Rimmel Matte Top Coat


Hope you all had great weekends! I had a very busy one – again. Ugh. That’s the trouble with working a Monday to Friday job isn’t it? Everything needs to be done on the weekend and guess what, everyone else needs to do that stuff too. Sigh. I had a great weekend though, don’t get me wrong! Went and tried Carl’s Jr for the first time, then dinner with two friends on Saturday night followed by (copious amounts of) drinks – which my head did not thank me for this morning. Then today I went to the big Newtown Fair/festival which was awesome and went to my very first Tupperware party (and spent way too much money but hey it’s an investment right?!). I’ve never had any of my own Tupperware and I enjoyed the experience so much that I’m going to host my own party!

So anyway, I finally did it. I finally got a matte top coat! The choices of matte top coat is pretty limited here in New Zealand, pretty much I had the choice between Kleancolor, Rimmel and OPI nail envy. Ideally I wanted the Essie one but I had been eyeing up the Rimmel for a while too. Mostly because the price was attractive. I tried it out at K Mart a few times and I think it trumps the Kleancolor one (which I tried also). I finally resigned myself to the fact that Rimmel was going to be my best choice while also being super affordable. I got it from K Mart for $12.00. The Rimmel polishes never really go on sale and I know they have Rimmel at Farmers too but they don’t carry the matte top coat there. Plus everything is more expensive there anyway.. But you do get beauty club points. I’m only 40 points away from a $20 voucher!

Overall, I am loving this top coat. It does everything I need it to so it fits the brief. I tested it over these striper manicures and I really like the way that the white and pink looks with a matte finish. It is quite hard to see the matte effect in full force in the photos but I think you get the general idea. I can see that this top coat is going to open up my nail art options, hehehe!





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