To KWEEN or not to KWEEN? 

Hi lovelies! 

Just one lippie in this post for you today. Coming up will be four MAC lipsticks so I thought it might be best to keep this one light.. 

If you follow Colour Pop on social media or are signed up to their emails, you would have seen that at the end of last year they had heaps of sales and deals to get everyone to spend truck loads of money. I was a sucker and and got four of these metallic lipsticks for free – after spending like fifty bucks first… I see now that I was tricked. 

I wore KWEEN a little while ago, it was my #18 lipstick for the project, and I got a few comments (positive) about it through the morning. I’m still not entirely sure about the whole metallic look but then again I wasn’t sure about lipstick until about 3-4 years ago and then after that I wasn’t sure about matte so tastes and preferences can change! 

What do you think of metallic lips? 

Love and glitter 



A review: my first salt pod experience 

Hi friends 

This post is a little different to my usual content. Meaning, it’s not about make up at all. It’s all about my salt pod float experience! 

I got a gift voucher for a 90 minute float and 45 minute massage from Salt Pod for Christmas, so I booked in for as soon as I could and went along on Tuesday last week. 

I thought I would take the time to share my experience because it’s such a popular thing to do at the moment, even in Wellington there are three or more places that offer floating. I also took some quick notes after my float to send to a friend who is considering getting one – so the basis for a blog post was pretty much already done! 

Salt Pod was the first floating clinic to open in Wellington, it’s located upstairs on the upper end of the shops on Tinakori Road – closer to the botanical gardens end. 

My massage was first, I didn’t get to choosethe order, but given that there’s one therapist for the whole place, it depends on when they need to be able to assist people into their pods and start their sessions. I’m guessing mine was timed to fit in around other clients. 

The therapist asked me if I had any places of tension, as always my shoulders are the trouble spot. I feel like I am an incredibly tense person, my personal trainer says I hold and have a tendency to hunch my shoulders when I’m training so I am working on fixing that pronto! 

The therapist was amazing, none of this whispy barely there massage that I’ve experienced in the past. This was right on point, hitting all my knots and tension spots with a little bit of trigger point action and a little bit of relaxation thrown in for good measure. 

After my massage, I put on some slippers and an instagram-worthy waffle robe and my  therapist showed me to the pod room and ran me through the whole process. 

First you need to shower and make sure you get everything off – especially make up, otherwise any left over product will create a film on the top of the water. After you shower, music will play and this let’s you know you’ve got ten minutes of music to settle into the pod and start relaxation time. 

The room was quite big with the pod taking up most of the floor space, a pool noodle and a head/neck ring if you need to take in the tank with you to support your head, various Sukin products (shampoo, conditioner, face cleanse, hand wash, body lotion), Vaseline for cuts (they’ll sting if you have any), hair dryer, face cloth and bath towel. The toilet is right across the hall. 

Things I discovered doing a salt pod float: 

– you might feel nauseous, especially if you’re the kind of person that gets easily motion sick (which I am!) 

– Don’t get in the tank before the music starts playing because the jet will still be going and you’ll get pushed around like a piece of seaweed in the tide (I might have done this..) 

– It feels like you’re laying in jelly but also like you’re laying in concrete. Sometimes I felt like I was laying on the floor but without pressure on any points of my body (if that makes sense) 

– You will find the fact you’re f*ckin floating very weird and think about it multiple times, if not the whole time..

– You might tend to doze in and out of consciousness 

– When you come out of a bit of a snooze it’s because you get the dream fall feeling 

– Or it’s because you snored a little loud and it woke you up.. (happened to me, hahaha)

– Sometimes air bubbles escape your ear and it feels weird and then when it travels down and the air bubble pops on your foot, it feels weirder 

– Time goes super fast but slow at the same time 

– You’ll think about normal stuff but not remember what it was or what you decided on for dinner/ decisions/ outfits for upcoming events / epiphanies 

– You should remember bring antiperspirant for afterwards

– Bring the floating neck ring or pool noodle in with you, easier to get rid of it if you don’t use it than to grab it if you do 

– You might not get claustrophobic but shortness of breath happened for me when the tank was closed. The tank is actually quite spacious. 

– I couldn’t help but think of Lady Gaga being carried into those awards in that pod thing 

– Holding the tank open for a couple of seconds to let in some cool air actually doesn’t distract too much from the whole experience and stops you from getting out completely and just giving up on the idea of floating. The tank gets very warm!

– Wash your ears out REAL good afterward if you don’t use the earplugs. Mine were SALTY, as in filled with salt! 

– Drink heaps of water before and after.  

– Wear something that easily slips on. You know that tugging on jeans struggle when you’ve just showered? Ten times worse after pod.  

– You feel quite good afterwards but also.. 

– You will be pretty out of it afterwards. Don’t drive home, arrange a ride home or go for a wee stroll to get some fresh air before coming to your senses 

Well, I hope my ramblings were helpful! My overall consensus? Not something I would buy for myself again, but if I got it as a gift I would still do it! 

Have you done a float? Would you want to do one? 

Love and glitter 


Lipstick 14 going on 17.. 

Hi lovelies! 

I am well into this project now and have encountered a new problem – how to sort the lipsticks that have been worn for the project. Basically, my dresser is starting to look like a bomb of lipsticks hit it and the unorganisedness of it all is giving me bad vibes. I will fix this very soon! 

Lipstick number 14 is hardly a lipstick on me. It’s a Clinique Chubby Stick in the colour Fuller Fig. 

Well, in person it did seem to have quite a good brown tint but it didn’t photograph quite the same way! 

Next up, number 15, which is actually my number one preferred lipstick out of every lipstick I own. 

Yup! It’s Jeffree Star in the shade Androgyny. I love this one soooo much! I was wondering how long it would take until I caved and used it. In my defence, I had to go to a 30th for one of my partners friends and I just didn’t want to take any chances in terms of serving up face! 


Although, I didn’t manage to get a good photo before we went out and for whatever reason we took absolutely no photos at the event! Probably because I was too busy at the open bar.. in any case, I have subjected you all to another photo of me and my partner. He’ll never read this, but if he does he’ll hate that there’s a picture of him there. He’s terribly shy.. 

The 16th lippy on my journey is Pink Me Up by Maybelline. I’ve had this for ages, it’s probably one of the first lipsticks I bought when I got into make up. 

I’m not a huge fan of this anymore, like.. it looks okay. But I reckon that I’ve probably got better pale pink lipsticks in my stash. Maybe if I come across one, I’ll chuck this one out! It’s in the maybe pile for now. 

The last lipstick for this post, is a Chanel lipstick in a red colour. Sorry the name of the shade alludes me right now and I don’t have th tube handy! 

It’s one of three Chanel lipsticks I own and I must admit, they look damn good sitting on my dresser. 

This one looks nice in the tube, swatches on the hand nicely but I’m not convinced about it on the lips! 

Is it bad to hold onto something because of the luxe and weighty packaging that feels so good in your hands? I’m not sure I want to know the answer! 

Love and glitter 



Four more lipsticks! 

Hi lovelies, 

I’ve got the next four lipsticks to share as part of my 2017 Lipstick Project. It’s dawned on me that the more I push back the lipsticks I know I won’t like – the more of them I’ll be stuck with at the end of this thing. 

We’re in the double digits now, with number ten being this Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Jinx. 

I find it looks super dark and has washed me out in this photo. Apologies, I’ve included a better picture from a previous time.. where it and I looked much better. 

I was gifted this lippy from a really good friend, who is also a lipstick addict. We went on a bit of a swap and she thought this shade would suit me – I think she wasn’t wrong (hi Jess!) Definitely one to keep! As with all Velvetines, it wears well almost all day, oily foods should be avoided to make sure you don’t become a hot mess. 

The next lipstick up on the rank is number 11, Sleek Mystic. This is one of my favourites and I absolutely thrashed it when I first got it, then this whole Nude lip trend came around and no one seems to be looking back. I’m a bit hesitant to wear this often because the lid has broken, so it’s hard to carry around with me without worrying constantly that it’s staining the inside of my handbag. In any case – I wore it this week and was reminded of how nice the Sleek Matte Lipstick formula is. 

Next up is a nude. Ha! I actually don’t have many nude lipsticks, because they’re harder for me to find. I bought this Colour Lock lipstick in the shade Devotion in a Boxing Day sale from the BH Cosmetics website and I am so impressed! The formula is so comfy, it didn’t budge all day and the tube makes this really satisfying clicking noise when you wind it up and down. A win from impulse sale shopping here! 

The last lipstick for this run of lippies is another new one that I impulsively bought because it has Hello Kitty packaging.. yep, I’m talking about the Colourpop collection! I made the excuse that I was buying presents for my friends for Christmas (Hi Jess! Hi Dee!) from colourpop to make an order and included a couple of extra goodies for me.. and this was one of them.

 I wasn’t super excited to try this. I just thought to myself when I opened it “why did you get this Kalli? It’s another pink. Another one!” But woah! I friggin love it. I forgot how good the lippie stix formula can be. It dragged a little on application but wore so nicely all day. 

This photo is from all day wear with moderate amounts of eating and drinking coffee and water. Love, love, love! 

Which is your fave out of the four? 

Love and glitter


Two lippies in one day 

Hey lovelies! 

Onwards an upwards with the 2017 lipstick project! I think I’ll stick to this posting more than one lipstick per blog post, otherwise I will really be blogging every day about the same thing, which could get a little tiring! 

On the weekend I had my brother in laws birthday BBQ, which meant so much food – many opportunities for eating copious amounts of food. Which meant my lipstick needs were something light, where wear-off isn’t too noticeable. 

Enter lipstick number 8, the Revlon Bitten Balm in Darling Cherie. I forgot how cute this colour is! This is a win for me and reminds me why I’m doing this crazy project in the first place. This was tucked under all my other purple lipstick (yes, I have lots of purple lipstick) even though I think I would class it as pink. Light pink lipstick usually looks pretty bad on me, mostly because my lips are too pigmented for the light colour to shine through, but this one is one for keeps! I love it! 

In the late afternoon, my partner and I went for a quick stroll around the beach (read: Pokémon go.. yes, we still play) so instead of topping up my lippie with the same old, I decided to try another purple which had been winking at me since I started the project and it’s my number 9.

It’s Heroine by MAC, which is probably the purple lipstick that got purple lipstick on the radar of so many women. Could have something to do with Lorde being the face behind it, could be something to do with the fact that it’s a kick-ass colour! And yep, that’s my partner. He’s adorable (that is to say, I adore him) 😍

Have you rocked a purple lip lately? 

Love and glitter 


Highlighter: help needed! 

Hi lovelies,

I’ve another Christmas gift to share with you! I was very lucky at Christmas and got lots of pretty things. I will be surprised if I get as lucky this year! 

My partner went to Mecca Cosmetica on his own accord (no hints from me) and got me this cream highlighter. His logic was that with highlighter, it shouldn’t really matter what your skin tone or colour is – it will probably look good. With that in mind, I swatched it and it comes up brilliantly! 

Putting it on my face over make up however, is a whole other ball game. It’s a little sticky to touch and hard to blend – I’m not sure if it’s because when I’ve used this I’ve been getting ready at the gym – where it’s very hot and humid or if I am just a noob but I feel like it drags or clumps up a little bit. After a few goes at patting it on, I think I got okay coverage. It shows up in the photo mostly on my cupids bow – please excuse the terrible gym lighting 😐

Any tips for using a cream highlighter? Do I need a sponge instead of fingers? Help! 

Love and Glitter 


5, 6, 7.. Not 8. 

Hey team! 

My lipstick challenge is going really well, but given that it’s only the first week – that’s to be expected. 

I have my 5th, 6th and 7th lipsticks to share with y’all today 🙂 

The 5th one was a pinky Nude colour by Dior that I got for my birthday from my bestie a couple of years ago. I wore it for my birthday that year and then never again! I remember that when I got it, it had a strong perfumed smell. Lots of higher end make up has that really strong floral-perfume type smell. I’m glad to say that the smell has worn off over the years so it’s much more pleasant to wear! 

I wore this for my first day back at work for the year, and it did wear off rather quickly. Also, second not matte lipstick! Go me!

The sixth lippy was MAC Russian Red. The first of many MAC to grace my lips this year! I don’t know why I have this colour – it is so not the right red for me. I find it’s a little dull on me? When it comes to red lipstick, I always gravitate towards Red Velvet by Lime Crime – which I’ve actually run out of and refuse to re-purchase.. flaw in plan. 

In any case, Russian Red is meant to be matte but I find it transfers on everything. 

Maybe I’m just trying to find and excuse to chuck this one out, I dunno it’s just not my cup of tea! Or coffee in this case. I actually did gift this to a friend who mentioned it was their fave red and they had run out. Why not? I wasn’t loving it enough, now it has a mama that will use it all the time! 

My 7th lipstick was this Wet N Wild lipstick I picked up on my travels to America last year. The colour is called Spiked with Rum. I’ve worn it once before and went with it the other day because I had to take a new driver license photo, so something a little more neutral and timeless would be preferred. I’ll keep this one, it’s really nice! 

Which is your fave out of the 3?

Love and Glitter 


Scrub for good 

Hi lovelies 

How was your Christmas? Mine was probably one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a long time. The main reason was that my siblings and I spent Christmas all together for the first time in about four years. Even though we all live in the same city, one or more of us are usually off with our partners families but this Christmas we had a big epic one altogether and it was fab! 

One of the gifts I got this year, that took me by surprise, was this body scrub from Cotton On. A bit of a strange place to get body scrub, but one of my best friends works for the company and part of the Cotton On ethos is giving back to the community. They have the Cotton On Foundation which supports people in Southern Uganda, you can read a little more about it in the picture below: 

The pack says that the scent is “Havana Nights” and upon opening it, I was hit with a strong smell of jaffas with a hint of vanilla! If you’re not from New Zealand, jaffas are a type of chocolate that’s orange flavoured. 

I’ve made my own coffee scrub before, which always came out quite liquidy because I never bothered too hard to drain the grounds too much – but this coffee scrub is quite dry which makes it easy to handle from the packet. I was surprised that my skin felt so moisturised and smooth after I used it! It’s rather addictive! Even my partner has sneaked a use of it. 

Have you used coffee scrub before? 

Love and glitter 


Not matte for once!

Hi lovelies 

This lipstick challenge has me blogging on the super regular BUT given that tomorrow I’m back to work for the year, that’s probably going change things. Take that as a pre-warning! 

I’m easing out of holiday mode and back into my regular routine so this morning I had to get ready at the gym. Which is usually fine – except that I forgot setting powder which threw me off. Plus, it’s impossible to take a good photo at the gym, because the lighting is horrendous and there’s always company around so I foresee that as a possible future limitation on my blogging of this project.

Gym lighting – argh terrible!

Home lighting – ahh much better

In any case, I had prepared my make up bag with a couple lipsticks for the day, one was Lime Crime Centrifuschia which is the one I ended up going with. My logic was that I knew it was a creme finish lipstick and I wasn’t spending the day with my partner so the risk of transfer via kissing would be low. 

It seems I forgot about eating. The lipstick wore off after a coffee and some lunch (plus a few beers, okay, you got me there) but the colour is gorgeous, but will I wear this again? Probably not if I can rely on my Lime Crime Pink Velvet which doesn’t transfer. Plus if this is from their 6th anniversary and this is the first time I’ve used it – do I really need it? 

What’s your fave pink lipstick? 

Love and glitter 


Everyday lip Vs Everyday lip

It’s me again! Yup. This blogger. Blogging on the regular. What?! No way. 

I’m just back with a really quick post about my third lipstick for the 2017 lipstick project. I got a little bit of bright / crazy lipstick colour fatigue and needed to retreat back to a more neutral/nude colour. 

I should mention that one of the lipsticks that I wear all the time is Jeffree Star Androgyny. And by all the time, I mean almost every day since I bought the damn thing. On me, it’s basically a nude. So it’s my version of Velvet Teddy by MAC for the Kylie lovers out there. 

I’ve worn this particular lippy before, but usually shun it in place of my Androgyny. It’s Sting-Raye by Colourpop Cosmetics, which again is a liquid matte. Yep I do love them! 

I like colourpop lipstick because they are so frickin affordable at $6 each but I do have a tendency to load up on the products and wear them once or twice and then never again. One of the things that annoys me about them is that the labels wear off so easily. I’ve seen that you can paint over it with clear polish and it’ll keep it nice and whole, but that sounds like effort and actually, when I think hard enough about it – I’m not too precious about the damn things 

For a quick comparison, here’s a quick side by side swatch of the two, the Jeffree Star is on the left, colourpop on the right. You can see the colourpop is a bit darker where the JSC is pinker – but overall, we are in the same colour zone. No surprises that I’m going to keep this one! 

What’s your go-to everyday lipstick?

Love and glitter!