Angry Birds Nail Art


I recently received a request for angry birds nails. I have never really played angry birds so I’m not sure what this is all about but I have seen a tutorial for easy angry birds nail art by CutePolish on YouTube before so I gave that a go!

I only did one accent nail and started off with a couple of coats of OPI Samoan Sand. I then used a red called The Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (also by OPI) to create a circle on my tip then a wee half moon of white for the belly. Then a little dotting tool to create the little tufts if feathers on the top and a larger dotting tool for the eyes and a toothpick for the beak. All in all this was very easy! I must admit I took it off the same day – but mostly because I wanted to try out some of my new polishes. Hehe..




Pink Heart Tips


Today I have a very pretty manicure to share with you! It is inspired by this YouTube tutorial by HelloMaphie which in turn was inspired by a cover of Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Kelly Osbourne on the cover.

In the video she just used a base coat and no base colour but I’m not a big fan of my natural nails so I used two coats of OPI I Theodora You. I then used OPI I’m All Ears to create the heart shape at the tip and outlined this with a black striper. I used a silver glitter by Shisem (which BTW smells really strong) over the pink and finished off with white polka dots.

Isn’t it just so cute and pretty! I love pretty nails.. I’m getting increasingly girlier with age.. Hmm.



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Neutral Tribal/ Aztec Print Nails


I have tried out this type of design in the past but with more than one colour. I wanted to use Samoan Sand by OPI which I picked up from a sale recently for a good price. I’ve started getting into my neutral colours recently so this makes a good addition to my collection.

I used three coats of Samoan Sand for opacity and then used a black striper to freehand the designs. I really just made it up as I went along and there are some designs that I prefer over others. I think this type of manicure looks better with all the nails done differently rather than all of them the same – that way you get to experiment more. All in all I’m quite happy with how this turned out!

I hope you all had great weekends! The weather was truly horrid on Saturday so I stayed in and watched several episodes of one of my favourite TV shows: Frasier.

P.S: I use my iPhone to blog and take photos and I use an app to put the watermark on my photos. I just started using one called Piclab and the watermark for that automatically goes on the photo so that’s why it shows in the corner if you were wondering.



OPI Liquid Sand Vesper Swatch


Well there was another one of those clearance cosmetic sales in Wellington this week.. Yeeeaahhhhh… My wallet is a bit light now. I got some really good staples like OPI Samoan Sand though! All together I picked up 6 full size polishes and a set of four minis from the Kardashian line by Nicole by OPI. By far not as much damage as last time (which was 12 full size polishes..)

Originally I was wanting to get new liquid sand polishes from the Bond Girls collection in Solitaire and Tiffany Case but they sold out. Ah boo! I did however manage to pick up the colour Vesper, in the bottle it looks brown and in swatches online it looks black. After one coat it looks purple and then after two it turns into that almost black colour.

At first I didn’t like it and immediately thought of destashing it but once it fully dried it grew on me. I hardly wear plain manicures but I think this would look good as a base with a gloss French tip? I tried it out with top coat and I think it looks a lot better as sand texture.




OPI Minnie Style Swatch


I’m always a bit behind when it comes to new collections and stuff but as soon as I saw the new OPI Couture De Minnie collection I knew I had to have this polish. Minnie Style is a very OPI style glitter with large hex glitters in an almost red pink, hot pink and white. I noticed that my bottle had a few square white glitter bits too but when I was swatching I didn’t really get any of them and when I did I decided to pick them out because it wasn’t cohesive enough across all my nails. A bit of a pain but nothing too major.

I swatched Minnie Style over OPI Mod About You and the result is pretty great. I’ve seen a lot of photos of this polish swatched over a similar pink from the collection called Chic From Ears To Tail so I wanted to use a similar colour. As with most chunky glitter polishes this was a B to take off! I have The Living Daylights which is the same style glitter which I absolutely adore but because it is such a pain to take off I hardly ever wear it.

Well, stay pretty my dears! The weather here has taken a turn for the worst – we are talking full out storms and in some parts of the country, tornados! If you’re from NZ stay warm and safe.

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Pink and Black Polka Dot


I recently got the Vintage Minnie Minis by OPI which I have been wanting for a while. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of pretty pinks and reds! I wanted to try it out and went with a simple polka dot look with an accent nail. Yes, I know this collection is pretty old but hey.. Polish is polish, right?!

I used I’m All Ears as the main base colour and then did a black polka dot on top and just painted a plain pink for the accent nail with If You Moust, You Moust. I usually don’t like shimmer polishes but I do like I’m All Ears – it’s so playful and cute!

Well I hope every one is having a good week so far! The weather here has been so horrible and the forecast predicts that it’s supposed to rain all week – oh boo!

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Peacock Feather Nail Art


I took a cue from this YouTube video by JessicaLee422 for this manicure. I absolutely love this manicure and it definitely got me some comments while I was out when wearing it. For this mani I used the following polishes:

Sinful Colors show me the way
Ciate ladylike luxe
OPI purple with a purpose
Butter London blagger

Along with a black striper for the main feather outline. It’s definitely not as good as the one in the video but hey I think it might have turned out better if I had a nail art pen rather than a striper and I’m still happy with it!

Well, I don’t have much else to say along with this except hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Neon coral with leopard print manicure


Rawr! Leopard print anybody? Yes please! It’s been a while since I have rocked leopard print on my nails and today I wore my leopard print jeans to work (hey, it’s casual Friday y’all!) so I found the inspiration quite easily.

I used Butter London Trout Pout as a base colour then used Butter London Lady Muck as the spot colours and used a black striper to outline the spots. I decided to go with a slanted look instead of putting the leopard print over the whole nail and I quite like it!

Well, TGIF and all that jazz my dears! Have a good weekend!

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Swatch: Butter London Dahling


A while back I managed to score some Butter London polishes for a really good price. They were originally $30.95 each then went down to $20.00 then further reduced to $15.00 then another 30% off. Score!

This is one of the colours that I managed to pick up called Dahling, which is a dusky rose type colour. On the nail I feel like maybe it’s more brown than pink, I’m not the biggest fan. I decided to do an accent nail in black and white stripes just to keep it interesting.

Well happy Friday eve everyone!



Reverse French Mani: Navy and Gold


Long time no blog! I feel like time just slipped away from me a bit (too busy fighting off colds left, right and centre).

Just a simple manicure today but my first attempt at a reverse French manicure. I chose gold and navy and used Ciate Ladylike Luxe then went over with OPI Eurso Euro, which is one of my favourite polishes. Please excuse my messy nail beds, as per usual time getting away from me again.

In other news: I did an official count of my polish and it’s currently at 206! I really need to update the list on the blog though.. That’s a weekend job! Happy Monday everyone 🙂