Christmas Easy Santa Suit Nails

Happy holiday season!

Yes I might be a little bit early but, socially, it is acceptable to start celebrating in late November since everyone has lots of social events and all that on during the festive season!

This manicure has a feature nail that I did last year and I needed a really quick Christmas manicure for my annual dinner party with my friends-that-pretty-much-are-my-family. I started off with a Zoya Sooki as a base colour and then used a green glitter (OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air) over the top on all but my ring finger. I did a white thick stripe down the middle of my ring finger and a thin black stripe across for the belt. I then used a gold polish and a small nail art brush to make the belt buckle.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Link me your nail art for the festive season!




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