Four more lipsticks! 

Hi lovelies, 

I’ve got the next four lipsticks to share as part of my 2017 Lipstick Project. It’s dawned on me that the more I push back the lipsticks I know I won’t like – the more of them I’ll be stuck with at the end of this thing. 

We’re in the double digits now, with number ten being this Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Jinx. 

I find it looks super dark and has washed me out in this photo. Apologies, I’ve included a better picture from a previous time.. where it and I looked much better. 

I was gifted this lippy from a really good friend, who is also a lipstick addict. We went on a bit of a swap and she thought this shade would suit me – I think she wasn’t wrong (hi Jess!) Definitely one to keep! As with all Velvetines, it wears well almost all day, oily foods should be avoided to make sure you don’t become a hot mess. 

The next lipstick up on the rank is number 11, Sleek Mystic. This is one of my favourites and I absolutely thrashed it when I first got it, then this whole Nude lip trend came around and no one seems to be looking back. I’m a bit hesitant to wear this often because the lid has broken, so it’s hard to carry around with me without worrying constantly that it’s staining the inside of my handbag. In any case – I wore it this week and was reminded of how nice the Sleek Matte Lipstick formula is. 

Next up is a nude. Ha! I actually don’t have many nude lipsticks, because they’re harder for me to find. I bought this Colour Lock lipstick in the shade Devotion in a Boxing Day sale from the BH Cosmetics website and I am so impressed! The formula is so comfy, it didn’t budge all day and the tube makes this really satisfying clicking noise when you wind it up and down. A win from impulse sale shopping here! 

The last lipstick for this run of lippies is another new one that I impulsively bought because it has Hello Kitty packaging.. yep, I’m talking about the Colourpop collection! I made the excuse that I was buying presents for my friends for Christmas (Hi Jess! Hi Dee!) from colourpop to make an order and included a couple of extra goodies for me.. and this was one of them.

 I wasn’t super excited to try this. I just thought to myself when I opened it “why did you get this Kalli? It’s another pink. Another one!” But woah! I friggin love it. I forgot how good the lippie stix formula can be. It dragged a little on application but wore so nicely all day. 

This photo is from all day wear with moderate amounts of eating and drinking coffee and water. Love, love, love! 

Which is your fave out of the four? 

Love and glitter



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