Gifts from Seoul: étude house


So today I thought I would finally post about the presents from my friends Tim and Courtney who went on holiday to Asia recently. When they said they were going to Korea only one thing came to mind. Not kimchi. Not BBQ. Not even bb cream. Nail polish. Ohhhhhhhh nail polish. I hear so many great things about Korean brands of nail polish and I’m keen to try others. I only have Étude house so far but skinfood and nfu oh are at the top of my list to try next. Luckily I can probably get some more in November! 🙂

Anyway on to the stuff I actually got!! Oh my gosh I just love the packaging it’s so cute!! I got two pretty polishes called Powerful Peach and Lunatic Purple. I must use the purple but I have used the pink already. It’s like.. A really bright almost but not quite neon pink. I really like it and it’s not like anything I already have, which is always a plus? I also got the gradation set (which I posted about already) and a dotting tool – no more toothpick for me, I’m going legit! The bag also had some BB cream samples which I’m keen to try. I haven’t jumped on the BB cream bandwagon quite yet..











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