My Holy Grail: Liquid Liner

Oh, hi there!  
I am so excited to write this product up! I don’t get very excited about products when I actually use them very often. Sure, I get excited at the thought of them or the packaging or the promises that advertising makes but I normally end up being underwhelmed when the product arrives in my hot little hands. But this.. This has ranked into my list of holy grail products. Trust that I would get addicted to a $40 eyeliner.. Quite the contrast to my previous eyeliner love, the Make Up Revolution waterproof liquid liner (which I think retails on their site for £1.50?)

So! Eye of Horus, Liquid Define Liner. You beauty. So good! It’s a pen design so the product just flows as you use it. Normally this means a dried out tip, dragging across the lid or worse – a frayed tip. I’ve been using this baby for about a month and YO I wear winged liner EVERYDAY. This thing still looks brand new. It still flows like a dream. The product comes out so deep, dark black and is nicely opaque. It’s not a matte finish which I know is all the rage these days but hey, that black is so deep and dark that I don’t even care. The pen design also makes that sharp winged look so easy to achieve. 

The day I got it, I swatched it on my hand and would’ve washed my hands half a dozen times at least. The next morning I woke up and it was still perfectly in tact in swatch form on my hand. Amaze! That being said, it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to come off, just some eye make up remover seems to do the trick or even a make up remover wipe (I am partial to the Say Yes to Cucumbers wipes, they smell so good).

You can get this off the Eye of Horus site here or a list of stockists can be found here. 

What’s your holy grail product at the moment? 

Love and glitter!