Three Blogger Awards


So today I am home sick =( sigh, I’ve been feeling really faint and dizzy. I haven’t been sick for so long I actually tried to go to work and fell over so my boyfriend said I wasn’t allowed to. In saying that, while being banished to bed rest why not catch up on some blogger awards! First off, I still get butterflies when someone comments on my blog or I get a new follower. Everyone probably says things like this but hey, it’s true. I take so long to post a reply to a blog award because I need to use my laptop to get the pictures and links all working properly etc (ah, the pain of relying on an iPad most of the time) so my apologies for that first off.

So, the awards that I was nominated for were:
The Versatile Blogger Award by Lekker Lacquer and Live, Light & Beauty
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Live, Light & Beauty
One Lovely Blog Award by Comesticaitlin

Thank you ladies! Now all three of these awards require the recipient to divulge 7 random facts about themselves.. Now, I am not going to divulge 48 random facts because I really don’t think I can come up with that many so I am just going to do the seven!

1.  I love The Simpsons, my new goldfish is named Milhouse.
2. I have LOTS of Hello Kitty stuff but not because I particularly like it.. Because it was all gifted to me, people just started assuming that I must like Hello Kitty.. (slightly racist, but that’s okay)
3. I use YouTube as my solution for everything. Nail art, cleaning tips, recipes.. Seriously, everything!
4. When I’m sick I google pictures of cute puppies to make me feel better..
5. I’ve never broken a bone.. And hopefully, I never will!
6. I make a really good homemade pizza.. True story!
7. I am terrible at painting my toenails.. I often tip over! Haha..

Okay now down to the nominations:

Brijit’s Digits
Poutine and Prada
Caffeine and Colour
Rew Does Nails
Nail Polish Galore
Short and Sweet in Texas
Painted Nails and Baking Scales
Erin’s Enamel
Beyond the Basecoat
The Bubbly Brunette

Woo! That’s ten very deserving bloggers, I could think of more but I am seriously in need of gettinng some bed rest now. My head is spinning. Goodbye my loves!

20130303-183601 versatileblogger11 very-inspirational-blogger211


9 thoughts on “Three Blogger Awards

  1. cosmeticaitlin says:

    I’m terrible at painting my toe nails too girl, my toes usually end up with nail polish all over them, and then I give up haha. Get well soon darlin! Drink lots of fluids 🙂


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