To KWEEN or not to KWEEN? 

Hi lovelies! 

Just one lippie in this post for you today. Coming up will be four MAC lipsticks so I thought it might be best to keep this one light.. 

If you follow Colour Pop on social media or are signed up to their emails, you would have seen that at the end of last year they had heaps of sales and deals to get everyone to spend truck loads of money. I was a sucker and and got four of these metallic lipsticks for free – after spending like fifty bucks first… I see now that I was tricked. 

I wore KWEEN a little while ago, it was my #18 lipstick for the project, and I got a few comments (positive) about it through the morning. I’m still not entirely sure about the whole metallic look but then again I wasn’t sure about lipstick until about 3-4 years ago and then after that I wasn’t sure about matte so tastes and preferences can change! 

What do you think of metallic lips? 

Love and glitter 



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