A review: my first salt pod experience 

Hi friends 

This post is a little different to my usual content. Meaning, it’s not about make up at all. It’s all about my salt pod float experience! 

I got a gift voucher for a 90 minute float and 45 minute massage from Salt Pod for Christmas, so I booked in for as soon as I could and went along on Tuesday last week. 

I thought I would take the time to share my experience because it’s such a popular thing to do at the moment, even in Wellington there are three or more places that offer floating. I also took some quick notes after my float to send to a friend who is considering getting one – so the basis for a blog post was pretty much already done! 

Salt Pod was the first floating clinic to open in Wellington, it’s located upstairs on the upper end of the shops on Tinakori Road – closer to the botanical gardens end. 

My massage was first, I didn’t get to choosethe order, but given that there’s one therapist for the whole place, it depends on when they need to be able to assist people into their pods and start their sessions. I’m guessing mine was timed to fit in around other clients. 

The therapist asked me if I had any places of tension, as always my shoulders are the trouble spot. I feel like I am an incredibly tense person, my personal trainer says I hold and have a tendency to hunch my shoulders when I’m training so I am working on fixing that pronto! 

The therapist was amazing, none of this whispy barely there massage that I’ve experienced in the past. This was right on point, hitting all my knots and tension spots with a little bit of trigger point action and a little bit of relaxation thrown in for good measure. 

After my massage, I put on some slippers and an instagram-worthy waffle robe and my  therapist showed me to the pod room and ran me through the whole process. 

First you need to shower and make sure you get everything off – especially make up, otherwise any left over product will create a film on the top of the water. After you shower, music will play and this let’s you know you’ve got ten minutes of music to settle into the pod and start relaxation time. 

The room was quite big with the pod taking up most of the floor space, a pool noodle and a head/neck ring if you need to take in the tank with you to support your head, various Sukin products (shampoo, conditioner, face cleanse, hand wash, body lotion), Vaseline for cuts (they’ll sting if you have any), hair dryer, face cloth and bath towel. The toilet is right across the hall. 

Things I discovered doing a salt pod float: 

– you might feel nauseous, especially if you’re the kind of person that gets easily motion sick (which I am!) 

– Don’t get in the tank before the music starts playing because the jet will still be going and you’ll get pushed around like a piece of seaweed in the tide (I might have done this..) 

– It feels like you’re laying in jelly but also like you’re laying in concrete. Sometimes I felt like I was laying on the floor but without pressure on any points of my body (if that makes sense) 

– You will find the fact you’re f*ckin floating very weird and think about it multiple times, if not the whole time..

– You might tend to doze in and out of consciousness 

– When you come out of a bit of a snooze it’s because you get the dream fall feeling 

– Or it’s because you snored a little loud and it woke you up.. (happened to me, hahaha)

– Sometimes air bubbles escape your ear and it feels weird and then when it travels down and the air bubble pops on your foot, it feels weirder 

– Time goes super fast but slow at the same time 

– You’ll think about normal stuff but not remember what it was or what you decided on for dinner/ decisions/ outfits for upcoming events / epiphanies 

– You should remember bring antiperspirant for afterwards

– Bring the floating neck ring or pool noodle in with you, easier to get rid of it if you don’t use it than to grab it if you do 

– You might not get claustrophobic but shortness of breath happened for me when the tank was closed. The tank is actually quite spacious. 

– I couldn’t help but think of Lady Gaga being carried into those awards in that pod thing 

– Holding the tank open for a couple of seconds to let in some cool air actually doesn’t distract too much from the whole experience and stops you from getting out completely and just giving up on the idea of floating. The tank gets very warm!

– Wash your ears out REAL good afterward if you don’t use the earplugs. Mine were SALTY, as in filled with salt! 

– Drink heaps of water before and after.  

– Wear something that easily slips on. You know that tugging on jeans struggle when you’ve just showered? Ten times worse after pod.  

– You feel quite good afterwards but also.. 

– You will be pretty out of it afterwards. Don’t drive home, arrange a ride home or go for a wee stroll to get some fresh air before coming to your senses 

Well, I hope my ramblings were helpful! My overall consensus? Not something I would buy for myself again, but if I got it as a gift I would still do it! 

Have you done a float? Would you want to do one? 

Love and glitter 



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