Roses and Stripes A-la Nailed it NZ


I had a huge case of Monday-itis today. I just wanted to crawl into bed all day today.. I missed my bed so much. Sigh. Such a pain being an adult right?! The winter is starting to set in (early) in New Zealand so I’m just feeling very sad and sorry for myself really. Oh boo!

In any case I watched a tutorial on YouTube last night by a fellow New Zealander nail polish addict, Nailed it NZ and I decided to try it out straight away. It’s just so pretty and dainty and I need that in my life right now! I started off with two coats of OPI my vampire is buff and used OPI Suzi’s Hungary again and revlon minty to create the stripes and flowers. I lost my striper brush so I tried to use a toothpick to create the stripes which really did not work out as well as I had hoped.. Oh well! Such is life. Gotta love a trier right?




Easter Nail Art


As I’ve just had four days off in a row due to the celebration that is Easter I figured I really should do an Easter inspired manicure. I used the tutorial on YouTube by Cute Polish for this look but it’s pretty self explanatory when you look at it in it’s entirety.

I decided to do every nail a different colour rather than all the same or on a white base. I think that’s because I have sooo many polishes that I want to use them all! I want to use as many as possible!

I went with the little chick coming out of a cracked egg and made all the other nails look like whole Easter eggs. I think it looks so cute! Definitely a holiday worthy manicure.

I hope you all had great Easter breaks, however long it was for you! Did the Easter bunny give you many chocolate goodies? I love the Monday after Easter because all the leftover chocolate eggs are on sale!




Pre-Spring Challenge Day 4: Flowers


Let’s go day 4! The theme is flowers for today. I remembered seeing a YouTube video by Cute Polish for tulip nail art.

The design itself is easy to do, it’s literally three swipes of polish then some simple striper work. I definitely will be wearing this design again! It’s so simple but striking too.

I used two of the Sinful Colors polish that polish that I purchased over the weekend (of the 3 Sinful Colors polishes that I got) called Timbleberry and Verbena. Timbleberry is a cream coral that has great coverage – I only used one (albeit thick) coat for the tulip petals. Verbena is a nice dusky purple which took two coats. It reminds me of OPI Planks A-Lot. I didn’t use a base colour, just a base coat so what you see there is my natural nail really.. Very rare!

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