Pre Spring Challenge Day 11: beach


Well today has been an eventful day! I was lucky enough to see the Sevens parade today on my lunch break (I got a free whistle!) and I saw all the teams 🙂 beautiful day again I hope this weather sticks around all summer (touch wood)..

I was worried I wouldn’t have time to do my nails today because I have to go to dinner with friends tonight but it is not until 7 so I had yonks of time to get this together!

Today’s theme is beach.. I thought of doing either a shoreline or beach balls but I love nautical anything! Red, white and blue! I’ve done nautical nails before but I like these much better. I used Zoya Sooki, china glaze shower together and white, red, gold glitter stripers.

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Pre Spring Challenge Day 10: ice cream


I love challenges! They make time go so quickly, it’s already the 30th! The weather here is crazy hot though.. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever needed to use a fan in my own home!

Any who, I created this look for today’s theme of ice cream with inspiration from this design. I started out with two coats of Himalayan Blue by Sally Hansen and used a blue striper to create pin stripes. I then used a white polish to create the ice cream and topped it off with a cherry. It went a bit streaky when I put top coat on 😦 dang it!



Pre Spring Challenge day 9: Rainbow


So you would think that rainbow theme is easy to pull off right? Then how did I manage to semi mess it up?! I’m not crazy about this mani, I don’t hate it but.. Meehhhh..

I decided to make my own nail stickers and just went nuts with a whole bunch if colours and let it dry overnight on a plastic bag and peeled it off and stuck it on my nail using a white polish as ‘glue’. I think it ended up looking like water marble. I also just did a plain mani with different colours for each nail. I used:

Sinful Colors Unicorn, Be Happy, thimbleberry, lets talk and Starfish.




Pre Spring Challenge day 8: Jewellery


Here we are at day 8! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I know I did.. It was sunny and Wellington didn’t have lots of wind for once so it was possible to go out and enjoy the sun. I hate to say though, I got sunburnt for the first time ever in my life! I put sunscreen on I swear! I fell asleep in the sun though.. The beach was just so nice.. My back is really sensitive now 😦 ah well live and learn.. Aloe Vera, here I come. I’m still excited for the weekend coming though. It’s Rugby Sevens weekend (a seven aside international rugby tournament in Wellington which is like a huuuuge dress up/ costume party).

Today’s theme is jewellery. I started off my accent nail and used three coats of OPI Man With The Golden Gun. It is so pretty on! I’m not a huge fan of gold polishes in any case. I then used small red rhinestones and stuck them on after I applied top coat. All my other nails are two coats of my fave red Sooki by Zoya. I also tried using a gold striper to create a chain-like outline and used more yellow and red gems but I prefer just the plain red nails with the one accent nails.

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Social Media Update


Just a quick update in regards to social media.. I’ve created a Facebook page for 9 to 5 nails! If you want to ‘like’ it the link is here

I also have other forms of social media if you’re interested:
Twitter: @kallianakong
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Also, leave a comment with your social media things, I’d love to follow/ pin/ like your things too!!

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Pre-Spring Challenge day 7: pastel (taped mani)


So a taped mani you say? Damn.. I really suck at tape manicures! I used my sinful Colors Verbena polish for the base colour and attempted to stripe with sinful Colors Unicorn. I need to get proper striping tape instead of using normal Sellotape. Sigh, two fails in a row I don’t think my heart can take anymore!



Pre-Spring Challenge Day 6: Sun


So today’s theme is Sun, fun fact: Sun is my real first name. True story!

Any who, so for today’s mani I started off with two coats of Revlon Mad About Mango and with Ciate Big Yellow Taxi, used the brush to create a roundish blob near the tip of the nail. I then used Timbleberry by Sinful Colors and sponged it onto the middle of the nail then sponged yellow over that again. For the finishing touch I added a black tip to look like a sunset!

I was inspired by this African sunset design. I think it looks below par.. Naughty Kalliana, you can do better!!


Pre-Spring Challenge day 5: sky


Oh what an ordeal today’s mani was! I was smart and prepared this earlier (yesterday) because I knew that I was having people over for dinner tonight. I took a photo (yes. Just one) of the mani then at work today in an act of random stupidness.. I deleted said photo!! I was rocking my tulip nails today.. It was gone. Zip. Nada.

Luckily I had guests over tonight that wanted me to do their nails so it wasn’t rude to pull out the polish and recreate this look. I used the cloud method for this mani and used Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue and my Rubi Going To The Chapel.



Pre-Spring Challenge Day 4: Flowers


Let’s go day 4! The theme is flowers for today. I remembered seeing a YouTube video by Cute Polish for tulip nail art.

The design itself is easy to do, it’s literally three swipes of polish then some simple striper work. I definitely will be wearing this design again! It’s so simple but striking too.

I used two of the Sinful Colors polish that polish that I purchased over the weekend (of the 3 Sinful Colors polishes that I got) called Timbleberry and Verbena. Timbleberry is a cream coral that has great coverage – I only used one (albeit thick) coat for the tulip petals. Verbena is a nice dusky purple which took two coats. It reminds me of OPI Planks A-Lot. I didn’t use a base colour, just a base coat so what you see there is my natural nail really.. Very rare!

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My First OPI Liquid Sand!


Yay! It finally arrived! I purchased a bottle of the liquid sand from the new OPI Mariah Carey collection in Can’t Let Go. For some reason I thought I got the blue one but it’s purple. Brain fart! Hahaha! Oh well.

I used two coats of this baby on my nails. Dry time was actually very quick and the matte finish is actually really pretty. Do you reckon they just used matte polish and shoved some glitter in it? Would it be the same if you used a matte top coat over glitter? I shall buy a matte top coat and see.. Or, in the words of Barney Stinson, challenge accepted!

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