Valentines present: Butter London


Well I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day (whether you celebrate or not). I had a great day just in case you were wondering. I had work from 9 to 5 (funny that..) and my boyfriend had a red rose, a balloon and a soft toy delivered to my office. The toy was a Mike Wizowski plush from Monsters Inc! So cool!! After work we exchanged presents at home then went and had a picnic in the late afternoon sun at the botanical gardens.

He got me three Butter London polishes: Keeker, Primrose Hill Picnic and Blagger. Keeker is a great colour but can be a little streaky, I find I need to do three coats which is a little disappointing. Primrose Hill Picnic is a great hot pink which I love, if you know me I love my pink polishes! The third polish, Blagger, is a great blue polish! Seriously it’s a one coater. I am in love with this one. These three are my very first Butter London polishes and I’m pretty stoked with them, I feel very lucky that these were my v-day present! And he chose the colours all by himself, what a good boy. Haha!

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