Swatch: Pretty & Polished


Just a wee swatch post of some indies I purchased from Pretty & Polished for you today. I got a red jelly glitter called Diner Daze and a blue and silver glitter called Bubbles.

I decided to swatch Diner Daze over a base colour rather than test out how opaque it is. I used two coats of Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby and then two coats of Diner Daze on top.


For Bubbles, it took me a really long time to choose a base colour. In the end I chose Blagger by Butter London but I don’t think it goes very well with Bubbles unfortunately. This is two coats of each.


I definitely would love to purchase more polishes from Pretty & Polished! I think the way forward with indie brands is to save up enough lemmings and then buy a fair few at a time rather than just 1 or 2 at a time.


Almost black and gold gradient manicure


Just an easy manicure to share today. I’m quite fond of the gradient look manicure. There are so many possibilities with colour combinations and it is such an easy way to turn your plain manicure into something with a little more oomph.

I started off with two coats (although I could get away with one) of Max Factor Black Out. It’s a very, very dark greenish blue colour and on the nail it shows up completely different to the bottle. The photos really do not do justice to this polish. I then sponged Ciate Ladylike Luxe on the tips and topped it off with one of my favourite glitter toppers, OPI The Living Daylights. The colour combination of this glitter always gets my motor running, haha, I just really like the colours!

Oh, so pretty! I really like how the glitter goes further down than the gold. Ah! So pretty!



Neon Orly, Julep and STUDS


Well it’s been a really interesting last few days! A lot has been going on around here / in my life. My partner came back from overseas, I had a job interview, I got sick – and then speedily got better, we had an earthquake and then another one.. Oh so many quakes lately. I swear I’m just feeling them all the time! I went to the supermarket and it was just carnage! Everyone was buying all the bottled water they could hold really. Me? Some water.. Then straight for the wine. Hehehe! Kidding!

Anyways, I had/ have two days of annual leave planned in any case (yep everyone else gets a free day off and I was the egg who booked leave waaaay in advance so has to use up hard earned leave days instead. Stink.) so I have a lot of time to do fun things with my nails.

I recently got my first Julep polishes and I picked up some new Orly polishes because of the Farmers buy 1 get 1 free promo at the moment. There was one bottle of Glowstick left, which is just an in your face neon yellow and as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life. It kind of put me off that I would have the same manicure as Seal, but I’m not going to let a man hold me back from my dreams polish. I layered it over two coats of white and it really just pops like nobody’s business. It is seriously soooooo bright it’s amazing.

I decided to have an accent nail using Julep Eloise which is a deep dark navy blue. It almost looks black on the nail which is a bit stink because in the bottle it looks great but I’m still happy because it is one of my first Julep polishes. The bottles are just so unique! When they arrived in the mail I got confused and was trying to remember if I had ordered lip gloss online. Haha!

I then decided that this was not enough and topped off the look with some studs that I got off the born pretty store site. I had never purchased anything off there before (a lot of firsts for me shopping wise lately) and I really was lemming studs like this so I ordered a bunch of stuff and I found that it arrived quite quickly so I was pleased with that. Well enjoy some photos after my very wordy post!




Unicorns Farted In My Polish


I woke up super early this morning even though I went to sleep really quite late (so all in all probably only got 5 hours of sleep) so I thought I would update ye olde blog!

I’ve recently gotten into indie (independent) polishes and I haven’t really looked back since. My collection of indies is growing – and at an alarmingly fast rate, must I add! My poor, poor wallet. Sigh.

I ordered around four or five polishes from Dollish Polish all but one are minis and the first thing I have to say is that I really love the bottles! Especially the minis! They don’t feel as miniature in my hand as other minis *cough OPI cough* do plus square bottles are just something you don’t come by all the time. The shipping was pretty standard/fair in price (around $19.05 USD for 8 bottles – I went splits with some others on the order) but did take longer than other indies that I’ve bought, it took around two and a half weeks BUT it is well worth the wait. The packaging was so cute there is some care and attention to detail taken with dispatching these babies. I wish I took photos but I didn’t! The polishes were wrapped in bubble wrap then placed inside a plastic bag with a Dollish polish logo sticker and then put inside a very pretty hot pink organza bag. So cute! It looked a lot better than I’ve described it.

Anyhow, on to the polish! I’ve only swatched one so far and it has the best name everrrrrrrrr: A Unicorn Farted In My Polish. How wicked is that?! I love the name. The polish itself I also love. It’s just a big mix of all the glitter you could really want. It’s so colourful and every nail ends up looking unique and different. I only used two coats of AUFIMP over a base colour (Cupid by Revlon) one quick thin-ish coat then a dabby coat to get those big bits of glitter on. I didn’t really have any trouble with getting the larger glitter or shapes glitter to go on my nails. Also, very nicely surprising to note that taking it off wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.

Well enjoy some pictures of unicorns farting all over my nails! Hehe!



You can check out the Dollish Polish website/store here.

I used my own hard earned money to buy this farting unicorn and all the other polishes I got from Dollish Polish. These are my own opinions.

Swatch: China Glaze Whirled Away


I don’t have many China Glaze polishes in my stash but this one I picked up recently in a big group online order from head2toe beauty. Man that site us cheap! I also got my very first bottle of Seche Vite and I must say.. That stuff stinks!! It smells like turps! But.. It does have great drying and gloss power so I will battle through.

Anyway, the polish I used is called Whirled Away and is from the Cirque Du Soleil collection. I’m a sucker for glitter and I had yet to have anything with the thin bar shaped glitter. I was really drawn to how monochrome this is and I decided to layer it over a pink by Revlon called Cupid. Which, I would describe as a cupcake pink – does that even make sense?

I like how this looks over Cupid. It probably even looks better than I had hoped for! I’m stuck on what other colours might look good – I was thinking OPI You’re Such A Budapest might be a good match? I had a bit if a battle with the large white glitter but that was to be expected. I ended up pulling them out and placing them on one by one.

I’m a bit back logged on posts so I might even post again later tonight!



Minion Nail Art


Happy Sunday everyone! Lazy Sunday indeed.. It is so windy today I was afraid I might get blown away.. Haha!

I’m sure everyone has seen these (or variations of these) minion nails already but I decided to give it a go because they are so cute! I modelled them off the CutePolish YouTube tutorial which was very easy to follow. I find that her tutorials are always easy to follow and I like that her videos aren’t unnecessarily long.

I started off my painting all but my accent nail blue with Cover Girl Out Of The Blue and then painted my accent nail yellow with Ciate Big Yellow Taxi. I used Butter London Lady Muck for the grey goggle frame, just a regular black striped and white polish for the eyes and smile and finished off with Cover Girl Out Of The Blue on the tip.

Hehehe aren’t they just so cute?? Ba ba ba ba nananaaaaaa!!



South Park Nail Art


Every now and then I get a request to do particular themes of nail art. One of my (male) friends suggested that I do South Park themed nails. I looked around online and saw this manicure which I liked the best after trawling through a google search. Now, I’m not actually a South Park fan but I thought this looked easy enough to replicate.

I started off with one coat of OPI Samoan Sand on each nail then painted the little hats on. I’m not going to break it down by each nail but the colours I used were Zoya Sooki, Ciate Big Yellow Taxi, Revlon Emerald, Ciate Mojito, Essie Brazilliant, OPI A-Taupe The Space Needle and Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue.

I think it turned out pretty good! I had a bit of bleeding from the red on Stan but overall I think it looks good.



Pink Zebra Print Nails


I recently managed to pick up a set of Essie my perfect pair minis and one of the polishes is called Super Bossa Nova which is an awesome hot pink with shimmer. As you may know – I love me my pink polishes. I seriously am just drawn to them. I really like this polish and I’m glad I tried it out! I was just going to swatch it but it just looked so good on my nails that I decided to keep it but I can never leave my manicure plain Jane.

I decided to do a simple zebra print since it had been a while since using this design. I actually looked at a photo of a zebra for reference to get the stripe pattern to look legit. I’m a fan of the end result!

I’ve really been getting into minis lately. I hardly had any up until a few months ago. I got a lot of mini indie polishes a little while back and I think the minis are a good way of trying out a brand or colour without committing to too much. Plus I haven’t ever finished a whole bottle of polish ( yet..) so the size doesn’t really bother me. Isn’t the saying “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it”?? Hehe!



Pink and Gold Chevron Tips


Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you all had wonderfully relaxing weekends. The weather held out quite nicely here so I’m happy with that. Other than that it has been a very ho-hum week, not a lot going on around here I’m afraid. Eh, more time to spend with my polish.

Just a simple but very pretty nail look to share with you today. I saw this manicure on a blog called Of Faces And Fingers and immediately wanted to try and replicate it.

I am really loving neutral nail colours at the moment and I always love pink. I decided to use OPI My Vampire Is Buff as the base colour and decided to use gold instead of white to contrast against the pink chevron style tip. I used Cupcake Queen and Ladylike Luxe by Ciate for the tips and I’m really liking the result! Finished off with a wee rhinestone on each nail and voila! Beautiful! Sorry my photos are a bit blurry – just one of those times when technology doesn’t want to cooperate.



Spotty Dotty Gradient Manicure


I have been doing my nails an awful (well.. Wonderful) lot lately. I’m talking pretty much everyday. I think it’s because of the weather! Last winter was not as cold as this year and I wasn’t into nail art as much as I am now. I’m all for being indoors, warm and happy and cooped up with my polishes! Does that make me sound sad? Sigh. I lead a simple life. Haha!

I got my very first Essie nail polish a couple of weeks ago from one of those huge cosmetics sales that come to town every now and then. They have been having more and more variety of brands of polishes on sale recently which makes for a happy me. I was actually on my way to the counter when I saw this lone Essie bottle and I just grabbed it without looking up swatches online first and I am very glad! I got the colour Neo Whimsical which is a very pale light lilac creme. It is seriously so pretty! Oh how I fell in love.

I decided to add some colour on top in the way of a gradient type dotted manicure. I used SC show me the way, Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic, OPI purple with a purpose and Butter London blagger.

My original intention was to add rhinestones but once I had the dots on I decided against it. I did try it out with a glossy top coat and a matte top coat (matte is the first photo). I think I prefer the matte better – what do you think?



Well, ta-ta darlings! Until next time.