Not your average purple lipstick..

Hello beauty lovers,

Ahhhhh this blog post is so late! Basically what happened was – I got back from America, where I picked up so much stuff.. Like, DAMN. I didn’t hold back on anything there. Then I came back and went on a spending spree (because I didn’t have to save for my trip anymore, right? Logic) so as a result, I have SO MUCH stuff to blog about – so what did I do? Well, like any other responsible adult – I just didn’t do anything. Hahaha. And that’s the T. 

When I was on holiday, the Chris Chang of Poesia collection had just dropped overseas. So you’d think that would be perfect – I could pick up what I wanted for cheaper AND before it would be available at home – win. The only thing I wanted was this lipstick but it was sold out ERRWHERR in its first run! I was able to swatch it – which actually just made me fall in love with it even more. Even though though the collection eventually made its way to NZ, I was impatient so I jumped onto YouShop and used it as an excuse to get a bunch of things.. Because nobody YouShop’s just one thing from MAC. Come on… It’s called economics. Duh! 

The tube packaging design looks a little busy in a photo but somehow in person it’s very luxe. Maybe it’s the natural weight of a MAC lipstick and the feel of the bullet shape, that’s so familiar to MAC lovers.. In any case, I don’t mind the busy flower abstract print and I’m a fan of the blue on the inside of the tube but it’s not the packaging that pulled me in to want this particular lipstick. 

What I love about this lipstick is the grey undertones. I have LOTS of purple lipsticks and the lighter ones usually tend to be on the pink side of purple – so this being a grey based light purple – very different to anything else I own! Purchase justified! It swatches lovely and wears quite well, as you’d expect from a MAC matte lippy. I’ve posted pictures above of me wearing it in natural light and indoors.

I’m not sure if this baby is still available in NZ, but try YouShop if you’re looking at getting some other things too – they’ve introduced a cheaper rate of postage which takes about a week longer, so it’s even cheaper to use YouShop now. 

Is there anything from the Chris Chang collection that you’re lusting after? 

Love and glitter 

Kalliana ūüíĖ


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