Introducing: Nail Juice

Hello lovelies!

May marks something quite exciting for the girls who are in NZ Polish Addicts (PANZ) and that is NZ Indie Polish Month. A fair few of my newfound polish friends have their hand in the polish making game so throughout the month of May I hope to share some with you!

First off I’ve got a brand called Nail Juice to share which was created by Steph and her partner Dan. Such a creative brand name, right?! It’s also her blog name too.

This one is called Aromatic Mist which I layered over OPI’s Sparrow Me The Drama. It’s a pretty jelly like pale purpley pink base with a slight shimmer, small royal purple hex glitter, bigger yellow/gold hex glitter and round circle glitter in pinks and lilacs. Two coats of seche vite top coat smoothed it out rather nicely.

Check out the Facebook page for Nail Juice!




Dream Catcher Nail Art

Hey, hey, hey!

Finally some nail art! I’m very conscious of how many swatch blog posts I put up so I’m always really excited to share nail art! When I first started out blogging I pretty much only posted nail art but after a while I started getting more and more interested in the newer collections and indie polishes too. I know whenever I purchase a polish I look up swatches and read other blogger thoughts on them before I decide so I like posting swatches too.

Anyhow, I tried out another cute polish tutorial but I changed it up a little bit. Well, really what happened was that I mucked up the string part and ended up just winging it instead of taking it off and starting again. I think it worked out fine!

I used the following polishes for this look:

– Color Club Pucci-Licious
– Picture Polish Marine
– OPI Teenage Dream
– LA Girl Nostalgic
– Sinful Colors Snow Me White
– Black striper

And I followed this Cute Polish tutorial. Try it out for yourself and share your recreations!



Face of Australia Carnivale Polish


I know I’ve been really slack with blogging. I can’t make any promises with the regularity of my blogging at this stage.. It’s hard to explain but basically shit hit the fan and I have been feeling down recently and just haven’t had the energy or desire to do my nails.. Yes it sucks but things can only get better, right? Keeping it extremely vague..

Anyhow! As you might know, I recently went to Australia for a holiday and I picked up quite a few polishes. I have two to share with you today by Face of Australia from the Carnivale collection. These were actually the only two left in the shop so I didn’t get to choose from the whole collection but these are really prettyyyyyy. I tried these because I wanted a glitter bomb and boy howdy did it get it! The purple is called Masquerade and the green/teal is called Ferris Wheel. I look at the two colours together and I see a mermaid fart or something like that! Haha!

I put top coat on these because I actually didn’t know that they are textured finish. I think it looks good with it! Sooooo glittery.

Anyhow, have a great Christmas holiday and happy new year. Hopefully I will blog again before this 2013 year is out and hopefully I get a renewed love for polish soon. Thanks to all my followers over this last year!


Glitter Ombré Bridal Nails


It’s been a long time 😦 too long! I’ve been super busy with just life in general that every time I go to write a blog post.. I fall asleep since I usually blog right before I go to sleep.

Over the weekend, a pair of my very close friends got married and I was lucky enough paint the brides nails 😀 I was really chuffed that she asked me to do it since it’s her special day and all that! The fact that she thought of me and that she would trust me with that is pretty awesome!

I practiced the look she wanted on myself before the big day and here is the one she fell in love with:


I used a plain white polish for the base colour and then created a gradient with various purple glitters, at present I don’t have the polishes that I used on hand but I will at some point (they’re in the car..) so I will have a post in the future with the names of the polishes I used and a picture of the manicure on the bride. The accent nail didn’t make the final cut, it was done just to show what the gradient would look like on a purple base.

Enjoy your week to come! And a hearty congrats to the happy couple (and anyone else who got married on the weekend just been) 🙂

My Go-To Manicure


I feel like I am getting so behind on blogging or at the very least I’m getting slack with it! I’ve been quite lazy with my manicures lately and have done barely any nail art.. I shall rectify this shortly!

Any who, before I got cut down to nubbins (ugh, cleaning.. My nemesis..) I decided to use one of my all time favourite polishes, teenage dream by opi and layered it over you’re such a Budapest. This is a go-to manicure combo for me. I absolutely love teenage dream over top of a light purple.



Swatch: OPI Alcatraz Rocks


So, at the moment around a few different pharmacies in New Zealand they’re having a promo for opi polishes, buy 1 get 1 free. This coincided with the release of the new San Fran collection. I managed to find incognito in sausalito but I went on a mission to find Alcatraz Rocks. I went to SEVEN different stores and all of them either sold out or hadn’t even gotten it in yet. Finally, last week (when I was meant to be on a buying ban I might add..) I went into the pharmacy nearest to me just for a squiz.. And they had it!

Because it was such an effort to find, I was really worried that this polish was going to disappoint me because I had given it so much build up in my mind. The only thing that disappoints me about this polish is that it doesn’t photograph to reflect the amazingness that it actually is. It really does not do it justice. I used two coats of this baby over a base coat and of course no top coat needed. Next must have from this collection.. Wharf, wharf wharf. I must say that OPI are really kicking butt every time they release new liquid sand polishes, they’ve come a long way from the Mariah Carey collection.

Which polishes from the San Fran collection are you loving?



365 Days of Color Swatches


Warning: this post is pic heavy!

Woo! I’m actually very excited because these are my very first indie polishes! Yay! I recently had a sparked interest with indie polishes and I saw that 365 Days of Color were offering 25% off to celebrate their Facebook likes. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to grab some. I always just assumed that indies wouldn’t be able to ship to New Zealand but I was wrong (as a result I am now expecting many pieces of nail mail). You can check out the Storenvy shop here and the Facebook page here.

I got three minis for $3.38 each (that’s in US dollars) and the shipping was a measly $4.50. I was impressed with the amount of time it took to arrive too, took 10 days (total, not working days).

Okay, let’s get on to the exciting stuff! Showing off some nail polish.. I got Flirting with the Lifeguard, Big Purple Umbrella and Frolicking.

First off, Flirting with the lifeguard. In the bottle it’s a nice bright pink with tiny cobalt blue glitter and bigger (but still small) hex glitter. I layered it over two costs of a white polish and BOY does it pop some neon! I didn’t expect the pink to be as neon as it came up! Loving it!


Big Purple Umbrella is, well, a purple with lots of micro white glitter and some oblong/rectangle glitter in there too. I like square and rectangle glitter – it just looks so unconventional and awesome! I didn’t have a base colour that really matched the colour in the bottle so I tried it over Orly Hype (the darker purple) and L.A. Girl Rock N Roll (the brighter purple/pink/magenta) and I like it over both. I layered two coats of BPU.


Lucky last! Frolicking. What a fun and pretty name! Doesn’t it just sound nice? This one is my favourite out of the three that I got. It’s a very pretty pale minty shimmer (gold shimmer) with pink square and circular glitter. I layered it over Sinful Colors Be Happy and it was pretty much spot on. Yay! This one just makes me happy. Well they all do actually!



Yes: I purchased these with my own hard earned moolah.

OPI Liquid Sand Vesper Swatch


Well there was another one of those clearance cosmetic sales in Wellington this week.. Yeeeaahhhhh… My wallet is a bit light now. I got some really good staples like OPI Samoan Sand though! All together I picked up 6 full size polishes and a set of four minis from the Kardashian line by Nicole by OPI. By far not as much damage as last time (which was 12 full size polishes..)

Originally I was wanting to get new liquid sand polishes from the Bond Girls collection in Solitaire and Tiffany Case but they sold out. Ah boo! I did however manage to pick up the colour Vesper, in the bottle it looks brown and in swatches online it looks black. After one coat it looks purple and then after two it turns into that almost black colour.

At first I didn’t like it and immediately thought of destashing it but once it fully dried it grew on me. I hardly wear plain manicures but I think this would look good as a base with a gloss French tip? I tried it out with top coat and I think it looks a lot better as sand texture.




Cloud Manicure


Woah this week is going very fast! I can’t believe it’s Friday! I feel like I haven’t done any nail art I’m a while and this hardly counts because it is so easy and doesn’t involved anything different to just painting your nails a few coats. I do however need to work on getting the clouds to be rounder at the ends.. Does that make sense? I like how it looks really Art Deco though.. Very pretty.

I started off with two coats of OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again and then created the cloud effect with two max factor polishes called Opal and Lilac Lace. I’m such a big fan of these max factor polishes! I would like to get many more.. Hehe..



Max Factor Lilac Lace


Pretty much just a swatch again today. I decided to use one of the other Max Factor polishes I got on the weekend called Lilac Lace.

The colour is just too pretty in the bottle and really translates onto the nail. I’m really happy with this polish! Again, the formula was great. This one is almost a one coater, as in, if you are generous enough on the first coat it could be.

The photo of the polish on its own is without a top coat. This polish is reeeally quite shiny on its own which is great! However, to me, this doesn’t really matter because I always use a fast drying top coat (more out of habit and to speed things up a little – after all I do have other things to do, like baking).

I tried out a simple flower and dot design on one nail which turned out better than I expected. The flower was simple enough – just a ring of dots then joined together in the middle and a very small dot right in the centre in the colour of the base nail.