Pre Spring Challenge Contest


So I am going to participate in this challenge/ contest even if I can’t win the prize and even though it is summer in New Zealand right now! The challenge was put together by the lovely ladies at Mommy Loves Nail Polish and Polish Alcoholic, Louise and Sabrina! The details of the challenge can be found in full here

Disclaimer: after posting this Louise from Mommy Loves Nail Polish let me know that I can enter (I thought it was limited to the US and Europe) yaaaaay! Now I just to win…



5 thoughts on “Pre Spring Challenge Contest

  1. brooklinmommy says:

    Doesn’t the rafflecopter link let you enter the draw? Because Sabrina and I both agreed that OF COURSE you could enter for the prize! 🙂 We would not leave you out of the chance to win a prize!!

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