Easy Turquoise Stone Look Manicure


I finally got my mitts on OPI Can’t Find My Czech-book and I had to try it out straight away. I used two coats on my nails then decided to try out the turquoise stone look since the base colour is pretty suitable.

I used the Saran/ plastic wrap method for it first off with gold. I used Ciate Ladylike Luxe and then very lightly used the same plastic wrap method with a black polish. I think it turned out pretty well for something that is so easy to do.




Swatch: Dollish Polish Drop Your Sword


Well I finally decided to post this swatch today! I have been sitting on this blog post for a long time mostly because I feel like I post a lot of swatches and I didn’t do all of my Dollish Polish ones at the same time.

I purchased this a while back with a whole other bunch of Dollish Polish lacquers. This one is called Drop Your Sword and is pretty much a jelly sandwich in a bottle. I decided to swatch it on its own with no undies and I really like how dainty and pretty it looks. The gold peeks through just enough for you to notice it. I used three coats and generous amount of top coat. I did try it over a blue base (Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue) but I bumped my hand against something so no photos of that unfortunately but I do like it better on its own.




You can purchase Dollish Polish here.

Heart Tip Manicure


You might remember previously I did a Kelly Osborne inspired manicure. Well I was trying out a new polish that I got (OPI Japanese Rose Garden) and I decided to revisit the design with gold on the tips instead this time. I recently got some Skin Food polishes online as well and one of them is a really great gold that ended up photographing pretty well too!

I ended up using three coats of the OPI as I found it quite streaky to deal with. I then free handed with the gold and outlined it with a black striped. I added the polka dots for a little more dimension as I was going to leave it at the outline but to be honest.. They looked like butts! Haha!

I like Skin Food so far however on the site I ordered off the polishes had names but on the bottle they just have numbers which is a bit stink.

Well I hope everyone has had a good Monday and a good weekend! On Friday we had a pretty big quake (yup, another one) 6.3 magnitude while I was at work. Luckily nothing was damaged and no one was hurt but it just goes to show that it really can happen anytime.



Swatch: OPI Alcatraz Rocks


So, at the moment around a few different pharmacies in New Zealand they’re having a promo for opi polishes, buy 1 get 1 free. This coincided with the release of the new San Fran collection. I managed to find incognito in sausalito but I went on a mission to find Alcatraz Rocks. I went to SEVEN different stores and all of them either sold out or hadn’t even gotten it in yet. Finally, last week (when I was meant to be on a buying ban I might add..) I went into the pharmacy nearest to me just for a squiz.. And they had it!

Because it was such an effort to find, I was really worried that this polish was going to disappoint me because I had given it so much build up in my mind. The only thing that disappoints me about this polish is that it doesn’t photograph to reflect the amazingness that it actually is. It really does not do it justice. I used two coats of this baby over a base coat and of course no top coat needed. Next must have from this collection.. Wharf, wharf wharf. I must say that OPI are really kicking butt every time they release new liquid sand polishes, they’ve come a long way from the Mariah Carey collection.

Which polishes from the San Fran collection are you loving?



Quick Army Green and Gold Gradient


Just a really quick post today! This is a manicure that I had on last week and I just love the base colour. It’s unlike anything else I own, I hardly have greens let alone army green. It’s my Jessica and is called Victorian Crush. I used two coats and then layered Ulta 3 Pot of Gold on the tips. I got both of these in an online destash and I have to say they are both great. I didn’t actually have a nice gold glitter polish so it makes a good addition to my collection.

Well I hope you enjoy your day/week!



Neon and Pastel Leopard Print Manicure


Happy Sunday to you all! It’s really rainy and drab today so it’s a very good day for polish and blogging indeed!

I decided to revisit a fave, leopard print! I got a few polishes (shock horror..) in a swap type destash online and I wanted to try them out. I used 4 coats of Color Club Youth Quake which is a hot pink jelly – almost crelly – so it needs a few coats to be opaque. I think it would be perfect for jelly sammies so I’m going to have to try that soon. I used an unnamed polish by Cairuo for the leppy spots.

Love, love, love leppy print!



Dark Red with Studs and Glitter


Last month I got an Orly polish in my sample bar box, it was actually my last subscription box so I’m stoked that I left it until then! I got a dark red called Moonlit Madness. I like Orly polishes quite a lot, it was one of the first brands of polish that I ever owned. My mum was always a Orly fan so I think that’s why I have a certain fondness for it.

I started off with two coats of Moonlit Madness then created a glitter gradient on the tips with Sassy Lacquer Utopia. This glitter is so fine with mainly gold and green. I was worried it might come off a bit Christmassy but I think it looks okay. I finished off with a stud at the bottom of each nail. These are the 5mm I believe from the born pretty store. They’re a bit big for my nails (which are very curved) so I might get the smaller ones so that they don’t fall off so quickly.



Tropical Cloud Manicure


I’ve done the cloud manicure a few times now. I like mixing up the colours and this is a very bright rendition! It ended up looking very rasta and let me just point out that I really didn’t mean for it to! It just happened.. Naturally. I just went through my untried polishes and picked out ones that would go well together.

I started off with three (yup, three) coats of OPI Fiercely Fiona. I only got this because my best friends name is Fiona. Other than that, I’m not very attached to it. It’s streaky and just a bit if a weird colour. I then used Cover Girl Go-Go-Mango and Revlon Wind Fall to create the cloud layers. I really like the Cover Girl Outlast polishes, they have really good coverage and remind me of the Max Factor polishes I got a while back. I only had to use one coat/ stripe of these polishes but between all the coats of poshe top coat.. This ended up being a very thick manicure!

Well enjoy some photos and happy Monday!




Swatch: OPI Tiffany Case Liquid Sand


Currently there is a really good sale at most pharmacies in New Zealand for buy 1 get 1 free on OPI nail polish. Of course I went to hit that sale up! I was reeeeeeally hoping to pick up one of the new liquid sand colours from the San Francisco collection but they were out of stock. Boo!

I did however pick up Tiffany Case from the Bond Girls collection. It really looks like heaven in the bottle and is even better on the nail. I seriously could not stop staring at my nails once it was on! I heard a whisper that there might be some staining issues. I found this was really easy to remove (compared to some glitter nightmares) and left very minimal staining. Definitely one I will wear often!



Neon pink and dark grey polka dot manicure


I picked up this very bright Orly polish called La Vida Loca from a buy 1 get 1 free sale at Farmers not too long ago and just got around to trying it out this week. I seriously have accumulated a lot of intrieds!

I decided to do one nail as an accent nail with another untried by maybelline called Impeccable Greys and then decided to do polka dots on top of the pink. The grey is so much darker than I expected it to be but that might just be the contrast against the bright pink.