Good foundations and sturdy overlays 

Hi nail polish lovers! 

Can you guess what today’s blog post is about from the title? I’ll give you a clue.. It will sandwich your nail colour. 

Hopefully you guessed: base coat and top coat! I have been painting my nails for years and the second most common question I get from muggles (non polish obsessed folks) is “how does your manicure stay so nice? Mine always chips straight away!” My answer is always the same – base coat and top coat. I’m always flabbergasted by the amount of people who don’t use base or top coat or haven’t even heard of it before! P.S: If you’re wondering, the most common question is “where do you get your nails done?”

I’ve used several base and top coats in my time – they’re always either on the cheaper end of the scale (dollar store) or easily able to be picked up from Farmers or an online store. Base and top coat is never going to be riddic expensive but is it such an important part of your manicure so there’s definitely a need to have some on hand! 

Every time I put on base coat, in my head I can hear Sandy from Cute Polish saying “to protect your natural nail”. I have been using this Hard as Nails base coat by Sally Hansen on and off since I became a nail polish fiend. It is a little thick but I find that a thicker base coat can mean less chance of a stain nail bed if you use a blue or a red nail polish and also goes over ridges or split nails really easily. What it doesn’t do, is it doesn’t magically fix your nails into not splitting but if you seal the tops of your nails each step of your manicure, it will be less likely to chip or split. You can find this base coat at Farmers stores.

The top coat I’ve been loving lately is Seche Vite – which is a classic among nail polish loving circles. There are a few top coats that come highly regarded and this is one of them. HK Girl is another and Essie is not without its charms too. I haven’t tried HK Girl yet, but am told by people who have used Seche and HK Girl that they prefer HK – so if you’re happy with that sort of two degrees of separation recommendation then go for it!

Seche Vite has got a bit of a stink to it, which goes away once dry. It’s also a quick dry top coat which is a must for me. This can result in some shrinkage around the edges, but it’s not as bad as some other quick dry top coats I’ve tried (like Jordana Quick Shine, which is my usual go to). The final result is a super shiney manicure, which looks a lot like gel polish! I picked up my bottle from Sally’s Beauty Supply in America but locally you can get it from the Beyond Beauty website but disclaimer: I’ve not purchased from here before.

Do you always use a base and top coat? 

Love and glitter 

Kalliana 💖


I’m such a Lucky One.. 

Hi pretty-lovers!

I’m excited! Why? Because I finally got nail polish from a brand I’ve followed on social media for a very long time but have never bought from before! I love ticking these things off my list.. Hehehe. 

ILNP (or I Love Nail Polish) is a huge indie brand that specialise in very sparkly creations. And I don’t mean senseless glitter bombs a-la Lynderella style – they’re beautiful holo polishes and ultra holo finishes with a few chromes, metallics and shimmers in there too. 

I picked up this epic green glitter polish called Lucky One in a recent group buy and I gotta say, it was actually an impulse choice! ILNP does free international shipping with orders over $200 and we were really close to the threshold so.. I did the right thing and quickly picked this polish.

I’m sure glad I did! Heck, it’s sooo freaking pretty! This is just two coats, no base colour laid underneath. One coat was almost enough but I did two just to be sure. Can’t wait to try out the other polishes I nabbed from ILNP. 

What’s your favourite indie polish brand? 

Love and glitter 


Happy 2016! Have a manicure 

Hey team! 

Welcome to 2016.. I know, I know, I almost missed January completely! Quick update: new job, new house, new outlook. Things are really great but really busy. 

I have been painting my nails on a very regular basis though. Just because I don’t post doesn’t mean I’m not painting my nails or rockin a perfect manicure out on them streets. 

This weekend was a long weekend in Wellington and I used the opportunity to rock more than one manicure and do a little revisit to an old fave by a Kiwi indie maker called Nail Juice. I’ve had this manicure on all weekend and it hasn’t failed to bring a smile to my face. I layered Chibi from the Sailor Moon collection over Butter London in Trout Pout. 

Enjoy the cuteness! 


The Koopa King 

Hello lovelies 
Today I have an old indie polish to share with you. Now, I say old because it’s hardly a new release or anything. In fact, it’s in the old style bottles! I acquired this recently along with some of the other Super Mario Collection polishes by Dollish Polish. 

This one is called The Koopa King and  is a clear base, with a yellow gold microglitter, yellow gold bigger hex glitter, red hex, green hex, black bars and larger silver holo diamonds. 
I love Dollish Polish, it was one of the first indie brands I got into as a baby nail polish addict. Unfortunately time (and funds, let’s be real) is no longer on my side and with an increased work load and social life, I don’t have as much time as I used to have to keep up with the fantastic nail blogs out there and the new collections (and brands!) coming out.
I’m not a huge gamer but I am partial to go a at Super Mario from time to time. I got The Koopa King polish along with about twelve others and whilst unwrapping them all, I was exclaiming, oohing and ahhing over each and every one. This particular one caught someone’s eye and lo and behold it’s on my nails now.
After a quick google search, I found that most people have swatched this over either a black or a yellow. Yellow doesn’t suit me (well I just haven’t found the right one) and I didn’t want to do just plain old black so I went with two coats of OPI Incognito on Sausalito with a coat of The Koopa King layered over it. I think the result is stunning!  

Tell me polish addicts – which indie collections have I missed out on? What are your favourite brands?

Love and glitter


Neon Glitter Wowzers!

Oh hey glitter lovers!
You might need to be wearing a pair of sunnies to look at this particular manicure. It is BRIGHT! I love it! 

I used two coats of Color Club’s Jackie Oh with Nubar in Star Sparkle glitter on the tips. I don’t have a lot to say about this manicure so I’ll let the photos speak for me.. 


 Let’s beat in mind.. This was at a time when my talons were growing very nicely, at the moment they’re breaking all the time and it’s getting me down. I constantly have nubbins but that’s okay, glitter can do wonderful things! 

Love and glitter 


Chibi AKA the cutest polish ever 

Hey polish people! 

Soooooo… I have a very, very, extremely cute nail polish to share with you all today. With the month of May drawing to a close, that also means the end of NZ indie polish month so will have a few posts to share over the last few days! 

I picked up a couple of Nail Juice little juicies in a wee clearance sale Steph had and Chibi is one of them. From the Sailor Moon inspired collection, this polish is just way too cute. Look at it! Just all matte glitter in the cutest colour combination ever.. Ahhhh! 

I layered one coat over two coats of OPI You’re Such A Budapest and sealed it all in with Jordana Quick Shine top coat to gloss it up. The glitter isn’t raised so one coat of top coat is enough to make it smooth and deliciously shiny. 

You can find Nail Juice polishes here to buy online, support local brands and buy NZ made! 

Love and glitter 



Louboutin Rouge

Oh, hi there! 

This post is long overdue considering I got this nail polish before my birthday in April. Even though it’s NZ indie polish month I thought I had better take a break from scheduled programming for this month and finally share the amazingness that is this polish in all its avant garde packaged glory. My very good friend Nina from New Shoes In Town (that’s right, us blogger people do know each other in real life!) got this for me for my 25th birthday and I actually squealed when I opened it! 
A gradient from black to red on the glass crystal style cut bottle and 8 inches of pure, glossy spike makes up the handle of this nail polish, now everyone asks me is it difficult or easier to use because of the handle? It’s probably actually a little more difficult because it’s rather weighty too and you have to hold it right down the end near the brush. It’s not annoyingly difficult though, just different. It would also make a very good shank, ya know, should you ever need one. If someone decided to rob me in the night, I know what I would grab to defend myself. This bad boy. 
Now, onto what really matters, the polish inside! Haha I know it doesn’t actually matter because, honestly, how often am I going to use this? Probably never again, it’s too expensive! Anyhow.. It was almost a one coater but two coats for longevity is okay by me. It’s a cool toned red with a creme finish and is quite glossy which is really nice but not the perfect red for me (I like a very blue based red). 
So while it’s not the perfect red, it definitely has the wow factor and looks amazing on my nail polish table! However at approx $50USD a pop I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get the whole range anytime soon. 
Love and glitter!


StarKin Opulence


Still a happy NZ Indie Polish month to you all! Yay! 

Today I have a really, very pretty nail polish to share with you by StarKin. I scored this a couple of years ago in a blog sale and I actually hadn’t properly swatched it until now because I’m so silly and have been letting this glitter gem hide away in a drawer. I am so sorry! I feel bad for this polish because it’s soo gorgeous and had just been forgotten about. 

Opulence is a pinky red jelly polish filled with delicious lashings of gold and silver holographic glitters. It also has the occasional larger glitter or star in there too. The result is something that just glimmers and shimmers in the light like no other. It’s so pretty, I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! 

Star Kin is handmade in New Zealand by one of my fellow PANZ-ies Ami. Star Kin has their own store on Etsy but at the moment they’re selling through the Peacock Pie store, which you can find here 



Nail Juice: Daylily

I have a NZ indie polish to share with you as part of NZ indie polish month. Created by PANZ (Polish Addicyts New Zealand) last May, this year we are back and celebrating our back yard indies more than ever. So many talented polish makers in our little group. 

This pretty indie was made by Steph over at Nail Juice and is called Daylily. It’s a pretty crelly dark red with glitter. Everyone loves glitter, right?! This is two coats worn over OPI Animalistic which was the perfect base for this.

Now I got this polish from a blog sale last year but Nail Juice has so many awesome polishes in their online store here so you should definitely check them out!


NZ Indie polish month!

Hey everybody! 

May is NZ INDIE POLISH MONTH! Yay! Just a real quick post with a couple of badges that you’re welcome to use (made by the awesome Christine @rainbowmanethechris on Instagram) if you’re wanting to partake in NZ indie polish fun!