China Glaze Ombré Set: Neon Sunset

Heeeeey nail peeps!

Right now I am blogging to you from the very hot and sunny Gold Coast in Australia! I’m on holiday/ vacation (whatever you like to call it – I’m not at work or at home!) on a girls trip with two friends and having a really amazing time. It’s so hot and sunny, which is a crazy contrast from home even though it’s only about 4 hours away. Anyway, more on that another time.. On to the post!

A wee while back I ordered some pretties from beauty joint when they were having a promo (I want to say it was 40% off?) and I got a China Glaze ombré set in Neon Sunset. It comes with three colours (Hang Ten Toes, Flying Dragon, Purple Panic) and a flakie topper (luxe and lush). Also, they include a pack of sponges which are very handy and they’re actually really good. They don’t fall apart like make up sponges do and they’re already small so no cutting needed.

I used a layer of white polish underneath my manicure so that the colours could really pop! I wasn’t much of a fan of the look with the flakie on top.. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!





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