I’m such a Lucky One.. 

Hi pretty-lovers!

I’m excited! Why? Because I finally got nail polish from a brand I’ve followed on social media for a very long time but have never bought from before! I love ticking these things off my list.. Hehehe. 

ILNP (or I Love Nail Polish) is a huge indie brand that specialise in very sparkly creations. And I don’t mean senseless glitter bombs a-la Lynderella style – they’re beautiful holo polishes and ultra holo finishes with a few chromes, metallics and shimmers in there too. 

I picked up this epic green glitter polish called Lucky One in a recent group buy and I gotta say, it was actually an impulse choice! ILNP does free international shipping with orders over $200 and we were really close to the threshold so.. I did the right thing and quickly picked this polish.

I’m sure glad I did! Heck, it’s sooo freaking pretty! This is just two coats, no base colour laid underneath. One coat was almost enough but I did two just to be sure. Can’t wait to try out the other polishes I nabbed from ILNP. 

What’s your favourite indie polish brand? 

Love and glitter 



Quick Army Green and Gold Gradient


Just a really quick post today! This is a manicure that I had on last week and I just love the base colour. It’s unlike anything else I own, I hardly have greens let alone army green. It’s my Jessica and is called Victorian Crush. I used two coats and then layered Ulta 3 Pot of Gold on the tips. I got both of these in an online destash and I have to say they are both great. I didn’t actually have a nice gold glitter polish so it makes a good addition to my collection.

Well I hope you enjoy your day/week!



Tropical Cloud Manicure


I’ve done the cloud manicure a few times now. I like mixing up the colours and this is a very bright rendition! It ended up looking very rasta and let me just point out that I really didn’t mean for it to! It just happened.. Naturally. I just went through my untried polishes and picked out ones that would go well together.

I started off with three (yup, three) coats of OPI Fiercely Fiona. I only got this because my best friends name is Fiona. Other than that, I’m not very attached to it. It’s streaky and just a bit if a weird colour. I then used Cover Girl Go-Go-Mango and Revlon Wind Fall to create the cloud layers. I really like the Cover Girl Outlast polishes, they have really good coverage and remind me of the Max Factor polishes I got a while back. I only had to use one coat/ stripe of these polishes but between all the coats of poshe top coat.. This ended up being a very thick manicure!

Well enjoy some photos and happy Monday!




Peacock Feather Nail Art


I took a cue from this YouTube video by JessicaLee422 for this manicure. I absolutely love this manicure and it definitely got me some comments while I was out when wearing it. For this mani I used the following polishes:

Sinful Colors show me the way
Ciate ladylike luxe
OPI purple with a purpose
Butter London blagger

Along with a black striper for the main feather outline. It’s definitely not as good as the one in the video but hey I think it might have turned out better if I had a nail art pen rather than a striper and I’m still happy with it!

Well, I don’t have much else to say along with this except hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Bright polka dot gradient nails


I was about to say happy Sunday but it is actually Monday and I didn’t have work today because it is a public holiday (Queens Birthday) today, wahoo! I had a very good weekend, polish wise. I got 8 new polishes over the whole long weekend! And I will show you three of them right now.

I found another pharmacy in town that sells Sinful Colors polishes – yaaay! It’s fairly new because I went to this pharmacy a couple of weeks ago to buy hayfever medicine and they didn’t have the stand then.

I got a white, a neon green called Innocent and a bright blur called Endless Blue. The green reminds me of OPI Did It On Em. I really needed a new white polish as the one I have been using started to go gluggy and funny. I think this white is pretty good but I’ve never been overly happy with the SC brushes as they’re a little on the thin side.

I decided to go with a simple multiple sized dotty gradient design for these colours and I always like this type of manicure – it’s just so easy to do and looks like a lot of effort.



Teal with Black V Tips


I pretty much took inspiration for this manicure from the bottle of the polish that I used as my base colour which is Ciate Headliner. This is one of the polishes that I got from the advent calendar that my boyfriend got for me for Christmas and I am ashamed to admit that I don’t think I’ve tried out all the colours! In December I did the Christmas nail art challenge, so I think I can be forgiven? I didn’t have time to swatch!

The polish is a very pretty teal colour in a creme finish but unfortunately it is a bit streaky.. Boo! I only used two coats here but I think it would benefit from a third. I used a black striper to create the V shaped French tips and then filled it in. I was going to go for just a regular French tip but I thought eeeeeeyyyyy why not jazz it up a little?!

I like these little Ciate bottles though, they are too cute with the little bow! Hehe! The only other little annoying with the ciate minis is the brushes because I’ve found that a couple have some bristles that have just decided to go haywire and I’ve had to trim/cut or pull them off to ensure that the brush applies smoothly.

Well, hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far and may your hump day be filled with joy!




Pretty Shabby Chic Nails


Well happy Saturday to you all! I have tried to be lazy today but that just was never going to happen.. I went shopping (for birthday presents) and bought a whole bunch of new clothes and Max Factor polishes.

The other day I wanted to revisit the whole vintage floral nail art look on a base colour that I recently got, OPI gargantuan green grape. I always love the way this type of manicure looks and it is actually so easy to do! I guess once you’ve done it, every time you revisit it gets easier to do? What are your favourite colour combinations for this kind of manicure?



Overlapping blue dots


Hope you all had a great weekend! As I said in my last post, I had a really nice chilled out weekend planned. I went out for a nice walk, got a new phone and to dinner at a nice Korean restaurant called Dahra on Saturday then went fishing (yes, at night) then on Sunday I got up super early and went to the farmers market and got my veges then went out to Paraparaumu beach. All the blue sky inspired me to do a blue mani!

I went for an overlapping polka dot manicure because it is so easy and looks really great. I like how you don’t need to think about the placement of the dots too much 🙂

The polishes I used are:
Sinful Colors Cinderella (base)
Sinful Colors Be Happy
Rubi Call Me Maybe
Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue
BYS Neon Blue



Cute Watermelon Polka Dots


Now, this is a really old manicure that I kept meaning to upload but keep forgetting. Anyways, I’m in for a chilled weekend this weekend (yay! Finally!) so I’m just clearing some of my photos.

I did this manicure after seeing a blog post but I can’t remember who did this originally..! If you know (or it’s you) then pleeeease let me know so I can give you proper credit!

I like the colour combo of this mani it really looks like a watermelon! Mmmmm..



Pre-Spring challenge day 3: green


Ahhhh sorry about three posts in one day! Need to catch up as you may know.. So, day three is green themed! I don’t have many green polishes to choose from but I remember buying this when I was doing the Christmas challenge because I realised I didn’t have any green. I started off with two coats of Revlon Emerald and layered THREE coats of OPI Fresh Frog From Bel Air. I did one accent nail with polka dots using BYS Matte Mint Green but since I went over it all with top coat.. The matte, not so much!