Watermelon Ombré


Y’all must have done something really good to get another nail art post so quickly! Maybe the nice weather is making me more motivated to make pretty nail art designs or something? Who knows! In any case, I tried out a design I saw on the Hello Maphie YouTube channel for a ombré watermelon design.

I didn’t think it came out as cute as it was in the video but then or woke up the next day and looked at it again and it looked awesome to me.. But then when I was walking to work I decided against them again. My mind is flip flopping over my execution of this design. I misplaced my black striper and I had to use a paint brush for the seeds so I think that’s one of the main things I’m unhappy with about this manicure..

All in all though, it’s an easy design (maybe make the pink a little larger than the green though.. Not a huge fan of the half and half look).

What do you think? Better than other methods to create watermelon nails or not?




My YouTube Debut!


Over the long Easter weekend I did something pretty exciting. I teamed up with my good friend who has a blog and YouTube channel called New Shoes in Town and made a collab video about polish picks for the season and a little nail art.

You can check out the video here! Be nice.. It’s my first time on camera. Hoping to make many more collab videos with her – maybe monthly faves and the like! Any suggestions or requests are welcome!


My head is in the (pink) clouds

Hello my lovelies!

I have a pretty pink manicure for you today – remember on Wednesdays we wear pink otherwise you can’t sit with us! If you get this reference then you’re my kind of person. If not I suggest you google it! Yes, I wear pink every Wednesday.

I’ve done the cloud manicure before in blue and white and a rasta colour type pallette so I decided to try it in my fave polish colour – pink! I’ve been going through my polish and swatching on sticks and pink is definitely hands down the winner. I have over 50 (yet to do an official count of my stash).

I started off with OPI Samoan Sand as a neutral base (three coats because I had some staining to hide on my natural nails) and then used Revlon Cupid for the baby pink layer and Hello Kitty Back to the Fuchsia for the hot pink tips. This design is extremely easy, it really is just three strokes and making sure the initial placement of the brush has a “blob” of polish so that the cloud is rounded. If you try this out for yourself be sure to use polishes that are quite opaque for layering and preferably fast drying too so that you’re not waiting around for hours for each layer to dry!



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Dream Catcher Nail Art

Hey, hey, hey!

Finally some nail art! I’m very conscious of how many swatch blog posts I put up so I’m always really excited to share nail art! When I first started out blogging I pretty much only posted nail art but after a while I started getting more and more interested in the newer collections and indie polishes too. I know whenever I purchase a polish I look up swatches and read other blogger thoughts on them before I decide so I like posting swatches too.

Anyhow, I tried out another cute polish tutorial but I changed it up a little bit. Well, really what happened was that I mucked up the string part and ended up just winging it instead of taking it off and starting again. I think it worked out fine!

I used the following polishes for this look:

– Color Club Pucci-Licious
– Picture Polish Marine
– OPI Teenage Dream
– LA Girl Nostalgic
– Sinful Colors Snow Me White
– Black striper

And I followed this Cute Polish tutorial. Try it out for yourself and share your recreations!



Galaxy Nail Art

Hey, hey, hey!

Well I did it. I survived my first week back at work for the year! Only 51 more to go… Oyyyyy.

This is another revisited design but when it looks this great.. Who really cares? Not I! I was looking around YouTube the other day for nailspiration and came across a new galaxy nail art tutorial by CutePolish that I hadn’t seen and I decided to try out the colour palette she used in the video.

I pretty much followed the tutorial the whole way through, except I didn’t have the right kind of glitter topper so I used a white polish to create dots (stars) and a silver glitter. I started off with a plain black creme base colour and sponged on the white nebular base. I used OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook for the bright pop of tael and OPI Incognito in Sausalito to blend it together and dabbed a teeny tiny bit of OPI Eurso Euro on as well. I use the sponges that came with my China Glaze ombré set which I find better than the foam make up sponges I was using before because the fibres of the sponge don’t pull off the polish.



Have a great weekend everyone!

Kesha Crazy Kids Manicure


A wee while ago I watched a YouTube tutorial by HelloMaphie for nails inspired by the music video for the Kesha song Crazy Kids. I myself have never heard or seen the video but I liked the nail look when I saw it.

I followed the tutorial video pretty much to the letter (linked above) except for the pearls on the embellished nail, I didn’t have the patience to lay it out into a heart shape so I just placed random rhinestones all over the nail then put caviar beads over the rest of the nail.



Minion Nail Art


Happy Sunday everyone! Lazy Sunday indeed.. It is so windy today I was afraid I might get blown away.. Haha!

I’m sure everyone has seen these (or variations of these) minion nails already but I decided to give it a go because they are so cute! I modelled them off the CutePolish YouTube tutorial which was very easy to follow. I find that her tutorials are always easy to follow and I like that her videos aren’t unnecessarily long.

I started off my painting all but my accent nail blue with Cover Girl Out Of The Blue and then painted my accent nail yellow with Ciate Big Yellow Taxi. I used Butter London Lady Muck for the grey goggle frame, just a regular black striped and white polish for the eyes and smile and finished off with Cover Girl Out Of The Blue on the tip.

Hehehe aren’t they just so cute?? Ba ba ba ba nananaaaaaa!!



Angry Birds Nail Art


I recently received a request for angry birds nails. I have never really played angry birds so I’m not sure what this is all about but I have seen a tutorial for easy angry birds nail art by CutePolish on YouTube before so I gave that a go!

I only did one accent nail and started off with a couple of coats of OPI Samoan Sand. I then used a red called The Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (also by OPI) to create a circle on my tip then a wee half moon of white for the belly. Then a little dotting tool to create the little tufts if feathers on the top and a larger dotting tool for the eyes and a toothpick for the beak. All in all this was very easy! I must admit I took it off the same day – but mostly because I wanted to try out some of my new polishes. Hehe..



Roses and Stripes A-la Nailed it NZ


I had a huge case of Monday-itis today. I just wanted to crawl into bed all day today.. I missed my bed so much. Sigh. Such a pain being an adult right?! The winter is starting to set in (early) in New Zealand so I’m just feeling very sad and sorry for myself really. Oh boo!

In any case I watched a tutorial on YouTube last night by a fellow New Zealander nail polish addict, Nailed it NZ and I decided to try it out straight away. It’s just so pretty and dainty and I need that in my life right now! I started off with two coats of OPI my vampire is buff and used OPI Suzi’s Hungary again and revlon minty to create the stripes and flowers. I lost my striper brush so I tried to use a toothpick to create the stripes which really did not work out as well as I had hoped.. Oh well! Such is life. Gotta love a trier right?



City skyline nail art


I took inspiration directly from a Cute Polish tutorial on YouTube. I still love pretty much all of her tutorials. They are straight to the point and so easy to follow.

I only did the design on an accent nail but I think it looks really striking this way! Sometimes laziness pays off.. All the other nails are one coat (yup! one!) of OPI Purple With A Purpose. I started off with a white base and sponged a dark blue and purple onto my nail (with the blue next to the cuticle) I then used a black regular polish to create the buildings and a yellow polish with a toothpick for the lights. I tried doing a crescent moon but I don’t like the way it turned out so I changed it to a round moon – which do you think is better?