OPI Euro Centrale: My Vampire Is Buff


Now, let me start off by saying I didn’t buy this polish my workmate did so naturally I asked her if I could try it out.

Today was a crazy day. As you might know I was really sick yesterday and I actually wasn’t planning on going to work today but before I knew it I was up, had a shower and getting dressed before I clicked that I was actually up. I felt pretty good so I decided just to go to work. Now, I went to work.. With bare nails. Nothing. Nada. Not even ONE finger. Crazy.

I used two coats of the OPI My Vampire Is Buff and used two coats of Revlon Jelly on my accent finger. I like the contrast it’s almost romantic in a way. For some reason I had my matte top coat in my bag so I played around with that too. I like this colour more than I thought I would, I might actually buy it for myself. I think it looks really good with the matte top coat! The only thing I don’t like about it is that because its a light colour it can be a little streaky – I think three coats would have been more ideal.





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