Vintage look nails


Here is one of my favourite looks – another minimum effort maximum result type dealy. It looks kind of vintage which is cute.

I started off with a solid two coats of colour. The colours I used are by MIKI they don’t have names. They’re really cheap, you can get them at Cosmetics plus in lower hutt (if you’re from Wellington) and it’s something like two for $6.00 or similar. I used the yellow and the light pink alternating nails.

To make the little flowers take a toothpick or dotting tool (bobby pin works just fie thank you!) and make medium sized dots with the colour you want your flowers to be.. Then use a striper to make the petal outlines. All I did was try and outline half of theft and the did a curved line going through the dot. Finish off with two thin lines of green for petals using a toothpick and you’re all done!

Again, I got my inspiration from YouTube guru Cute Polish check out the video



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