Pac Man Nails


I don’t feel very chatty today so this will be a short post.

So a guy at work asked if I could do Pac Man nails. Well not so much asked.. Requested/ challenged. So, armed with google image and all my polishes I came up with this mani here. I love the middle finger I might do a majority of those next time. I feel like my ghosts aren’t as cool as they could be.. Oh well!





Kawaii Donut Nail Art


Well today’s nail art manicure is my attempt at a tutorial I saw on YouTube by TotallyCoolNails for cute donuts! I’m pretty sure that kawaii means cute in Japanese but I might be wrong.. Anyhow I did these nails when I got home and right now as I write this I’m actually comfy in bed and cannot be bothered checking the colours that I used so I will go from memory.. Forgive me if they’re wrong!! I used a sinful Colors polish for the brown / tan base and then used a range of colourful polishes for the icing on the donuts. The light blue is a Cairuo polish that I got from Japan City on Cuba Street which doesn’t have a name, it has a number instead. The pink is an étude house polish which was a gift from a friend and it’s called powerful peach. The yellow is Ciate and I believe it’s called big yellow taxi and the purple on my pinky is a butter London polish I got for valentines day (might be Keeker?) and I used a white and black for the accents/ little faces.

I actually like how these nails turned out. I think I’ll give the yellow and purple a miss and stick with pink and pastel blue next time though.

Hehe the donuts remind me of a Simpsons episode (the one where it’s heaps of short stories of many residents of Springfield) when police chief Wiggum is crossing the road with a box of donuts singing “donuts, I got donuts, I got.. Hey, I know you!” Hehehe! I love the Simpsons.



Étude House Glitter Pajama Party


Hope you all have a great Sunday! I had a great lazy day (surprisingly). Started off going to my mummy’s house for lunch. We had steamboat (a shared dish with a pot of boiling curry in the middle with a selection of veges, meat, seafood, noodles etc to cook in the curry. It’s really good!

So I managed to get my hands on yet another étude house polish from the Dear My Party range in Pajama party. This appears like a light blue base with lots of multi coloured glitters. I was quite excited to try it out when I got it online so I was so wrapped when it arrived in the mail. I decided to layer it over a white and Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue. I have to say I’m a little disappointed since it looks a lot like a LA Colors polish I have called Confetti. I still like it but.. I could’ve spent my money on something else and been happier. Oh well! Just add it to my growing collection haha.

Also, just on a random side note. I watched Les Miserables on Tuesday and the songs have been stuck in my head ever since which is fine but I don’t know ANY of the words. Sigh.





Red glitter nails with hearts


Oh, happy Friday to you all! Woo! Hope you all have great weekends planned, whatever you are getting up to. I love lazy weekends but, sadly, this weekend will be a busy one for me. Sigh, oh well.

I decided to try out a Kleancolor polish (I am pretty sure it is called Red Sparkle) that I picked up at my local dollar type store. It’s a pretty dark red with lots of glitter through it. It reminds me of a jelly sandwich but without the need to do the layers yourself. I used two coats then used a white polish with a dotting tool to make different sized love hearts. Later, I used Revlon Jelly to colour some of the hearts in. I love this type of cute manicure!




Bright summer nails with metallic tips


Hope you are all having a wonderful day/ night/ whatever time it is wherever you are.

As you might know, it’s summer here in New Zealand. We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather lately so I wanted a manicure that matched the sunshine! I started off with two coats of a coral/ orange polish I got from Japan City by Cairo number 29. It’s a pretty good formula for a 3 buck polish. I then used Pearl Silver by Kleancolor for the tips. I always free hand my french tips, mostly because I am never patient enough to wait for the polish to completely dry to stick guides on.

I like the war this turned out and I even got compliments on it when I went out shopping today. It’s funny, it’s always the mediocre manicures that get compliments from strangers I feel (and I always think “well you should see what else I can do!”)



Union Jack Nails


How fitting is it that for this manicure I used a Butter London polish! Hehehe. I used Blagger which is a great blue cream finish polish that I’m pretty in love with at the moment. It’s a one coater so, what’s not to love about that? I decided to have an accent nail too and I used my Zoya polish in Sooki for that.

I pretty much followed this cute polish YouTube tutorial to the letter. I don’t think it’s a look I’ll rock very often but I do like the way it looks on the nails. Such an iconic image! It was really easy using a white polish for the thicker cross then a striper for the smaller lines on the diagonal plus a red striper for the thinner lines. Very easy!




Textured accent nails: pen pressing


I did these nails on Friday morning before I went to work because I knew I would be going out with friends after work and I can’t have plain nails for that (now they all have high expectations of my nails).

I used Keeker by Butter London and did random hearts and dots on all my nails except my ring finger I used revlon Jelly. When I was on my way out the door to work I bumped my accent nail so I took the bottle of revlon with me to fix up at work. While I was waiting for it to dry I used an unclicked pen to imprint the circle pattern and I think it actually turned out pretty cool! Ah bless being a little bored at work eh!? I call it pen pressing! 😀




Neon polka dots


Just a simple one for you today. A lot of the times when I get a new polish I do polka dots over the top of it. I wanted to try out one of the Sinful Colors polishes that I got a little while back called Vacation Time. It looks pinky in the bottle but on the nail it comes off very tan/ brown. I don’t like the colour on me but it will be good for nail art maybe? I went over it with Kleancolor Neon Pink to create the polka dots.

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Valentines present: Butter London


Well I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day (whether you celebrate or not). I had a great day just in case you were wondering. I had work from 9 to 5 (funny that..) and my boyfriend had a red rose, a balloon and a soft toy delivered to my office. The toy was a Mike Wizowski plush from Monsters Inc! So cool!! After work we exchanged presents at home then went and had a picnic in the late afternoon sun at the botanical gardens.

He got me three Butter London polishes: Keeker, Primrose Hill Picnic and Blagger. Keeker is a great colour but can be a little streaky, I find I need to do three coats which is a little disappointing. Primrose Hill Picnic is a great hot pink which I love, if you know me I love my pink polishes! The third polish, Blagger, is a great blue polish! Seriously it’s a one coater. I am in love with this one. These three are my very first Butter London polishes and I’m pretty stoked with them, I feel very lucky that these were my v-day present! And he chose the colours all by himself, what a good boy. Haha!

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Gifts from Seoul: étude house


So today I thought I would finally post about the presents from my friends Tim and Courtney who went on holiday to Asia recently. When they said they were going to Korea only one thing came to mind. Not kimchi. Not BBQ. Not even bb cream. Nail polish. Ohhhhhhhh nail polish. I hear so many great things about Korean brands of nail polish and I’m keen to try others. I only have Étude house so far but skinfood and nfu oh are at the top of my list to try next. Luckily I can probably get some more in November! 🙂

Anyway on to the stuff I actually got!! Oh my gosh I just love the packaging it’s so cute!! I got two pretty polishes called Powerful Peach and Lunatic Purple. I must use the purple but I have used the pink already. It’s like.. A really bright almost but not quite neon pink. I really like it and it’s not like anything I already have, which is always a plus? I also got the gradation set (which I posted about already) and a dotting tool – no more toothpick for me, I’m going legit! The bag also had some BB cream samples which I’m keen to try. I haven’t jumped on the BB cream bandwagon quite yet..