Black and white matte glitter goodness

Oh, hi there!

I’ve got another pretty swatch for your viewing today! This is a polish that I got in a destash not too long ago. I’m currently on a bit of a no-buy-ban (saving to go to on holiday to Europe next year) so it’s a very good excuse to go and use my untrieds! So one of the first ones up is this polish by Nubar called Rock Candy Crush which is a black and white tiny glitter combo. Each colour of the glitter is the same size and shape, traditional small hex glitter, the white being a little smaller than the black.

I started off with two coats of Essie Lights as my undies. Can I just say that I love the newer Essie brushes! How much easier would life be if all polish had that type of brush! The colour is amazing too, I got this for my birthday last year and the bottle is about a quarter empty now – which is a lot for a polish addict! There are very few polishes you call upon on a regular basis!

I layered one coat of Nubar Rock Candy Crush over Lights and it turned out like a match made in heaven really! I was a bit worried that the Nubar glitter might be too densely packed to look good layered but it’s not, it just looks that way in the bottle. The white glitter goes a little bit translucent so if you’re looking for that real solid black and white matte glitter combo then this might not be for you. I topped it off with a layer of top coat and voila! Yay black, pink and white combo!




Christmas Sweater Inspired Nails

Happy holidays!

I finally had time to try (read : attempt) Christmas nails again since it’s very nearly Christmas! Last year I did a nail art challenge and I was doing my nails every day so it’s a big contrast this year.

I started off with a red base colour on all of my nails and used a white striper and gold polish to create various sweater-esque designs on my nails. I’m not too happy with the snowflake on my ring finger or the chevron on my middle finger but oh well! I gave it a try!



Glitter Ombré Bridal Nails


It’s been a long time 😦 too long! I’ve been super busy with just life in general that every time I go to write a blog post.. I fall asleep since I usually blog right before I go to sleep.

Over the weekend, a pair of my very close friends got married and I was lucky enough paint the brides nails 😀 I was really chuffed that she asked me to do it since it’s her special day and all that! The fact that she thought of me and that she would trust me with that is pretty awesome!

I practiced the look she wanted on myself before the big day and here is the one she fell in love with:


I used a plain white polish for the base colour and then created a gradient with various purple glitters, at present I don’t have the polishes that I used on hand but I will at some point (they’re in the car..) so I will have a post in the future with the names of the polishes I used and a picture of the manicure on the bride. The accent nail didn’t make the final cut, it was done just to show what the gradient would look like on a purple base.

Enjoy your week to come! And a hearty congrats to the happy couple (and anyone else who got married on the weekend just been) 🙂

Swatch: China Glaze Whirled Away


I don’t have many China Glaze polishes in my stash but this one I picked up recently in a big group online order from head2toe beauty. Man that site us cheap! I also got my very first bottle of Seche Vite and I must say.. That stuff stinks!! It smells like turps! But.. It does have great drying and gloss power so I will battle through.

Anyway, the polish I used is called Whirled Away and is from the Cirque Du Soleil collection. I’m a sucker for glitter and I had yet to have anything with the thin bar shaped glitter. I was really drawn to how monochrome this is and I decided to layer it over a pink by Revlon called Cupid. Which, I would describe as a cupcake pink – does that even make sense?

I like how this looks over Cupid. It probably even looks better than I had hoped for! I’m stuck on what other colours might look good – I was thinking OPI You’re Such A Budapest might be a good match? I had a bit if a battle with the large white glitter but that was to be expected. I ended up pulling them out and placing them on one by one.

I’m a bit back logged on posts so I might even post again later tonight!



Pink Heart Tips


Today I have a very pretty manicure to share with you! It is inspired by this YouTube tutorial by HelloMaphie which in turn was inspired by a cover of Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Kelly Osbourne on the cover.

In the video she just used a base coat and no base colour but I’m not a big fan of my natural nails so I used two coats of OPI I Theodora You. I then used OPI I’m All Ears to create the heart shape at the tip and outlined this with a black striper. I used a silver glitter by Shisem (which BTW smells really strong) over the pink and finished off with white polka dots.

Isn’t it just so cute and pretty! I love pretty nails.. I’m getting increasingly girlier with age.. Hmm.



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OPI Minnie Style Swatch


I’m always a bit behind when it comes to new collections and stuff but as soon as I saw the new OPI Couture De Minnie collection I knew I had to have this polish. Minnie Style is a very OPI style glitter with large hex glitters in an almost red pink, hot pink and white. I noticed that my bottle had a few square white glitter bits too but when I was swatching I didn’t really get any of them and when I did I decided to pick them out because it wasn’t cohesive enough across all my nails. A bit of a pain but nothing too major.

I swatched Minnie Style over OPI Mod About You and the result is pretty great. I’ve seen a lot of photos of this polish swatched over a similar pink from the collection called Chic From Ears To Tail so I wanted to use a similar colour. As with most chunky glitter polishes this was a B to take off! I have The Living Daylights which is the same style glitter which I absolutely adore but because it is such a pain to take off I hardly ever wear it.

Well, stay pretty my dears! The weather here has taken a turn for the worst – we are talking full out storms and in some parts of the country, tornados! If you’re from NZ stay warm and safe.

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Bright polka dot gradient nails


I was about to say happy Sunday but it is actually Monday and I didn’t have work today because it is a public holiday (Queens Birthday) today, wahoo! I had a very good weekend, polish wise. I got 8 new polishes over the whole long weekend! And I will show you three of them right now.

I found another pharmacy in town that sells Sinful Colors polishes – yaaay! It’s fairly new because I went to this pharmacy a couple of weeks ago to buy hayfever medicine and they didn’t have the stand then.

I got a white, a neon green called Innocent and a bright blur called Endless Blue. The green reminds me of OPI Did It On Em. I really needed a new white polish as the one I have been using started to go gluggy and funny. I think this white is pretty good but I’ve never been overly happy with the SC brushes as they’re a little on the thin side.

I decided to go with a simple multiple sized dotty gradient design for these colours and I always like this type of manicure – it’s just so easy to do and looks like a lot of effort.



Pink Plaid/Argyle Nail Art


I’m a big fan of the movie Mean Girls and on Wednesdays at work we (me and my friend) wear pink. I wore this pink manicure on Wednesday and just wanted to share it with you. I’ve done a look like this before but in blue and I think I much prefer it in pink.. But it’s no secret that I love my pink polishes.

I used OPI That’s Hot! Pink as the base colour which is one of my all time favourite polishes ever.


Skeleton nail art


Hope you are all having wonderful Mondays!

Someone pinned this to my Facebook page a while back and I thought that I would try it out tonight since I had a free night.

I found the original blog post on Bela Lugosi’s . I like this nail look but it’s not something that I would wear or choose myself.

I hope you all like it! I think it would work a lot better on square tipped nails rather than round. Also, my apologies for the tips.. I was rushing!

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Étude House Glitter Pajama Party


Hope you all have a great Sunday! I had a great lazy day (surprisingly). Started off going to my mummy’s house for lunch. We had steamboat (a shared dish with a pot of boiling curry in the middle with a selection of veges, meat, seafood, noodles etc to cook in the curry. It’s really good!

So I managed to get my hands on yet another étude house polish from the Dear My Party range in Pajama party. This appears like a light blue base with lots of multi coloured glitters. I was quite excited to try it out when I got it online so I was so wrapped when it arrived in the mail. I decided to layer it over a white and Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue. I have to say I’m a little disappointed since it looks a lot like a LA Colors polish I have called Confetti. I still like it but.. I could’ve spent my money on something else and been happier. Oh well! Just add it to my growing collection haha.

Also, just on a random side note. I watched Les Miserables on Tuesday and the songs have been stuck in my head ever since which is fine but I don’t know ANY of the words. Sigh.