Tuxedo nails


My watermelon mani was getting heaps of comments but I wanted to tone it down to get ready for the weekend and just be a bit more serious, so I decided on a tuxedo look manicure.

I started off by painting my nails with a base coat and then painting my nails two coats of white. I used Sally Hansen “white on”. After this dried I painted two slanted lines starting at either end of my cuticle going down to a point at the tip of my nail with a black striper and filled in the outsides. Using a plain black polish (BYS “black satin”) and a toothpick I made three dots for the buttons and on top a flat X for the bow, filling in the sides.

It looks harder than it actually is! Super cute as well. I ended up going over the outside black with a glitter polish (OPI “gettin miss piggy with it”) which is quite hard to see in the picture.

Original inspiration for this look is from this YouTube video. Cute polish is one of my favourite YouTube gurus – her videos are the first ones that I watched when I started doing nail art.




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