Minion Nail Art


Happy Sunday everyone! Lazy Sunday indeed.. It is so windy today I was afraid I might get blown away.. Haha!

I’m sure everyone has seen these (or variations of these) minion nails already but I decided to give it a go because they are so cute! I modelled them off the CutePolish YouTube tutorial which was very easy to follow. I find that her tutorials are always easy to follow and I like that her videos aren’t unnecessarily long.

I started off my painting all but my accent nail blue with Cover Girl Out Of The Blue and then painted my accent nail yellow with Ciate Big Yellow Taxi. I used Butter London Lady Muck for the grey goggle frame, just a regular black striped and white polish for the eyes and smile and finished off with Cover Girl Out Of The Blue on the tip.

Hehehe aren’t they just so cute?? Ba ba ba ba nananaaaaaa!!




Pretty Shabby Chic Nails


Well happy Saturday to you all! I have tried to be lazy today but that just was never going to happen.. I went shopping (for birthday presents) and bought a whole bunch of new clothes and Max Factor polishes.

The other day I wanted to revisit the whole vintage floral nail art look on a base colour that I recently got, OPI gargantuan green grape. I always love the way this type of manicure looks and it is actually so easy to do! I guess once you’ve done it, every time you revisit it gets easier to do? What are your favourite colour combinations for this kind of manicure?



Pretty pastel nails


Hope everyone is having a great week!! Only two more working days until I go on holiday for my birthday, yaaaaay!

This design is something that I have done before, but it looks great in all kinds of colour combos!

I decided to use OPI Mod About You for my base colour then used a white striper to create the pin stripe effect. I then used a dotting tool and made a dotted half moon French type manicure at the bottom on every nail using OPI You’re Such A Budapest. I then dotted smaller dots inside with Mod About You to make it kind of look like lace.

I always think this mani looks great and it’s probably one of my favourite designs to do. Which colours would you try it with??

P.S: has anyone from NZ ever used the YouPost service to buy things from the US??


Pretty doily nails


I hope you’ve all had a great week and an even better weekend. I am beat! Cannot wait to go to bed super early tonight..!

I was inspired by a mani that I saw on Instagram/Facebook by made_by_mira. I almost gasped when I saw it, I just thought it was freakin adorable.

I re-used my plain You’re Such A Budapest manicure and created the corner cloud-type tips on alternating nails and painting the little flowers. I think it looks great and I got a lot of compliments about it too.

Anyhow, have a lovely Sunday and I will aim for at least two posts per week as opposed to three (plus, check out my blog name on the photos! Woo!)



Rimmel Matte Top Coat


Hope you all had great weekends! I had a very busy one – again. Ugh. That’s the trouble with working a Monday to Friday job isn’t it? Everything needs to be done on the weekend and guess what, everyone else needs to do that stuff too. Sigh. I had a great weekend though, don’t get me wrong! Went and tried Carl’s Jr for the first time, then dinner with two friends on Saturday night followed by (copious amounts of) drinks – which my head did not thank me for this morning. Then today I went to the big Newtown Fair/festival which was awesome and went to my very first Tupperware party (and spent way too much money but hey it’s an investment right?!). I’ve never had any of my own Tupperware and I enjoyed the experience so much that I’m going to host my own party!

So anyway, I finally did it. I finally got a matte top coat! The choices of matte top coat is pretty limited here in New Zealand, pretty much I had the choice between Kleancolor, Rimmel and OPI nail envy. Ideally I wanted the Essie one but I had been eyeing up the Rimmel for a while too. Mostly because the price was attractive. I tried it out at K Mart a few times and I think it trumps the Kleancolor one (which I tried also). I finally resigned myself to the fact that Rimmel was going to be my best choice while also being super affordable. I got it from K Mart for $12.00. The Rimmel polishes never really go on sale and I know they have Rimmel at Farmers too but they don’t carry the matte top coat there. Plus everything is more expensive there anyway.. But you do get beauty club points. I’m only 40 points away from a $20 voucher!

Overall, I am loving this top coat. It does everything I need it to so it fits the brief. I tested it over these striper manicures and I really like the way that the white and pink looks with a matte finish. It is quite hard to see the matte effect in full force in the photos but I think you get the general idea. I can see that this top coat is going to open up my nail art options, hehehe!




Pac Man Nails


I don’t feel very chatty today so this will be a short post.

So a guy at work asked if I could do Pac Man nails. Well not so much asked.. Requested/ challenged. So, armed with google image and all my polishes I came up with this mani here. I love the middle finger I might do a majority of those next time. I feel like my ghosts aren’t as cool as they could be.. Oh well!




Kawaii Donut Nail Art


Well today’s nail art manicure is my attempt at a tutorial I saw on YouTube by TotallyCoolNails for cute donuts! I’m pretty sure that kawaii means cute in Japanese but I might be wrong.. Anyhow I did these nails when I got home and right now as I write this I’m actually comfy in bed and cannot be bothered checking the colours that I used so I will go from memory.. Forgive me if they’re wrong!! I used a sinful Colors polish for the brown / tan base and then used a range of colourful polishes for the icing on the donuts. The light blue is a Cairuo polish that I got from Japan City on Cuba Street which doesn’t have a name, it has a number instead. The pink is an √©tude house polish which was a gift from a friend and it’s called powerful peach. The yellow is Ciate and I believe it’s called big yellow taxi and the purple on my pinky is a butter London polish I got for valentines day (might be Keeker?) and I used a white and black for the accents/ little faces.

I actually like how these nails turned out. I think I’ll give the yellow and purple a miss and stick with pink and pastel blue next time though.

Hehe the donuts remind me of a Simpsons episode (the one where it’s heaps of short stories of many residents of Springfield) when police chief Wiggum is crossing the road with a box of donuts singing “donuts, I got donuts, I got.. Hey, I know you!” Hehehe! I love the Simpsons.



Red glitter nails with hearts


Oh, happy Friday to you all! Woo! Hope you all have great weekends planned, whatever you are getting up to. I love lazy weekends but, sadly, this weekend will be a busy one for me. Sigh, oh well.

I decided to try out a Kleancolor polish (I am pretty sure it is called Red Sparkle) that I picked up at my local dollar type store. It’s a pretty dark red with lots of glitter through it. It reminds me of a jelly sandwich but without the need to do the layers yourself. I used two coats then used a white polish with a dotting tool to make different sized love hearts. Later, I used Revlon Jelly to colour some of the hearts in. I love this type of cute manicure!




Union Jack Nails


How fitting is it that for this manicure I used a Butter London polish! Hehehe. I used Blagger which is a great blue cream finish polish that I’m pretty in love with at the moment. It’s a one coater so, what’s not to love about that? I decided to have an accent nail too and I used my Zoya polish in Sooki for that.

I pretty much followed this cute polish YouTube tutorial to the letter. I don’t think it’s a look I’ll rock very often but I do like the way it looks on the nails. Such an iconic image! It was really easy using a white polish for the thicker cross then a striper for the smaller lines on the diagonal plus a red striper for the thinner lines. Very easy!




Textured accent nails: pen pressing


I did these nails on Friday morning before I went to work because I knew I would be going out with friends after work and I can’t have plain nails for that (now they all have high expectations of my nails).

I used Keeker by Butter London and did random hearts and dots on all my nails except my ring finger I used revlon Jelly. When I was on my way out the door to work I bumped my accent nail so I took the bottle of revlon with me to fix up at work. While I was waiting for it to dry I used an unclicked pen to imprint the circle pattern and I think it actually turned out pretty cool! Ah bless being a little bored at work eh!? I call it pen pressing! ūüėÄ