Glitter Gradient Tips


I’m still trying out some of the polishes I got for my birthday and it’s been over two weeks?! And I call myself a nail polish addict..?! Hahaha!

I tried out Covergirl Out Of The Blue, which is like a cobalt blue. The polish application was fine – nothing to write home about or complain about really. I think I quite like these Covergirl polishes!

I decided to create a gradient on the tips with a glitter polish by BYS called starlette. I like the glitter gradient look because it is so easy to do and looks great.




Nail Polish Storage Update


Happy Sunday everybody! The weekend always flies by so quickly.. Too quickly! Sigh! I hope you all had great weekends.

I started off my weekend going to the Salvation Army Family Store in the city (a second hand/thrift shop) to look for something to sort out my polish storage situation. Ideally I would love to have a huge executive style desk but that’s just not going to fit in my tiny flat. I found this simple brown desk with drawers for only $30.00 which I plan on sanding down and painting when I get some time.

I have sorted my polishes by colour (for now) and laid them out flat rather than standing up so that I can actually see the colours. I’m happy now my nail polish wont be in the plastic boxes and there is actually a station for me to do my nails! On the desk top I have all my top coats, base coats and stripers in a little basket because I use them all the time. Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to “pretty” this area up – I’ve already gotten approval to paint the desk pink!







China Glaze: Hey Sailor!


Ever since I started my love affair with nail polish I have always coveted this China Glaze polish. Finally! The time has come and it is mine.. Muahaha!

I love my bright red polishes and this is no exception. The China Glaze brush is very thin in comparison to OPI but it is still easy to get a nice even application which I find mind boggling. The formula was great, just the right consistency and the colour is just amazing.

I used it as a base for a white polka dot manicure as well and I think it looks very good – if not a little boring but hey! It looks good so I can’t complain.

I only have three China Glaze polishes but I am a fan of them. They’re not very common here in New Zealand but I have seen a fair few on TradeMe so I might hit that up next pay day.




Chevron Nail Art


Happy Monday everyone! I trust that you all had marvellous weekends? Mine as good I did a bit of shopping for clothes and found some winter boots that actually fit my calf muscles in them so yay!!

I reused my Covergirl Coral Silk manicure and did some simple chevron stripes on the nails. It’s just a one pointed chevron so I’m not sure if its even a chevron design?? In any case it looks good! I just used a white and black striper and took my time getting the lines right.

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Swatch: covergirl coral silk


So my best friend recently went to Sydney for a work trip and she got me my birthday present while she was there. It may surprise you that only one other person got me nail polish for my birthday. I was actually very surprised. Got lots of other goodies though!!

My friend got me a few of the polishes from the Covergirl Outlast range and I decided to try one called Coral Silk, which is the first bottle on the left. It was the one I was most attracted to in the bottle and I must say that I adore it on! It’s just that perfect pop of colour 🙂

The coverage is very good, a solid two coater minimal streaking but fixed up with careful brushing in certain spots but overall no issues with application. I hope all of them are like this!

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Revisited: hot pink leopard print nails


Ah Mondays.. Back to work after 3 days off (5 if you count the weekend) ah it sucks but must be done! Hope you all had great weekends 🙂

Today I decided to revisit a design that I have posted in the past but it was back when I used my iPad to take photos of my nails and the quality was less than average.

I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cerise which is a very rich hot pink colour. I have had very good experiences with this line of polishes by Sally Hansen and I have to say that this one does not disappoint. The brush is great – slightly curved and very full of good bristles. I have issues with flooding my cuticles and I find it is minimised with this polish brush. The formula is great as well – a solid two coater with no streaks.

I then used Étude house in powerful peach and a dotting tool to create the larger leopard spots. I have no particular shape or method when I do leopard print – it’s really just touch and go. Using a black striper I outlined the pink spots and created plain black spots too. I tried the look with both glossy and matte top coats and decided on the matte in the end. I just really love the matte texture it makes it so much more interesting!




OPI Birthday Cake


Well I am back from my holiday – which was very relaxing! It was nice to get away from the busyness of the city and just go at my own pace for a few days. My mind and body definitely got a well deserved break!

Tonight I celebrated my birthday with my friends with a pot luck dinner. I love pot luck dinners because you get to have so many amazing dishes but you only have to cook/ contribute one thing. I wanted to share a photo of my birthday cake which my boyfriend made for me, modelled on a bottle of OPI nail polish! I joked that it looks like it could be Big Apple Red which I don’t have so he should probably buy me a bottle to match my cake. Haha, wishful thinking!! I think it’s pretty good for a rush job considering we just got back from holiday last night and then went out to a party as soon as we got back to Wellington too!



Swatch: OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible


So I finally got around to swatching a liquid sand polish from the Mariah Carey collection, The Impossible, which is a bright pink matte glitter. I got this as part of my large haul from the make up sale in Wellington a few weeks ago.

This is two coats of the polish. The coverage is pretty good and the effect is nice enough. I feel weird not putting top coat on though!

Any who, this is my last post until Sunday as I am going away on a fishing/ relaxation trip for a few days for my birthday!




Dark skittle style nails


I’m trying to get out a few blog posts now before I go away on Wednesday (my birthday!) for the rest of the week.

Continuing on with the dark nails today. I think because the weather is getting colder I’m using darker colours as a blanket. I’m sure I will get sick of it and divert back to cute and bright colours soon.

I used different colours on each nail. I just realised I used mostly OPI polishes! I used My Vampire Is Buff, Eurso Euro, Live And Let Die, a white striper and BYS Starlette. I was inspired by a video on YouTube by XoJahtna where she had a cool nail design on her nails in her Henna Tattoo video. I tried winging it and I’m not too disappointed with the result! I think I need to work on the cross a bit because it’s a bit off centre.



Swatch: OPI When Monkeys Fly


Just a simple swatch for you tonight. Lazy Sunday manicures and all that! At 3am daylight savings kicked in – one one where you turn your clocks back one hour. For some reason I thought it was Sunday night that you were meant to turn the clocks back so this morning I was really confused about the time. My phone automatically adjusted but when I wake up I use my flip clock instead of my phone. I didn’t know whether I should keep sleeping or not so naturally.. I watched the Simpsons in bed!

Also, I cut my nails down very short today. A bit sad, I know, but every now and then I like to/ need to cut them short because they start splitting really badly and there’s just no salvaging them. I’m still on the lookout for a really good treatment that’s not too pricey! If anyone can recommend anything I’m open to suggestion. I currently use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails and I don’t think it’s working the way I need/want it to.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The cold wintery type weather has started to kick in here already.. You know when it’s so cold you need to really force yourself to get out of bed! I had a good weekend. Today I did quite a bit of unplanned shopping.. Oops.

Anyway, I finally decided I should properly swatch OPI’s When Monkeys Fly. It is one of the polishes that my boyfriend got for me from the make up sale a wee while ago. I gave him a list of polishes that I would prefer and this one wasn’t on it but he figured because it was from a new collection that I would want it. I’ve tried it out before but I only tried it on one nail. I read a lot of bad reviews on this polish due to the “taco shell” type large gold glitters. I found that the formula itself caused the glitter to sink to the bottom very quickly. Is it just mine or are all of them like this? It looks like a cloudy pearl white at the top?

I layered it over OPI Eurso Euro. I think it looks good over a dark colour. I found a lot of trouble with the application of When Monkeys Fly.. Even the small glitter was reluctant to go on my nail! The base formula is just so.. Gluggy! In the end I had to scoop out the large glitters and use a dotting tool to pick them up and put them on my nails. At least this way I had control over the chunky glitter being curved side down. I’m not sure whether OPI intended for the glitter to be curved this way (if I do some research then maybe I would know) but I think it’s a definite fail on their part. All in all.. I might actually get rid of this polish on Trade Me.

Have you tried When Monkeys Fly? How did you find the formula and application? I’m interested to know!! Sorry for the word heavy post! Some days I just have a lot to say?? Hehehe..