4th of July manicure

Hello nail polish lovers!

Just a quick little post showing off my Independence Day themed manicure! We don’t traditionally celebrate this American holiday in New Zealand but I had a themed event to go to on the 4th of July so it worked out pretty perfectly!

I used a YouTube tutorial by MissJenFabulous for this look and just combined most of the looks she used into one skittle style manicure.

Well I hope all my American readers had a great Independence Day! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram (@9to5nails).



Swatch: Butter London Dahling


A while back I managed to score some Butter London polishes for a really good price. They were originally $30.95 each then went down to $20.00 then further reduced to $15.00 then another 30% off. Score!

This is one of the colours that I managed to pick up called Dahling, which is a dusky rose type colour. On the nail I feel like maybe it’s more brown than pink, I’m not the biggest fan. I decided to do an accent nail in black and white stripes just to keep it interesting.

Well happy Friday eve everyone!



Dark Red and Black Stripes


Well, the weather is certainly taking a turn for the worst here in NZ.. Brrrrrr! I had to buy an electric blanket to keep my toesies warm!

Winter always reminds me of darker colours and I always steer clear of darker reds because I feel like they make my hands look old. I actually do! I even showed my nails to my boyfriend after I painted the base colour and asked him if he thought it made my hands look old.. I guess no one ever warns guys about the weird things we might ask them about our appearance.. Hahaha!

I used a Nicole by OPI polish called Sealed With A Kris. No offence meant to Kris Jenner, but even the name makes it seem old. The polish itself is very nice. It starts off like a jelly but then moves into a cream once you build up the layers. I went with black stripes over the top because I just couldn’t do this one plain Jane. Maybe I feel like darker reds make my hands look old because my mum loves darker reds? Hmm..



Roses and Stripes A-la Nailed it NZ


I had a huge case of Monday-itis today. I just wanted to crawl into bed all day today.. I missed my bed so much. Sigh. Such a pain being an adult right?! The winter is starting to set in (early) in New Zealand so I’m just feeling very sad and sorry for myself really. Oh boo!

In any case I watched a tutorial on YouTube last night by a fellow New Zealander nail polish addict, Nailed it NZ and I decided to try it out straight away. It’s just so pretty and dainty and I need that in my life right now! I started off with two coats of OPI my vampire is buff and used OPI Suzi’s Hungary again and revlon minty to create the stripes and flowers. I lost my striper brush so I tried to use a toothpick to create the stripes which really did not work out as well as I had hoped.. Oh well! Such is life. Gotta love a trier right?



Pretty pastel nails


Hope everyone is having a great week!! Only two more working days until I go on holiday for my birthday, yaaaaay!

This design is something that I have done before, but it looks great in all kinds of colour combos!

I decided to use OPI Mod About You for my base colour then used a white striper to create the pin stripe effect. I then used a dotting tool and made a dotted half moon French type manicure at the bottom on every nail using OPI You’re Such A Budapest. I then dotted smaller dots inside with Mod About You to make it kind of look like lace.

I always think this mani looks great and it’s probably one of my favourite designs to do. Which colours would you try it with??

P.S: has anyone from NZ ever used the YouPost service to buy things from the US??


Pre Spring Challenge day 12: stripes


So today’s theme goes perfectly with my Sevens costume! I decided I dress up as a nerd so these lined paper looking nails are right on the money.

I used Kleancolor White and red and blue stripers. It was so easy and I think it looks great. Hopefully I can post s photo of my costume tomorrow before I go to the sevens.




Pre Spring Challenge Day 10: ice cream


I love challenges! They make time go so quickly, it’s already the 30th! The weather here is crazy hot though.. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever needed to use a fan in my own home!

Any who, I created this look for today’s theme of ice cream with inspiration from this design. I started out with two coats of Himalayan Blue by Sally Hansen and used a blue striper to create pin stripes. I then used a white polish to create the ice cream and topped it off with a cherry. It went a bit streaky when I put top coat on ūüė¶ dang it!



Teal and blue stripes


Lazy Sunday equals lazy manicure. I just wanted to use my new BYS striper that I got on Friday and I was still buzzing on my previous mani so I just went with stripes. I. Tried to monochrome it but the teal/greeny colour came up grey looking in the photo.

I used orly’s Green With Envy as a base colour and just did vertical stripes. The striper is really good but then again most stripers are created equal?