Hot Pink with Glitter Tips


I feel like it’s been a while! Well it’s been one helluva week, I must say! My boyfriends birthday was on Thursday and I planned a surprise party for Saturday night which went off without a hitch! He really had no idea that it was coming so I succeeded! Woo! I’ve also been in training this week (and for the next couple of weeks coming up too) so I’m actually more exhausted than when I’m just doing my regular job. Oh the life of a public servant aye?

Any who, onto the pretty manicure which is just so pink and glittery and girlie it just makes my insides leap out and sing! Hehehe! I started off which two generous coats of Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic which is a brilliant hot pink that I got for valentines day this year and went over the tips with Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck. This is a pretty compacted magenta glitter with some bigger silver hex glitters. It gives good coverage, as you can probably see on the accent nail.

I really love this look I’m always a fan of glitter and pink so together I’m pretty much in nail polish heaven. Ahhh some pleasures in life are so simple.




Revisited: hot pink leopard print nails


Ah Mondays.. Back to work after 3 days off (5 if you count the weekend) ah it sucks but must be done! Hope you all had great weekends 🙂

Today I decided to revisit a design that I have posted in the past but it was back when I used my iPad to take photos of my nails and the quality was less than average.

I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cerise which is a very rich hot pink colour. I have had very good experiences with this line of polishes by Sally Hansen and I have to say that this one does not disappoint. The brush is great – slightly curved and very full of good bristles. I have issues with flooding my cuticles and I find it is minimised with this polish brush. The formula is great as well – a solid two coater with no streaks.

I then used Étude house in powerful peach and a dotting tool to create the larger leopard spots. I have no particular shape or method when I do leopard print – it’s really just touch and go. Using a black striper I outlined the pink spots and created plain black spots too. I tried the look with both glossy and matte top coats and decided on the matte in the end. I just really love the matte texture it makes it so much more interesting!




Cartoon nail art


We are the cartoon heroes! Ooh woah-oh! Heheh..

Anyways, I saw this really cool design on a YouTube tutorial by xoJahnta recently and I loved the look of it so much that I tried it straight away. I started off with a coat of black polish (BYS Black Satin) and then carefully painted my pink and blue (the pink is a neon Kleancolor and the blue is Himalayan Blue by Sally Hansen)on top and left a border around the edges. The tip.. I wasn’t really able to avoid painting with my colour, so I went back over it with the black polish to completely frame the colour. Then I used a white striper for a shiny accent.. Done!! I’ve gotten a lot of comments about these nails and my boyfriend said that this is his fave so far. They really look so cartoony!





Pre-Spring Challenge day 5: sky


Oh what an ordeal today’s mani was! I was smart and prepared this earlier (yesterday) because I knew that I was having people over for dinner tonight. I took a photo (yes. Just one) of the mani then at work today in an act of random stupidness.. I deleted said photo!! I was rocking my tulip nails today.. It was gone. Zip. Nada.

Luckily I had guests over tonight that wanted me to do their nails so it wasn’t rude to pull out the polish and recreate this look. I used the cloud method for this mani and used Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue and my Rubi Going To The Chapel.



Pre-Spring Challenge Day 2: pink


So I’m trying to catch up on this challenge because even though the rules aren’t incredibly binding in terms of timing I still want to be on time.. That’s just me!!

These are my pink nails. Usually I would go with bright hot pink but I got a mini OPI Mod About You and I wanted to try it out. Again, I just have to say, I hate the mini OPI brushes! They’re so fiddly and I have never had that problem with orly or Ciate minis before 😦 hmmmm.. I then used Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Razzle Dazzler just on the tips. I tried to ombré the glitter but it didn’t turn out the way I pictured it in my head.

I do love the pink on me though (not to toot my own horn or anything) I swear it makes me look tanner than I actually am!



Multicoloured overlapping spotty manicure


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 2013 here we come! Are you going to bother making a resolution? My resolution last year was not to eat fried chicken. I did pretty well.. I succumbed to fried chicken in October when I got sick and cried for it. Overall though I don’t eat as much fried chicken as I used to so really my resolution worked out for me I guess. The year before my resolution was to be more social and I am still living that one! I seriously used to be the worst nanna.. I’d go out and be home by 11 most weekends and wouldn’t bother catching up with people. I’m thinking my resolution this year will be to help others but I haven’t decided how yet.

It’s tradition in Filipino culture to wear circles and eat round things like fruits on new year. My boyfriend is Filipino so I decided to paint my nails with some kind of round shapes on them. I’ve always loved the look of the overlapping spotty/dotty manicure so I decided this would be a good chance to give it a go. I love the way it turned out! If you read my blog or know me you’ll probably know that I love polka dots anyway!

I used Ciate Cookies and Cream as a base colour and layered on the following: Sally Hansen first kiss and Himalayan blue, OPI that’s hot! Pink and orly purple pleather.

Wishing you a safe and happy new year and may your 2013 be everything you want it to be! Don’t forget to kiss someone at midnight.. Mwah!



Pink with baby blue polka dots


Yay! I’m back home! It was great to get away for a few days – it really felt like a holiday. However much I love going away nothing beats coming home and sleeping in your own bed. Unless if course.. Melbourne, which us one place I could stay because we pretty much have another home there so it’s just like being at home anyway. I may have been quite cheeky and bought a polish while I was away… It was on sale for $2.99 AND I was away on holiday so it doesn’t count.. Hmm.. Plus, it’s only one little tiny bottle it can’t do much harm (yeah, yeah Kalliana just keep trying to convince yourself)

I got Sally Hansen First Blush which is a pretty peachy pink. I think it pairs really nicely with Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue. I’m so glad to have chip free nails again, it really was driving me crazy! I spent the whole trip home picking the polish off my nails as much as I could. I really like these Sally Hansen polishes the formula seems to apply really nicely!


Advent calendar challenge day 5: blue


Wow, this nail art challenge is making the month go fast! I can’t believe it’s day five already. I am really getting into my blue polishes at the moment and this Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue polish is my favourite blue. It’s just so pretty and it applies like a dream! Are all of the Sally Hansen polishes in the Complete Salon Manicure range like this??

Anyway I did one of my favourite designs with the faux lace look at the cuticle and white stripes. I like blue just as much as pink for thus design, it really reminds me of cute packaging.

P.s: it’s official. I am putting a ban on myself. No new polish until my birthday in April….



Cloud manicure


This is an easy manicure and it actually ended up looking pretty cool. I was stuck for a nail design all I knew is that I wanted to use the Himalayan Blue from Sally Hansen – it’s such a nice formula! I really like it and I’m getting into bluest this summer (it’s coming on summer in New Zealand). I used two coats of blue then used my cheap white Going To The Chapel by Rubi Shoes and a cotton bud/ q-tip to create the clouds.


Cheap polish haul


Just a quick haul share! Trying to buy Christmas presents and ended up buying myself polish.. But I figure its okay because it was a bargain!

From left to right:
Kleamcolor – Fairy Lover (2 for $8.00 from postie plus)
Kleancolor – Twinkly Love
Revlon – Royal ($8.00 from postie plus)
Sally Hansen – Himalayan Blue ($6.00 from postie plus)
Factorie – Aqua Blue ($1.00 on sale from Factorie)