Two lippies in one day 

Hey lovelies! 

Onwards an upwards with the 2017 lipstick project! I think I’ll stick to this posting more than one lipstick per blog post, otherwise I will really be blogging every day about the same thing, which could get a little tiring! 

On the weekend I had my brother in laws birthday BBQ, which meant so much food – many opportunities for eating copious amounts of food. Which meant my lipstick needs were something light, where wear-off isn’t too noticeable. 

Enter lipstick number 8, the Revlon Bitten Balm in Darling Cherie. I forgot how cute this colour is! This is a win for me and reminds me why I’m doing this crazy project in the first place. This was tucked under all my other purple lipstick (yes, I have lots of purple lipstick) even though I think I would class it as pink. Light pink lipstick usually looks pretty bad on me, mostly because my lips are too pigmented for the light colour to shine through, but this one is one for keeps! I love it! 

In the late afternoon, my partner and I went for a quick stroll around the beach (read: Pokémon go.. yes, we still play) so instead of topping up my lippie with the same old, I decided to try another purple which had been winking at me since I started the project and it’s my number 9.

It’s Heroine by MAC, which is probably the purple lipstick that got purple lipstick on the radar of so many women. Could have something to do with Lorde being the face behind it, could be something to do with the fact that it’s a kick-ass colour! And yep, that’s my partner. He’s adorable (that is to say, I adore him) 😍

Have you rocked a purple lip lately? 

Love and glitter 



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