not obtainable both for financial reasons and skin care reasons to wear double wear everyday so the mission began again. 

I’ve been going between double wear and Revlon Colour Stay foundation quite happily and on the weekend will wear BB cream if I’m not attending an event, but I recently came into the L’Oreal Nude Magnique foundation in the colour 190 Beige Rose from a charity auction for a whole bunch of make up and have to say that I’ve been loving it! 

Disclaimer: I don’t follow instructions! The bottle says to put this on with your hands. I tried both methods and found that using my Real Techniques expert face brush gives the same wear time even if I use a little bit more product. If you don’t have an issue putting product on with your hands then by all means, use your fingers but I do prefer a brush where I feel like I have more control over coverage and application. 

The formula is very thin, almost like when you leave foundation unused for ages and don’t shake it and tip out a little bit of coloured liquid – that’s what it’s like! It can be strange because it feel like it’s going to be too thin to cover anything but the coverage is seriously not reflected by the thinness. A big bonus here is that the bottle is small (20mL) which makes it easy to pop into your make up bag – but it is glass so still take caution here. Not long ago I saw a girl drop her MAC glass foundation at the gym and her face was just one of horror and immediate mourning.

I’ve found that I can get at least a day at work of wear out of one application quite comfortably and the light coverage is just enough more than a BB cream to play ball with me on a clear skin day and I even forgot to set with a powder (my holy grail Rimmel Matte) and my skin didn’t act up too much. 

Do you have any other holy grail foundations for oily skin?  

Love and Glitter 


Other products on face: 

ABH Dip Brow in dark brown 

ELF contouring and blush duo in St Lucia

MAC soft and gentle 

NYX waterproof eyeliner 

Jeffree Star velour lips in Androgyny 

Eyeshadow from Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 

Nails fit for a princess 

Hello, hello, hello! 

Who am I?! Ru Paul with the hello three times much! Guuuuurl. We talking princesses today – not queens! 

Anyway. So, nails fit for a princess. I’m not much of a princess in the sense that I like to get my hands dirty, do shit myself (that’s how you know it’s done right, duh) and I’ll be damned if some dude come by on a stallion and “save” my ass. BUT. Since when does being a princess mean you’re not any of the above? Or if you are then – screw it! Be you! I guess what I’m trying to say is.. You don’t have to be a girlie girl to be a princess and you don’t have to be a girlie girl to like my nails. 

I started off with two coats of OPI I Theodora You (from the Great Wizard of Oz collection) and then added my ALL TIME FAVOURITE NAIL POLISH EVER Teenage Dream by OPI (from the Katy Perry collection) on the tips for a gradient. 

These nails are so damn cute, I got a comment from a cashier on the first day I had them. I love being able to say I do my nails myself – people always think that they’re gels! If only my nails were a wee bit stronger – then maybe they wouldn’t be so short! 

What’s your all time favourite polish? 

Love and glitter 


Hot Chocolate – yes please! 

Hello lovelies 

I’ve struggled for a while to find my perfect nude or everyday lipstick. I know that darker skinned ladies will share my struggle too! The trouble is that a lippie that is “nude” on me looks like a vampy or just very dark lippie on my light skinned friends. So when I saw this one by MAC I had to get it straight away. 

I was lucky enough to be in America when the Tribe Vibe collection was released and it just so happened that I stumbled into the launch party at the MAC pro store in San Fransisco on my last day in America. I legit only went in to get a paint pot and walked out with a couple of things from this collection (as well as some other goodies that seem to have jumped into my cart..) 

Hot Chocolate was one of the only lipsticks that called to me from this collection and I have no regrets in getting it. It has got a satin finish so it does last a bit longer than a cremesheen but not as resilient to food and drink as a matte. On me it looks like the perfect brown nude, nowhere near the your lips but better nude that is often affiliated with the term nude lipstick. It’s described as a dirty plum and on lighter ladies you can really see the pinker undertones. I get more of a mauve feeling for my skin tone.

Please excuse my lack of eye make up in the photo – I’ve been getting really bad hayfever so trying to avoid eye make up whenever I can because it will just get wiped off when I sneeze and have watery eyes, boo! 

Did you get anything from the Vibe Tribe collection? 
Love and glitter,


Let’s get back into it!

Hi friends! 

Well. Again. We’re here. It’s been a while and I make a habit of saying that at the beginning of a blog post it seems. Since I last blogged I’ve moved house, changed jobs, been overseas on holiday and done a whole lot else too. 

Let’s settle back into blogging with a really nice and easy one – shall we?! A nice wee haul which is very recent. 

You might know that ColourPop recently released new metallic liquid lipsticks and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any! Boo! They sold out just way too quick for me. That didn’t stop me from grabbing a few things anyway, especially because I am running low on an everyday eyeshadow (it’s called Hanky Panky and is the perfect all over lid colour for me). 

I picked up liquid lipsticks in Petit Four and StingRAYE (pictured below). I find that Petit Four doesn’t dry and set as well as other liquid lipsticks I have by ColourPop so that’s interesting. StingRAYE is a little drying but not as drying as the Make Up Revolution liquid lipsticks I’ve tried.

I also picked up some shadows in Luckfully, Telepathy, Game Face, Hanky Panky and an eyeliner in Teaspoon. 

Unfortunately I had two things that broke in the mail! One was the eyeliner but only a small part of it so I still have more than half the product left. The other was the Telepathy shadow but because of the formula of these bad boys, they’re just so easy to press back into shape. They don’t need any alcohol or mixing at all – just a paper towel and press away. 

What’s in your latest ColourPop haul/Wishlist? 

Love and glitter