Bubblegum pink leopard print nails


No I didn’t do my nails again but this is a look that i had a few weeks ago. It started off as just a plain hot pink mani. I was bored at work and I have one bottle of nail polish at my desk – a scented Revlon polish in bubblegum. It smells really good but can be a bit overwhelming. The scent lasts about a day but this also depends on how many times you wash your hands as well? The polish itself is really good. Nice and smooth, doesn’t streak and lasts a long time without chipping.

Later that day at home one of my work mates got bored and decided to paint little leopard prints on my nails with a black striper polish. The glitter on the inside is also a striper in gold glitter. Leopard
Print is easy to do – just paint some half circles and fill in the middle with a contrasting colour.

FYI my photos aren’t very good quality because I have to use my iPad camera. It’s good enough for me so I hope it’s good enough for you!



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