My attempt to inject colour into my eye make up!


You might remember very recently I posted about a ColourPop haul? Well, I have swatches of one of the shadows to share with you today. 

I was assessing my eyeshadow situation recently and like many others – I found myself buying and rebuying the same boring nude or bronze colours. I can’t tell you how many nude palettes I have or how many combos of shadows I use that are in that colour family. While they are a fail safe, I felt like I needed to branch out and get more colour into my shadow wardrobe! 

With this in mind, my criteria for this ColourPop order was to rebuy my perfect nude base shadow so naturally I HAD to offset this with something that was more colourful. Enter Luckfully by ColourPop. In the pot it’s a pretty bright navy blue with sparkles as its a pearlised finish. ColourPop shadows generally like synthetic brushes or your finger best for a real good pick up of colour and pigment. I find when I swatch this on my hand it takes about two swipes for full opacity.

When I wore Luckfully on my eyes and blended it, I did lose a lot of the sparkle. To the point where it did become much of a satin matte finish. Remember, that ColourPop shadows are very wet in texture so product pick up can be difficult because of this. Also I found (probably because of my skin tone) I lose a lot of that great navy blue tone on the eye. Noted for next time I’m buying some shadows with the intention of being bright on the eye!

Like all other colour pop shadows this does wear very well and doesn’t have a tendency to crease as much as other more traditional formulated shadows over time. 

Which ColourPop shadows are your fave? 

Love and glitter 


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