Pre-Spring Challenge Day 4: Flowers


Let’s go day 4! The theme is flowers for today. I remembered seeing a YouTube video by Cute Polish for tulip nail art.

The design itself is easy to do, it’s literally three swipes of polish then some simple striper work. I definitely will be wearing this design again! It’s so simple but striking too.

I used two of the Sinful Colors polish that polish that I purchased over the weekend (of the 3 Sinful Colors polishes that I got) called Timbleberry and Verbena. Timbleberry is a cream coral that has great coverage – I only used one (albeit thick) coat for the tulip petals. Verbena is a nice dusky purple which took two coats. It reminds me of OPI Planks A-Lot. I didn’t use a base colour, just a base coat so what you see there is my natural nail really.. Very rare!

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