Galaxy Nails: Take Two!


I hope everybody is having a great Easter break! I haven’t done any Easter nail designs yet so I am going to try my best to do something tonight or tomorrow (since in New Zealand the Monday after Easter Sunday is a public holiday, I’m not sure about other countries?)

The last time I did a galaxy nail design was for a challenge and I failed miserably at it! Galaxy print is really in at the moment in fashion – it’s absolutely EVERYWHERE! So I decided to try it again and I really took my time this time. I referred to pretty much all the pictures of galaxy nail art I could find on google images to get my head around the colour blends and detailing.

I started off with a plain dark blue base (OPI Eurso Euro) and sponged on a dark shimmery purple. Then I sponged on a more medium and light blue and in other clusters a pinky red colour. Then I did the white highlights inside the blue and dotted some ‘stars’ on and topped it all off with a silver glitter polish. I think it turned out great! I’ve had this on for a few days and even wore it to a wedding because I didn’t want to take it off..! Love it!!




Swatch: OPI Eurso Euro


I finally got around to taking off the Suzi’s Hungary Again (even though I just love it so much) and I decided to swatch Eurso Euro from the Euro Centrale collection by OPI.

I’m not normally a big fan of blues or darker colours really so I’m not sure what possessed my boyfriend to buy this polish for me? He must’ve known it would look aaaamaazing??

I really like this colour it’s not too dark and to me it almost looks purple sometimes. It’s a definite two coater but the formula is really great. I hope it doesn’t stain my nails! I used a base coat but I have the worst luck with staining.

Also, it’s day three of using the new top coat that I got and I am really liking it A LOT! So I guess I will have to do a post about it sometime soon..! I think you’ll be surprised because it isn’t a Seche or OPI or orly etc..



Black and pink French tips


Just a quick simple manicure to share with you today. I’m actually obsessed with OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again at the moment. It’s just such a pretty pink! Plus you know I love my pinks..

I just went with a simple black French tip over the Suzi’s Hungary Again and I have to say that I’m a big fan of it. I never use tape or guides when I do a French tip I always freehand it. I’m also really liking the new nail shape I’ve adopted. I think square is growing on me?



Black and pink dots and drips


Hope you are all having great weekends! This weekend consisted of Les Miserables and suit shopping. It was a great weekend all around really. Also I got a new top coat! Yay! Maybe I’ll do a post about it once I see how it goes.

Now, enough with the chit chat and on to the thing we are all here for, my manicure! I’m a big pink and black fan. I’m a bigger pink and white fan but today’s lazy Sunday manicure is pink and black so I’ll just have to deal with it!

I still had my Suzi’s Hungary Again mani on so I just used it as a base and played around with some designs. I always want to try the paint drip look but I couldn’t really pull it off that well today. Sigh. I tried the look with a matte top coat and shiny top coat. Which do you like better?? I think I lean ever so slightly to the matte finish..!



Swatch: OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again


Just a quiet Saturday night in for me I’m afraid. Well, actually it’s refreshingly relaxing. That’s what weekends are actually for, am I right?! As much as I like going out and socialising (as we call it these days) I love just blobbing at home and catching up on the blogs etcetera.

Anyhow, as you may know, I purchased quite a few OPI polishes from the Euro Centrale collection recently. I decided to swatch Suzi’s Hungary Again which is a pretty medium pink with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. In the bottle you can see the shimmer but on the nail (and might I add, in photos of the bottle) you can’t really see it that much. I really like this pink! It’s perfect for spring.

The formula is great and pretty much what you would expect. Two coats and top coat is what you see here. Speaking of which I really need a new top coat! I’m hoping to get my hands on some Seche Vite one of these days. Also, can you tell that I tried squaring off my nail tips? I’m not sure on this shape yet.. I’ve always been such a fan of a really rounded tip!



Swatches: I Theodora You and Lights of Emerald City


I couldn’t help myself and removed my skeleton mani to swatch some of my new polishes from my haul yesterday. I tried out two of the polishes I got from the Great and Powerful Oz collection.

I used three coats of I Theodora You which is a very girlie, pretty, pale pink. It’s opaque in three coats but I actually would go for four just for peace of mind if I was wearing it on its own. I really like this polish and I’m glad I got it! It seems ideal for jelly sandwiches but also has great build ability.

Over the top I used Lights of Emerald City. When I heard there was going to be a wizard of Oz type collection I was really expecting greens, reds, yellows.. Like most people were really!! But after seeing the trailer and sneak peeks for this movie I understand where the collection was going. I love how cute and romantic this polish is and it’s the first polish I have that has square glitter, so I was very excited about that. I did have to do some dabbing for the square pieces but that’s to be expected.

Well, that’s all for today! Just a quick swatcharoonie share before I have a wee nap then go to hot yoga – which BTW is the best method of exercise!

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Big OPI Haul!!


Just a haul for you guys today. To anyone who follows this blog from Wellington, NZ.. Get your butt down to the massive make up sale on Victoria Street. It started today and is on until Sunday 24 March. They have some of the colours from the Euro Centrale Collection and from Oz The Great and Powerful Collection. It started at 9 am today and I wanted to make sure that I got first pick.. Naturally I asked my boyfriend to get up early and go to the sale in my place. I armed him with a list and he picked out some great colours!!

OPI.. Eurso Euro
Suzi’s Hungary Again!
My Vampire Is Buff
When Monkeys Fly
I Theodora You
Lights of Emerald City
Planks A Lot
The Impossible

Great haul right! The Oz collection polishes were $12.00 each and all the others were $10.00. Not bad considering all but one are from really recent collections AND regular retail price is around $26.90 EACH. They had other brands there like Sally Hansen and Revlon for cheap too but I think I might be at my limit for new polishes.. It is my birthday soon so I will be heavily hinting to all my loved ones! Hopefully I will be able to swatch these really soon.

Days like these.. I love my life! Have a great day everyone 🙂




Skeleton nail art


Hope you are all having wonderful Mondays!

Someone pinned this to my Facebook page a while back and I thought that I would try it out tonight since I had a free night.

I found the original blog post on Bela Lugosi’s . I like this nail look but it’s not something that I would wear or choose myself.

I hope you all like it! I think it would work a lot better on square tipped nails rather than round. Also, my apologies for the tips.. I was rushing!

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Pretty doily nails


I hope you’ve all had a great week and an even better weekend. I am beat! Cannot wait to go to bed super early tonight..!

I was inspired by a mani that I saw on Instagram/Facebook by made_by_mira. I almost gasped when I saw it, I just thought it was freakin adorable.

I re-used my plain You’re Such A Budapest manicure and created the corner cloud-type tips on alternating nails and painting the little flowers. I think it looks great and I got a lot of compliments about it too.

Anyhow, have a lovely Sunday and I will aim for at least two posts per week as opposed to three (plus, check out my blog name on the photos! Woo!)



OPI Euro Centrale: You’re Such A Budapest


Just a little post and update today. So, this arrived in the mail today! The polish that I’ve been coveting the most from the new Euro Centrale collection, You’re Such A Budapest. It’s such a pretty light purple I just fell in love with it when I first saw it online. I almost didn’t get it because my work mate got the minis and the colour didn’t look at great on her but I’m glad I did because it looks awesome! I’ve always really wanted Planks A Lot from the Pirates Of The Caribbean collection but now that I have this I don’t think I need it.

Any who, on to a quick little update.. I might not be posting as often over the next week or two as I have committed myself to something.. But, I will try as hard as I can to post some nail art soon.