Easy tiger stripe nails


My first nail art post is a very easy one and actually the one I am wearing at the moment. I always paint my nails on Sunday night to get ready for the work week.

To start off I use a base coat. At the moment I am using the sally Hansen hard as nails base coat. I always paint two coats of base coat just because my nails are really brittle and I feel like they need them. I don’t get much calcium because I am lactose intolerant ūüė¶

I then painted my nails two coats of a solid colour – in this case I used “animalistic” by OPI. It was part of their Muppets collection that came out earlier this year.

For the stripes I used a striper polish which has a reeeeeally thin brush. The one I use in particular was the Jordana branded one, which is just a cheapie from a 1,2,3 dollar shop. You want to dip the tip of the brush into the polish so that there is a little bead of polish at the end and then quickly swipe it across your nail so that it tapers as opposed to being a solid straight line.

My inspiration for this look was this YouTube video.

Aaand of course you must finish with top coat. My fave at the moment is good to go by Essie which is a fast drying top coat.. Which is good because I’m actually impatient with my nails!



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