Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog!

All about nail art and the random stuff I paint on my nails. I was getting a bit tired of posting them to my Facebook all the time and not being able to include details about the techniques, inspirations, or the products used since people were always asking me whether I do them myself or use stencils etcetera.

Hopefully this will come in useful and be interesting to read. Mostly I think I just want a record of how many times I do my nails.

My interest in nail art starting when I began working full time. Since I work day shifts and my partner works evening shifts most of the time, I have a lot of spare time in the evenings for myself. Now I have over 60 bottles of nail polish and spend a lot of time looking at YouTube videos for tutorials and inspiration.

I have a backlog of posts so there will be heaps going up shortly!


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