Face of Australia Carnivale Polish


I know I’ve been really slack with blogging. I can’t make any promises with the regularity of my blogging at this stage.. It’s hard to explain but basically shit hit the fan and I have been feeling down recently and just haven’t had the energy or desire to do my nails.. Yes it sucks but things can only get better, right? Keeping it extremely vague..

Anyhow! As you might know, I recently went to Australia for a holiday and I picked up quite a few polishes. I have two to share with you today by Face of Australia from the Carnivale collection. These were actually the only two left in the shop so I didn’t get to choose from the whole collection but these are really prettyyyyyy. I tried these because I wanted a glitter bomb and boy howdy did it get it! The purple is called Masquerade and the green/teal is called Ferris Wheel. I look at the two colours together and I see a mermaid fart or something like that! Haha!

I put top coat on these because I actually didn’t know that they are textured finish. I think it looks good with it! Sooooo glittery.

Anyhow, have a great Christmas holiday and happy new year. Hopefully I will blog again before this 2013 year is out and hopefully I get a renewed love for polish soon. Thanks to all my followers over this last year!



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