Pumpkin and dots

Hello Lovelies!

So Halloween is fast approaching (really only two days away now) and I haven’t done any Halloween nail art whatsoever! Last year I had a few awesome designs but this year I things have just been so hectic around here.

Anyway, I had a plain manicure on, a peachy colour that I got from roseroseshop by Skinfood and it’s pretty much orange so I decided to add a pumpkin on my middle finger. I think it would look better with a stem (and maybe more like a pumpkin rather than an angry middle finger..) and I opted for cute polka dots because the pumpkin actually kind of scared me a little bit..




TopShop Moondance Swatch


About a month ago I went up to Auckland to see the show Wicked (which by the way was friggin awesome) and while I was up there I went to Top Shop. They sell these Top Shop polishes down here in Wellington at Karen Walker as well but you know when you’re on holiday and you just buy things that you might normally not buy, just because? Yeah this is one of those situations..

I got two polishes which were $15.00 each and this one is called Moondance which is a silver/blue holo. It is so pretty! I was tossing up whether I should get this or not at the time as I don’t really have many holos, I just don’t picture myself wearing them a lot – too big a fan of cremes.. Hehe.

This took three coats and lasted pretty well. The shine and holo change is so much more dramatic in real life but the photos show it pretty well! It can be a bit streaky and tricky (as I hear a lot of holos in general are..) but three coats seemed to even it out well.


Simple Heart Nails


These must be the easiest and simplest nails anyone could do. A dotting tool makes these really easy but it can be done with a bobby pin or a toothpick or whatever else you have to use in place of a dotting tool!

I started off with two coats of Orly’s Everything’s Rosy and then used OPI My Vampire Is Buff and a dotting tool to create the little hearts in the middle of every nail. I think they look so simple and sweet! I think I wore these for at least a few days before taking it off – usually manicures don’t last more than a day as I get bored or get a new polish that I want to play with.

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather was actually really lovely (woo no tights needed!) but today it is so windy! Almost got blown away today!



Pink Glitter Sequin Gradient Nails


So this manicure has two polishes that I recently acquired that I haven’t yet used.. Yeah I still have a lot of untried polishes to go through!

I started off with two coats of Picture Polish Beige on all but my ring finger. I wanted a hot pink accent nail and used That’s Hot! Pink by OPI which is one of my favourite pink polishes and one of the ones I used a lot when I first started out blogging. I wanted to try out one of my new Maybelline Color Show polishes from the Sequins collection and used Rose Bling on the tips.



Fishtail Weave Nail Art


Here is a nail art look that I did a while back which I modelled off an Instagram post I saw by SwiftPolish. I’m not the steadiest with a striper brush so I’m stoked with how this turned out.

I started off with a very light pink base colour of Essie Neo Whimsical and then used a sponge to create a gradient effect with OPI Planks A Lot and L.A Girl Rock n Roll. I then used BYS Starlette over the top before using a black striper to create the weave pattern.

I really like these colour together and as I said was super stoked with how this turned out. I also really like the Swift Polish Instagram tutorials that she posts, they’re so easy to follow!



Purple Beyoncé Inspired Tuxedo Nails


So the Mrs Carter Show is coming to New Zealand very soon and there is a competition being held by ZM for free tickets. To enter you had to post a photo of your best manicure and this is the one that I posted. The winner isn’t based on votes or anything so I’m not asking you to go there and vote for me but if fellow NZers want to enter I think it’s still open.

Anyhow, I used Sinful Colors Let’s Talk as the base purple colour over top of a white base. I then layered purple glitter by Ciate called Magic Carpet (that I got in the advent calendar last year) and used a dotting tool to create the buttons and bows and I used a black striper to separate the white from the purple. This look is inspired by the blazer that Queen Bey wore at the VMAs when she performed and announced that she was preggers. I still love that song she sang “Love on Top” and it’s actually my alarm tone in the morning! It’s way easier to have a nicer day when it starts off like that.