Black and white matte glitter goodness

Oh, hi there!

I’ve got another pretty swatch for your viewing today! This is a polish that I got in a destash not too long ago. I’m currently on a bit of a no-buy-ban (saving to go to on holiday to Europe next year) so it’s a very good excuse to go and use my untrieds! So one of the first ones up is this polish by Nubar called Rock Candy Crush which is a black and white tiny glitter combo. Each colour of the glitter is the same size and shape, traditional small hex glitter, the white being a little smaller than the black.

I started off with two coats of Essie Lights as my undies. Can I just say that I love the newer Essie brushes! How much easier would life be if all polish had that type of brush! The colour is amazing too, I got this for my birthday last year and the bottle is about a quarter empty now – which is a lot for a polish addict! There are very few polishes you call upon on a regular basis!

I layered one coat of Nubar Rock Candy Crush over Lights and it turned out like a match made in heaven really! I was a bit worried that the Nubar glitter might be too densely packed to look good layered but it’s not, it just looks that way in the bottle. The white glitter goes a little bit translucent so if you’re looking for that real solid black and white matte glitter combo then this might not be for you. I topped it off with a layer of top coat and voila! Yay black, pink and white combo!




OPI Blue Chips Swatcharoonie

Harrrrrow my lovelies!

So I’ve just got a swatch for you today but I promise it’s really pretty! Like Tiffany Case league of pretty! It’s even blue like Tiffany Case.. But didn’t cause any staining whatsoever. It’s a relatively hard to find OPI polish that was sold only in Canada called Blue Chips. I really want to say it was a limited edition polish for some kind of poker tournament but I might be just making that up.. I could have sworn I read it somewhere. In any case somehow they ended up on NZ shores and it’s MINE!

In any case, Blue Chips is superb! For reals. Two coats of this puppy right here. It almost has a textured finish but a couple coats of top coat smooths it out (so it doesn’t eat up top coat as much as liquid sand but it’s gonna need more than one for that shiiiiiine). It’s pretty much a holo but has great opacity. Hehehe. Doesn’t it just make you happy looking at it?!



Blush Hour Tips

Hello my lovelies!

I know it’s been a little while since I did some cool nail art but I have acquired a lot (like, a lot) of nail polish over the last few months and have so many untried polishes! So this is a pretty cool way of trying out an untried and still getting a tiny nail art fix.. Yay ombre tips, you rule!

One of my more recent untrieds is from the OPI Spotlight on Glitter collection. I only got one of these (I did read somewhere that most of them are dupes anyway) which was Blush Hour. It’s such a pretty polish! Especially in the bottle (not saying it looks bad on the nail). A pretty fuchsia jelly PACKED full of glitter! Yay! That’s what we like – glitter bombs!

I layered it over the tips of a plain pink creme polish (Essie Lights) and this manicure actually lasted a really long time – well, for me. I change my polish at least three times a week so anything that gets to stay on more than 3 days is impressive to me. It means it’s either really resilient or really prettyyyyyy. In this case, it’s both. I really should try it out on it’s own.. But I totally have commitment issues. When it comes to polish that is haha.


Introducing: Nail Juice

Hello lovelies!

May marks something quite exciting for the girls who are in NZ Polish Addicts (PANZ) and that is NZ Indie Polish Month. A fair few of my newfound polish friends have their hand in the polish making game so throughout the month of May I hope to share some with you!

First off I’ve got a brand called Nail Juice to share which was created by Steph and her partner Dan. Such a creative brand name, right?! It’s also her blog name too.

This one is called Aromatic Mist which I layered over OPI’s Sparrow Me The Drama. It’s a pretty jelly like pale purpley pink base with a slight shimmer, small royal purple hex glitter, bigger yellow/gold hex glitter and round circle glitter in pinks and lilacs. Two coats of seche vite top coat smoothed it out rather nicely.

Check out the Facebook page for Nail Juice!



My head is in the (pink) clouds

Hello my lovelies!

I have a pretty pink manicure for you today – remember on Wednesdays we wear pink otherwise you can’t sit with us! If you get this reference then you’re my kind of person. If not I suggest you google it! Yes, I wear pink every Wednesday.

I’ve done the cloud manicure before in blue and white and a rasta colour type pallette so I decided to try it in my fave polish colour – pink! I’ve been going through my polish and swatching on sticks and pink is definitely hands down the winner. I have over 50 (yet to do an official count of my stash).

I started off with OPI Samoan Sand as a neutral base (three coats because I had some staining to hide on my natural nails) and then used Revlon Cupid for the baby pink layer and Hello Kitty Back to the Fuchsia for the hot pink tips. This design is extremely easy, it really is just three strokes and making sure the initial placement of the brush has a “blob” of polish so that the cloud is rounded. If you try this out for yourself be sure to use polishes that are quite opaque for layering and preferably fast drying too so that you’re not waiting around for hours for each layer to dry!



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Skittle Nail Art


Yep.. Again.. Long time no blog! I can’t believe it’s April already! Where does the time go? Anyhow, I have quite a backlog of posts to share!

A while ago I did this skittle style manicure using OPI You’re Such A Budapest and OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook as the base colours and Sinful Colors Thimbleberry, a gold striper and a black striper for contrast. I think the middle finger actually looks quite.. Wonder Woman inspired! What do you think? I used a toothpick for the polka dots to get those really, really small uniform dots.



Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings The Blues

Hello my lovelies!

Well, well, well.. Here I have a swatch post but it’s one that I am super excited to share because this is my first ever Deborah Lippmann polish! I got it in a blog sale type thing because there aren’t really any places that you can buy this brand in New Zealand. Sigh. It’s like I’m a cave person.. Haha!

Anywho, this one is called Lady Sings the Blues which is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a really dark navy blue base with silver, blue and purple/pink glitters. It’s pretty much a galaxy mani in a bottle!

I layered one coat of this beauty (yes just one gotta ration this baby out!) over one coat of black polish. I love how it turned out and will be keeping this one all to myself!


Dream Catcher Nail Art

Hey, hey, hey!

Finally some nail art! I’m very conscious of how many swatch blog posts I put up so I’m always really excited to share nail art! When I first started out blogging I pretty much only posted nail art but after a while I started getting more and more interested in the newer collections and indie polishes too. I know whenever I purchase a polish I look up swatches and read other blogger thoughts on them before I decide so I like posting swatches too.

Anyhow, I tried out another cute polish tutorial but I changed it up a little bit. Well, really what happened was that I mucked up the string part and ended up just winging it instead of taking it off and starting again. I think it worked out fine!

I used the following polishes for this look:

– Color Club Pucci-Licious
– Picture Polish Marine
– OPI Teenage Dream
– LA Girl Nostalgic
– Sinful Colors Snow Me White
– Black striper

And I followed this Cute Polish tutorial. Try it out for yourself and share your recreations!



Étude House Minnie Mouse Polish

Hey, hey, hey!

This is a long overdue post, considering I got this polish for Christmas. It is so incredibly cute! The cute factor is just way up there.

I got two of the Étude House Xoxo Minnie nail polishes for Christmas and I tried out this Mickey/Minnie Mouse shaped glitter recently. There are a few different ones in the collection and this has no name on it but the bottle has got a number 6..? Korean polishes.. Drives me mad not having the names on them!

I layered the glitter over two coats of Essie Turquoise & Caicos. The large glitter is quite hard to get out and I think that this polish would benefit from the sponge method as it’s not a very densely packed glitter topper.


Galaxy Nail Art

Hey, hey, hey!

Well I did it. I survived my first week back at work for the year! Only 51 more to go… Oyyyyy.

This is another revisited design but when it looks this great.. Who really cares? Not I! I was looking around YouTube the other day for nailspiration and came across a new galaxy nail art tutorial by CutePolish that I hadn’t seen and I decided to try out the colour palette she used in the video.

I pretty much followed the tutorial the whole way through, except I didn’t have the right kind of glitter topper so I used a white polish to create dots (stars) and a silver glitter. I started off with a plain black creme base colour and sponged on the white nebular base. I used OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook for the bright pop of tael and OPI Incognito in Sausalito to blend it together and dabbed a teeny tiny bit of OPI Eurso Euro on as well. I use the sponges that came with my China Glaze ombré set which I find better than the foam make up sponges I was using before because the fibres of the sponge don’t pull off the polish.



Have a great weekend everyone!