Teal with Black V Tips


I pretty much took inspiration for this manicure from the bottle of the polish that I used as my base colour which is Ciate Headliner. This is one of the polishes that I got from the advent calendar that my boyfriend got for me for Christmas and I am ashamed to admit that I don’t think I’ve tried out all the colours! In December I did the Christmas nail art challenge, so I think I can be forgiven? I didn’t have time to swatch!

The polish is a very pretty teal colour in a creme finish but unfortunately it is a bit streaky.. Boo! I only used two coats here but I think it would benefit from a third. I used a black striper to create the V shaped French tips and then filled it in. I was going to go for just a regular French tip but I thought eeeeeeyyyyy why not jazz it up a little?!

I like these little Ciate bottles though, they are too cute with the little bow! Hehe! The only other little annoying with the ciate minis is the brushes because I’ve found that a couple have some bristles that have just decided to go haywire and I’ve had to trim/cut or pull them off to ensure that the brush applies smoothly.

Well, hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far and may your hump day be filled with joy!





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