To KWEEN or not to KWEEN? 

Hi lovelies! 

Just one lippie in this post for you today. Coming up will be four MAC lipsticks so I thought it might be best to keep this one light.. 

If you follow Colour Pop on social media or are signed up to their emails, you would have seen that at the end of last year they had heaps of sales and deals to get everyone to spend truck loads of money. I was a sucker and and got four of these metallic lipsticks for free – after spending like fifty bucks first… I see now that I was tricked. 

I wore KWEEN a little while ago, it was my #18 lipstick for the project, and I got a few comments (positive) about it through the morning. I’m still not entirely sure about the whole metallic look but then again I wasn’t sure about lipstick until about 3-4 years ago and then after that I wasn’t sure about matte so tastes and preferences can change! 

What do you think of metallic lips? 

Love and glitter 



Lipstick 14 going on 17.. 

Hi lovelies! 

I am well into this project now and have encountered a new problem – how to sort the lipsticks that have been worn for the project. Basically, my dresser is starting to look like a bomb of lipsticks hit it and the unorganisedness of it all is giving me bad vibes. I will fix this very soon! 

Lipstick number 14 is hardly a lipstick on me. It’s a Clinique Chubby Stick in the colour Fuller Fig. 

Well, in person it did seem to have quite a good brown tint but it didn’t photograph quite the same way! 

Next up, number 15, which is actually my number one preferred lipstick out of every lipstick I own. 

Yup! It’s Jeffree Star in the shade Androgyny. I love this one soooo much! I was wondering how long it would take until I caved and used it. In my defence, I had to go to a 30th for one of my partners friends and I just didn’t want to take any chances in terms of serving up face! 


Although, I didn’t manage to get a good photo before we went out and for whatever reason we took absolutely no photos at the event! Probably because I was too busy at the open bar.. in any case, I have subjected you all to another photo of me and my partner. He’ll never read this, but if he does he’ll hate that there’s a picture of him there. He’s terribly shy.. 

The 16th lippy on my journey is Pink Me Up by Maybelline. I’ve had this for ages, it’s probably one of the first lipsticks I bought when I got into make up. 

I’m not a huge fan of this anymore, like.. it looks okay. But I reckon that I’ve probably got better pale pink lipsticks in my stash. Maybe if I come across one, I’ll chuck this one out! It’s in the maybe pile for now. 

The last lipstick for this post, is a Chanel lipstick in a red colour. Sorry the name of the shade alludes me right now and I don’t have th tube handy! 

It’s one of three Chanel lipsticks I own and I must admit, they look damn good sitting on my dresser. 

This one looks nice in the tube, swatches on the hand nicely but I’m not convinced about it on the lips! 

Is it bad to hold onto something because of the luxe and weighty packaging that feels so good in your hands? I’m not sure I want to know the answer! 

Love and glitter 



Everyday lip Vs Everyday lip

It’s me again! Yup. This blogger. Blogging on the regular. What?! No way. 

I’m just back with a really quick post about my third lipstick for the 2017 lipstick project. I got a little bit of bright / crazy lipstick colour fatigue and needed to retreat back to a more neutral/nude colour. 

I should mention that one of the lipsticks that I wear all the time is Jeffree Star Androgyny. And by all the time, I mean almost every day since I bought the damn thing. On me, it’s basically a nude. So it’s my version of Velvet Teddy by MAC for the Kylie lovers out there. 

I’ve worn this particular lippy before, but usually shun it in place of my Androgyny. It’s Sting-Raye by Colourpop Cosmetics, which again is a liquid matte. Yep I do love them! 

I like colourpop lipstick because they are so frickin affordable at $6 each but I do have a tendency to load up on the products and wear them once or twice and then never again. One of the things that annoys me about them is that the labels wear off so easily. I’ve seen that you can paint over it with clear polish and it’ll keep it nice and whole, but that sounds like effort and actually, when I think hard enough about it – I’m not too precious about the damn things 

For a quick comparison, here’s a quick side by side swatch of the two, the Jeffree Star is on the left, colourpop on the right. You can see the colourpop is a bit darker where the JSC is pinker – but overall, we are in the same colour zone. No surprises that I’m going to keep this one! 

What’s your go-to everyday lipstick?

Love and glitter! 


Say hi to #2017LipstickProject

Hi there make up lovers,

Happy 2017! Another year has gone by. Unsurprisingly, not many of my resolutions from last year got ticked off. I was rather ambitious though! The main one was travel and I got to travel around America and new parts of Australia, so that goal was pretty well ticked off. This year my main goal is to finally sit my restricted. Before you judge hey, city kids don’t need to learn how to drive.. Everything was walking distance! 

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to use ALL the lipstick I own. I counted 119 lipsticks and I reckon over half of them I haven’t ever opened – let alone used. 

I’ve called this the 2017 lipstick project (hashtag and all!) and have been posting on my Instagram for the last two days but it’ll probably scale back soon, since I don’t have 365 lipsticks anyway, there’s no need to do it everyday. 

The first day I wore a Stila liquid lipstick in a matte finish called Bella. Woah, it was super bright! I didn’t expect it to be so neon, in the tube it looks similar to pink velvet by lime crime but it came out with a way bluer undertone. My partner was warned before I turned around to show him how bright it was and he still was taken by surprise. The photo makes it appear less bright than it really is in real life! I’ve decided this one is going to get given to a friend with a fairer, maybe slightly olive skin tone. 

Lipstick 2 was an LA Girl liquid matte (I love liquid matte..) in Blackcurrent. It applied pretty patchy, I had to go back and touch it up after this photo after seeing all the gaps come up. It wore fine, until I wanted to eat or drink and then it wore horribly! The lipstick crumbled – like, literally crumbled! In anticipation of hating a lipstick I’ve chosen for the day, I travel around with make up wipes in my bag so I did wipe this off during lunch and didn’t bother reapplying. Have discovered this one is one for the rubbish bin! I have at least one more of the LA girl liquid matte lipsticks so I’m not looking forward to wearing that one 

Have you got lots of lipstick that goes unloved? Join me and use the hashtag #2017lipstickproject on Instagram so I can see! Check out my Instagram here 

Love and glitter (and lots of lipstick)


Good foundations and sturdy overlays 

Hi nail polish lovers! 

Can you guess what today’s blog post is about from the title? I’ll give you a clue.. It will sandwich your nail colour. 

Hopefully you guessed: base coat and top coat! I have been painting my nails for years and the second most common question I get from muggles (non polish obsessed folks) is “how does your manicure stay so nice? Mine always chips straight away!” My answer is always the same – base coat and top coat. I’m always flabbergasted by the amount of people who don’t use base or top coat or haven’t even heard of it before! P.S: If you’re wondering, the most common question is “where do you get your nails done?”

I’ve used several base and top coats in my time – they’re always either on the cheaper end of the scale (dollar store) or easily able to be picked up from Farmers or an online store. Base and top coat is never going to be riddic expensive but is it such an important part of your manicure so there’s definitely a need to have some on hand! 

Every time I put on base coat, in my head I can hear Sandy from Cute Polish saying “to protect your natural nail”. I have been using this Hard as Nails base coat by Sally Hansen on and off since I became a nail polish fiend. It is a little thick but I find that a thicker base coat can mean less chance of a stain nail bed if you use a blue or a red nail polish and also goes over ridges or split nails really easily. What it doesn’t do, is it doesn’t magically fix your nails into not splitting but if you seal the tops of your nails each step of your manicure, it will be less likely to chip or split. You can find this base coat at Farmers stores.

The top coat I’ve been loving lately is Seche Vite – which is a classic among nail polish loving circles. There are a few top coats that come highly regarded and this is one of them. HK Girl is another and Essie is not without its charms too. I haven’t tried HK Girl yet, but am told by people who have used Seche and HK Girl that they prefer HK – so if you’re happy with that sort of two degrees of separation recommendation then go for it!

Seche Vite has got a bit of a stink to it, which goes away once dry. It’s also a quick dry top coat which is a must for me. This can result in some shrinkage around the edges, but it’s not as bad as some other quick dry top coats I’ve tried (like Jordana Quick Shine, which is my usual go to). The final result is a super shiney manicure, which looks a lot like gel polish! I picked up my bottle from Sally’s Beauty Supply in America but locally you can get it from the Beyond Beauty website but disclaimer: I’ve not purchased from here before.

Do you always use a base and top coat? 

Love and glitter 

Kalliana 💖

Nerdy Glitter and Purple Bases 

Hiiiii pretty peeps! 

Can I just take a second to say – thank goodness it’s Friday! Well in New Zealand it’s Friday anyway. Also, any readers in the Florida/Georgia/Carolinas area whether reading now or later – my thoughts are with you all during Hurricane Matthew. I have a really good friend who just moved from Orlando to Deltona and she’s sent through photos of housing being boarded up, empty shelves at grocery stores.. Crazy how social media let’s us be so close to every moment lived by others – whether they’re good, bad or scary as heck. 💖

Today I’m posting about a manicure that I’ve had on all week! It’s stuck with me since Monday and even today it’s just slightly chipped on one nail only and some light tip wear. Very impressed! I used a base colour of LA Colors Color Last in Everlasting and Doctor Lacquer in Refraction over the top.

I don’t know about y’all, but I just adore the cute look it has! I got slightly offended when someone on Facebook asked me if they were Jamberry stickers (seriously, no) but I suppose that could be construed as a compliment! 

I absolutely love the matte glitter combo by Doctor Lacquer, and the names and other combos available from them are just so fun! What’s your fave indie polish brand? 

Love and glitter 💖


Not your average purple lipstick..

Hello beauty lovers,

Ahhhhh this blog post is so late! Basically what happened was – I got back from America, where I picked up so much stuff.. Like, DAMN. I didn’t hold back on anything there. Then I came back and went on a spending spree (because I didn’t have to save for my trip anymore, right? Logic) so as a result, I have SO MUCH stuff to blog about – so what did I do? Well, like any other responsible adult – I just didn’t do anything. Hahaha. And that’s the T. 

When I was on holiday, the Chris Chang of Poesia collection had just dropped overseas. So you’d think that would be perfect – I could pick up what I wanted for cheaper AND before it would be available at home – win. The only thing I wanted was this lipstick but it was sold out ERRWHERR in its first run! I was able to swatch it – which actually just made me fall in love with it even more. Even though though the collection eventually made its way to NZ, I was impatient so I jumped onto YouShop and used it as an excuse to get a bunch of things.. Because nobody YouShop’s just one thing from MAC. Come on… It’s called economics. Duh! 

The tube packaging design looks a little busy in a photo but somehow in person it’s very luxe. Maybe it’s the natural weight of a MAC lipstick and the feel of the bullet shape, that’s so familiar to MAC lovers.. In any case, I don’t mind the busy flower abstract print and I’m a fan of the blue on the inside of the tube but it’s not the packaging that pulled me in to want this particular lipstick. 

What I love about this lipstick is the grey undertones. I have LOTS of purple lipsticks and the lighter ones usually tend to be on the pink side of purple – so this being a grey based light purple – very different to anything else I own! Purchase justified! It swatches lovely and wears quite well, as you’d expect from a MAC matte lippy. I’ve posted pictures above of me wearing it in natural light and indoors.

I’m not sure if this baby is still available in NZ, but try YouShop if you’re looking at getting some other things too – they’ve introduced a cheaper rate of postage which takes about a week longer, so it’s even cheaper to use YouShop now. 

Is there anything from the Chris Chang collection that you’re lusting after? 

Love and glitter 

Kalliana 💖

Throwback Purple 💜

Hey lovelies! 

Just a little quick throw back type post. A trip down memory lane! I spied a bottle of OPI Purple With A Purpose on my shelf and thought back to my early baby nail polish addict days – it was one of my first OPI nail polishes! I used it to absolute death, it’s still got about a third left in it though. 

I decided to slap it on – slap being the operative word, my nail painting methodology has been slack as of late. Due to late nights and early rising. Energy levels aren’t where they used to be! I paired it with a feature nail which is a Nubar polish, from their Spring 2010 collection called Violet Sparkle – which by the way, is opaque in almost one coat! Two for good measure. 

What’s one of the beauty products that give you instant nostalgia feels? 

Love and Glitter 
Kalliana 💖

Nails fit for a princess 

Hello, hello, hello! 

Who am I?! Ru Paul with the hello three times much! Guuuuurl. We talking princesses today – not queens! 

Anyway. So, nails fit for a princess. I’m not much of a princess in the sense that I like to get my hands dirty, do shit myself (that’s how you know it’s done right, duh) and I’ll be damned if some dude come by on a stallion and “save” my ass. BUT. Since when does being a princess mean you’re not any of the above? Or if you are then – screw it! Be you! I guess what I’m trying to say is.. You don’t have to be a girlie girl to be a princess and you don’t have to be a girlie girl to like my nails. 

I started off with two coats of OPI I Theodora You (from the Great Wizard of Oz collection) and then added my ALL TIME FAVOURITE NAIL POLISH EVER Teenage Dream by OPI (from the Katy Perry collection) on the tips for a gradient. 

These nails are so damn cute, I got a comment from a cashier on the first day I had them. I love being able to say I do my nails myself – people always think that they’re gels! If only my nails were a wee bit stronger – then maybe they wouldn’t be so short! 

What’s your all time favourite polish? 

Love and glitter 


Hot Chocolate – yes please! 

Hello lovelies 

I’ve struggled for a while to find my perfect nude or everyday lipstick. I know that darker skinned ladies will share my struggle too! The trouble is that a lippie that is “nude” on me looks like a vampy or just very dark lippie on my light skinned friends. So when I saw this one by MAC I had to get it straight away. 

I was lucky enough to be in America when the Tribe Vibe collection was released and it just so happened that I stumbled into the launch party at the MAC pro store in San Fransisco on my last day in America. I legit only went in to get a paint pot and walked out with a couple of things from this collection (as well as some other goodies that seem to have jumped into my cart..) 

Hot Chocolate was one of the only lipsticks that called to me from this collection and I have no regrets in getting it. It has got a satin finish so it does last a bit longer than a cremesheen but not as resilient to food and drink as a matte. On me it looks like the perfect brown nude, nowhere near the your lips but better nude that is often affiliated with the term nude lipstick. It’s described as a dirty plum and on lighter ladies you can really see the pinker undertones. I get more of a mauve feeling for my skin tone.

Please excuse my lack of eye make up in the photo – I’ve been getting really bad hayfever so trying to avoid eye make up whenever I can because it will just get wiped off when I sneeze and have watery eyes, boo! 

Did you get anything from the Vibe Tribe collection? 
Love and glitter,